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Welcome from Jay and Jon, Co-Founders & Tutors.

Who Are We Anyway?

We are Jay Hales and Jon Merritt. We met whilst studying for a Sound Engineering Degree and soon realised we had the same passion for making electronic music and DJing. So we joined forces, combined the two and never looked back. was set up as we'd been making music with various DAWs for around 20 years and decided it was time to pass on our knowledge. In our research, we noticed that there was a distinct lack of beginner tutorials out there and nothing to teach making a track from start to finish. We offer tutorials in many DAWs such as Cubase, Logic, FL Studio and Ableton.


We have grown BornToProduce from just a few free YouTube videos to having 17,000 engaged users on a multi-DAW platform in just 3 years. Come and join the friendly community :) 


So what makes us different?

Well, we took a different approach to others:

1. We teach complete 'start to finish' tutorials - make a track from nothing through to the final mix
2. These are taught in a specific way so you can follow along and do it yourself - a much better way to learn
3. Techniques are explained so that beginners can understand as well as being very useful for intermediates
4. We offer a one off payment system - no costly monthly subscription!
5. We do our utmost to provide the best and most amazing customer service possible, 7 days a week


We are very friendly and like to chat to our students. We offer help and support for those who need it so if you have a question or a problem then please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to get back to you quickly :)

Check out a selection of all our tutors music including Jay and Jon HERE