Mixing with Saturation

By the end of this 13 lesson (1.5 hour) course you will be able to add a fatness and polish to your mixes that is not possible to get through any other type of processing

Any genre, any DAW

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Saturation, when used correctly can change an amateur sounding mix to a professional sounding one. If used wrongly however, it can destroy your mixes.


    • Easy to follow, guide on how to successfully apply saturation to your tracks

    • Use saturation to get fatter mixes

    • Learn only essential skills that allow you to get better mixes

    • From applying saturation to the individual elements to applying it to the whole mix

    • Fatten up leads, kicks, sub bass and more

    • Add lift & brilliance to vocals

    • Add a professional polish to your tracks

    • Create space between the elements with selective use of saturation

    "Thank you so much for your tutorials! They HAVE been a great help!" - Clive Brooks

    Free Lesson 1 - Why use Saturation? - Enjoy!!

    Free Lesson 2 - What does Saturation do? - Enjoy!!

    Free Lesson 3 - Which Saturation Plug in? - Enjoy!!

    Section 1 - Foundational Knowledge: Briefly, before we get started applying saturation to the various elements in our mix we answer some important questions. Like; Why use saturation in your mixes, what can you accomplish with saturation, where should you apply it and what tools are available to do the job?


    Section 2 - Applying Saturation to the Individual Elements: Here you'll learn how to approach applying saturation to the individual elements in your mix, how much saturation you should apply and what your goal should be when you apply it. Sometimes, you want more, sometimes less, sometimes you want intensity and sometimes you want warmth. You'll learn how to achieve all of this!

    Section 3  - Putting it into Practice: Here you'll learn how to use saturation for mastering and the pitfalls associated with it and the cases where it shouldn't be used at all. We'll then go through a whole mix and add saturation to selected individual elements so you can see how it should be applied in an actual mix.




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