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The Ultimate Guide to Mixing low End Tutorial

This is an intermediate to advanced course for those wishing to take their low end mixing seriously! It's taught by Eddie Bazil who has over 30 years experience as a professional mixing engineer and who has worked with the likes of Busta Rhymes and Spandau Ballet. He is also a guest writer for Sound on Sound magazine.

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26 Lessons - 4 hours + 310 page ebook

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Course Structure

Course Structure

Module 1 - The Basics Of Mixing Low End


Mixing low end properly is one of the hardest things to master as a producer. It not only requires you to be able to hear the low frequencies but to understand the characteristics of bass & sub bass energy and how to manage it. Over the course of this tutorial, you will learn every aspect of it so that you can understand how best to manage the low end in any track you make. In this first module you will start learning what low end is and how to manage it.



Module 2 - Side - Chaining Low end


As bass and sub bass has to have so much energy due to the non-linearity of the human ear, you need to make sure that anything with a strong bass/sub presence has enough room to do it's thing. If you have two heavy bass elements like a kick and a bassline they will conflict and cause mayhem in your mix. To combat this, one key tool is side chained compression. In this module you will learn all about it and in many different situations like on 808 kicks and EDM basslines.



Module 3 - EQ'ing & Compressing the Low End


As with most mixing tasks, EQ & compression plays a very important role in getting the low end to sit correctly in your tracks. You'll start at the basic level and understand the characteristics of EQ, filters & compressors and then quickly move onto how to use these tools to add punch, clarity, bounce, sheen and more to the elements that make up the low end. You will then learn about using dynamic processors to control the low end of your tracks in any genre you choose to make.


Module 4 - 808 Processing


808 kicks and basses are at the same time classic and also modern; they have just been improved upon over the years but are very much a huge part of some popular music genres. You're going to learn everything you need to be able to process these into beautiful monsters that slam the dance floor, but just as importantly you will learn the art of making them fit and work properly with the rest of your mix. All this is done using the standard tools of your trade, compression, EQ, distortion to name a few.


Module 5 - Layering Low End


There are many ways to treat the low end of your mix but many people don't consider layering to be one of them, due to bass and sub bass being a tricky candidates for layering. Here you will learn how to layer bass elements successfully whilst retaining the clarity in your mix. This process will enable you to create fatter kicks & basslines to work with in your mixes; ultimately giving you an edge over the thousands of other producers out there. This is also a great way of creating sounds that have never been heard before.


Module 6 - Dynamic Processing


Dynamic processing can be thought of as the 'secret sauce' when it comes to mixing in general, but even more so when it comes to mixing the low end. It can be the difference between a good mix and a great mix and is sorely underused by most producers. In this module you will learn to dynamically tweak the frequency balance of your track as it plays. Constantly correcting itself depending on which elements are playing at one time and making sure that everything in your mix has the room it needs to sound big.

Included with the video course


Low End Ebook - The perfect accompaniment to the video series

This Ebook offers over 310 pages of production secrets that will help both beginners and more experienced producers and sound designers alike, accompanied by a massive 370 samples of before/after audio examples!


Inside you will find chapters that cover very specialized techniques and processes, each accompanied with before and after audio examples with clear and concise large screen grabs for easy reading. In addition to all detailed descriptions and analysis, each chapter includes clear screen shots from a range of recommended VST software plug ins, showing you every setting, parameter and slider position, plus every single audio example discussed in the book is included (24 bit stereo WAV files), ready to open up in your favourite audio editor and DAW for full analysis. Each process example is carefully analyzed, explaining exactly how each parameter you adjust is altering the audio, ensuring you completely understand how to use the different techniques to professionally construct and transform your Low End tasks.


Covering everything from choosing classic sound sources like the classic Roland TR808 and 909 synths, to programming parts with a real feel — and parts that won’t cause problems when it comes to the mix. There’s plenty of practical advice on sound-sculpting using filters, both creatively and to remove ‘mud’ and avoid masking, on dynamics processing and ways to add ‘warmth’ using tube, tape and analogue gear emulations. All of the production tricks you’d expect to see in dance, pop and urban genres are explained in detail, from layering different sounds and parallel processing, through side-chaining your gates and compressors for pumping and other effects, triggering sub-bass synths, and modulation of various synth and effects parameters, to the many different ways you can use automation to your advantage.


The main focus is on the practical skills and tips that you need to make quick progress, and throughout the book Eddie Bazil demonstrates techniques using what he calls ‘Sound Design Remixes’, where he takes a real-world project and reworks the bass end textures and timbres to illustrate exactly the effect he is talking about, and all this on top of the standard ‘Production Mixes’. But he’s also backed this up with plenty of useful theory that will help you keep learning and experimenting for years, including a detailed consideration of phase and phase-cancellation — which can not only cause problems like making your low end sound thin (or even disappear!), but can be turned to your advantage when you know how.

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Eddie’s professional musical career started during his teens, when he became a programmer for some of the most notable Electro/New Wave and Dance/Rap bands of the time, including AON, DJ Shadow, Juice, Pet Shop Boys, Spandau Ballet, C Campbell, Bobin, Paul Dee, Jets Orchestra, DJ Krush and many more. His career and experience progressed as he became a popular remixer and producer, working on projects with Busta Rhymes, SFP, Bobin, Dee, DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, Sleeveless, Greensleeves, 9 Bar and Gam Productions, with many of his tracks achieving top chart positions. He is currently involved in various production, remixing and sound-design projects, as well as sharing his knowledge by teaching workshops and providing online tuition through Samplecraze. Eddie has also been a contributing writer for Sound on Sound, and has published several books on audio technology.

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