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Included in this comprehensive kit is the No.1 (Youtube & Google) 'Ultimate Beginners Tutorial'.

Full Groove Agent tutorial.

A full template and preset pack for Cubase (adding over 51 Presets & 27 FX Chain Presets).

A big sample pack full of high quality and super useable royalty free samples.

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  • I use focusrite 2i4 and cubase 10.5 pro. When I share screen of cobase for remote control by another user. The sound of cubase is not being shared. Can you suggest something?

    We think in Team Viewer there is an option in the settings to share sound but we're not 100% sure.

  • I have just purchased Cu-base 10.5 and have the Line 6 UX2 soundcard. When trying to record a track there are no waveforms showing in the track as it moves along, just a thin line. I have had a look at your Youtube "missing content video" however it doesn't cover this so unsure where to go from here? Any advice would be great. I have also had a look at your tutorials on line and would be grateful if you could give me an idea where to start as i want to learn the whole thing inside out. I previously worked on cubase 3 and used the UX1 Toneport (still have the UX1) so have some exp[experience in recording a piece from start to finish but given the difference in layout of 3 and 10.5 think i could just do with being pointed in the right direction and also there are many features i am unfamiliar with so again an idea of which courses to initially look at would be great. Regards Tony

    Hi Tony,

    Sounds like your microphone is not picking up or sending through to Cubase. It could be a lot of things. I will list a few. 
    The microphone is a condensor type and the phantom power is not switched on. 
    The mic input is too low.
    The inputs and outputs are not set up in Cubase (press F4)
    Your sound interface does not have the drivers installed or is not selected under Studio - VST system
    This 6 part free course covers these things so a watch through

    Hope this helps

  • I've been making MIDI songs since the 90's and I can't find any tutorials that address midi from a General Midi standpoint or that actually explain basics like program changes in cubase. I want a complete cubase midi tutorial. What do you suggest?

    We do have a MIDI course but it is for beginners so probably not much use to you. There maybe a MIDI course on another website or YouTube / Google.

  • I bought and downloaded beginners cubase tutorials. It downloaded into a zip folder. How do I access that folder?

    Just double click it and your PC or Mac should unzip it for you automatically. If not and you use a PC you can download a free program called WinRAR.

  • Hi is this compatible with a Mac set up? And do the workflows demonstrate a Mac workflow? Thanks

    Yes compatible with Mac. Cubase is the same on Mac and PC. The only difference being the buttons CTRL and Alt. CTRL = CMD and Alt = Option.

  • Can I download the tutorials on to more than 1 device. e.g. an iPad and a laptop?

    Yes no problem!

  • Your ultimate beginners course for 22euros states that the tutorial is for Cubase 10.5 and it has also the tutorial for 10 along as well. Is that the same for this "Starter Pack". I am using 10 now and do not know if or when I will update to 10.5. Is the Groove Agent Tutorial for version 5 or 4?

    We can send you the 10 course too no problem but really they're very similar and there is nothing in 10.5 that stops you following the course if you only have 10. The GA version is SE4 but again the difference is only extra samples.

  • I recently took your free online Cubase10 classes (1-4). I then went on to purchase your beginners training classes and one other training pack for groove training. When taking class 4 there are references to a set of VSTi that are needed to fully duplicate Jon’s track which supposedly included on audio files that come along the class. The only audio track included in the pack of classes I purchased were on class 5, however, the VSTi s J9n references were not in this directory after I unzipped the files. Any suggestions as to where I can locate and download these?

    Hello :) In Lesson 4 we refer to our House Tools 1 sample pack and we do give the samples we used in the course free with the downloadable workfiles. When the zip file is unpacked you should see an audio folder with all the required samples and audio in there. If your problem is not resolved please email me (Jay) at info (at) borntoproduce (dot) com and we'll help you there. All the best. J

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