FL Studio - Make A Track Like Deadmau5

In this 2.5 hour 15 lesson course, you'll not only learn how to use FL Studio but you'll also learn how to make a Deadmau5 style track from start to finish. Learning FL Studio in detail, and music production at the same time is a win win situation!

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Sylenth VST or Similar Required

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Easy to follow, highly informative lessons on 'How To Make a Deadmau5 style Track in FL Studio'

Learn how to make your own Deadmau5 style sounds from scratch in the VST synth Sylenth                      

Discover some of the production tricks Deadmau5 uses in his tracks including multiple LFO's                        

Learn how to correctly combine samples together to get a fatter, fuller sound that punches

Learn how to use compression, EQ, Reverb, Phasing and Delay to get elements to sit right in the mix

Learn how to structure your track taking care of interest, dynamics, variation, energy builds and releases

Write weird and wonderful chord progressions similar to Deadmau5 using the 'borrowed chords' method

Learn how to mix your tracks to a very high standard and give them a professional polish with mastering

Total course length 2.5 hours of FL Studio & Music Production Skills

Course Modules

Module 1 - Intro & Setting up 

After a short introduction to himself, your tutor Colin takes you through setting up FL Studio and your project. He shows you where to find the samples for this project (included) and how to install them. He also shows you how to install Sylenth (license not included), the basics of FL Studio and how to start making sounds. Colin assumes you have used FL Studio before but this course is still aimed at beginners and intermediate level users.

Module 2 - Creating The 'Deadmau5' Sound

This Module will teach you to make your own Deadmau5 style leads and chords from scratch, using subtractive synthesis in Sylenth. Starting with saw waves and later combining square waves, Colin shows you how to use filters and LFO's that control cutoffs and distortion to achieve the right 'sound'. He then moves onto chord progressions and introduces the 'borrowed chords' style which Deadmau5 is well known for.

Module 3 - Filling Out The Track

So the fundamental 'sound' of the track has been built. It's now time to start building the track up by adding more elements. Colin shows you how to choose and sculpt a relevant bass sound to fit the style and to program the pattern for a Deadmau5 vibe. After adding some gentle percussion and hard hitting kick, he programs in an arpeggiator as the track starts to come to life. Of course he demonstrates how to adapt it to fit the track.

Module 4 - Breakdown Section

In Module 4, Colin starts programming a new section within the arrangement - the all important Breakdown. This builds energy and tension, and keeps the listener engaged through the song. Colin layers 4 new synth parts together to create one huge, fat sound for the breakdown riff. With the help of melodic programming, this section really brings the track to life after the more mellow chord section. Sound selection and the right kind of distortion and reverb play a big part here.

Module 5 - FX & Automation

In this section, Colin teaches you how and where to add effects within the structure of your track and teaches you some nifty tricks along the way. You will learn a number of techniques to keep the effects interesting but more importantly is learning which type of effect goes in what section. During this Module, Colin also teaches you how to automate your filter cutoff frequencies (among other things) to smooth transitions between sections, keep interest and create an overall professional production.

Module 6 - Mixing & Mastering

No one is going to want to hear your track if it sounds like a mess, so it's really important to get the elements of your mix balanced together. That means using EQ, compression, delay, phasing, reverb and panning to mention a few. Don't worry, Colin is on hand to teach you how to use all of these to help all of the musical elements blend seamlessly together. To finish up the track and the course, Colin shows you a great third party, all-in-one mastering plugin (free) and how to get the best from it.

FREE lessons from the course

Free Clip 1

How To Make A Deadmau5 Style Track in FL Studio

In this short and edited clip, your tutor Colin introduces you to the idea of 'borrowed' chords - a technique made famous by Deadmau5 in recent times. It's a way of having an unexpected chord in your progression, so it sounds odd but still musical. Stand out from the crowd!

Free Clip 2

How To Make A Deadmau5 Style Track in FL Studio

In this short and edited clip, your tutor Colin demonstrates how you can use the LFO's within Sylenth to capture that unique Deadmau5 moving saw synth sound.

Free Clip 3

How To Make A Deadmau5 Style Track in FL Studio

In this short and edited clip, we focus on building up the all important breakdown section. Here Colin layers 4 synths together to make one fat, dirty lead for this energetic part of the track. Hold onto your hats!

"Great course! Really digs into Sylenth and layering"

Fred A.

"This is a great course. It's very clear and I picked up loads of tips and tricks!"

John S.

Supercharge Your FL Studio Production Skills >>

Sold out

Colin Warn (AKA DJ Veaux) is a dance music producer and a Middle8Studio ghost producer hailing from Seattle. He's been teaching music production on forums such as Laidback Luke's and Max Vangeli's for over four years. His productions have received praise from the likes of Studio DMI, recording studio for artists like Diplo and Borgeous. He's made about 200+ tracks from hip hop to dance music and he continues to make 1-2 tracks a week. When he's not touring he's sitting down to figure out how he can help his fellow producer become the best artist they can be. 

Get in contact any time to give feedback, ask for help or just say hello. Use the contact form HERE

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