Groove Agent SE (Cubase) 1 Hour Video Course

Did You Know That Groove Agent Is A Monster?

Unleash This Powerful Sampler / Drum Machine Now!

On this brand new course, you will learn :

    • The basic overview, setup and signal flow of Groove Agent

    • How to load kits and patterns and manipulate each sample

    • How to layer more than 1 sample on each pad

    • Understanding the mixer section and applying FX sends

    • How to setup multiple outputs to process your drums on separate channels

    • How to easily create your own MIDI patterns

    • How to slice up an instrument or vocal phrase for easy remixing

    • And much more!

    • Cubase 8 Pro or later recommended 

    • *** FULL LIFETIME ACCESS - No subscription necessary ***

    • Download or Stream Now - it's up to you


Complete Guide To Groove Agent (56 mins)

This is a comprehensive 1 hour lesson by Mike Smith, teaching you everything about Groove Agent from the basics of importing and manipulating samples right through to more advanced mixing and routing techniques.

Don’t worry if you are new to using samplers, Mike starts at the beginning and shows you how to import samples and start exploring the different features of Groove Agent with real life and useful examples.

You’ll learn how to use the different functions of Groove Agent but also just as important you’ll learn why and when to use the different functions for best affect in your own tracks.

You’ll learn how to edit, tighten, and manipulate samples in Groove Agent to get whatever sound you need for your track whether that be a punchy, airy, deep or evocative feel.

We’ll look at processing many types of drums and look at how to process vocals to get modern and awe inspiring chopped up sounds that you can create your own unique vocal melodies out of.

Mike has lived and breathed Cubase ever since it first came out and has been an active member of the Cubase community for many years. There’s not a lot Born To Produce does not know about Cubase and we are always here to provide help & support or answer any queries you may have. At BTP, you’re never left stranded!


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