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If you are totally new to FL Studio we highly recommend you try this FL Studio Beginners tutorial. It's a 4 hour course for just £4.00 Packed to the max with all the knowledge you need to start making your own music in FL Studio.

The first 6 lessons are FREE to watch and you can also download the workfiles for FREE which have loads of cool stuff including the FLP's and a well crafted sample pack to get you started!

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We are Born To Produce - We specialize in making music production tutorials for students of all levels. We remember well what it was like to start out in the music production world and we know it can be a tough road with a steep learning curve. So we have dedicated our working lives (and a good portion of our spare time) to making it easier for others to get started in music production and to continue to enjoy it. Whether you're goal is to just have fun or you want to make a hit number 1 record, we will be there to help you.

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Simple - Our goal is to help you get better at music production.


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