Cubase tutorials best way to learnFollow along and actually make a track yourself from start to finish with easy to follow step by step guidance from our professional tutors and learn everything you need to know about Cubase as you're doing it.

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There is no better way to learn Cubase.  No long boring explanations that don't make sense until you have been using the software for months. We get straight into making music and we go through all the tools and skills you need to help improve your own productions. Click on any of the product images to get a detailed description of what you're going to learn in your preferred genre and BECOME A BETTER PRODUCER NOW!!


"Very well laid out Deep House course, easy to follow, learnt a lot thanks guys will be back for some more!"

Glen Steere - April 2017


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These tutorials will help you become a better producer. These tutorials are the perfect learning aid because you don't just learn Cubase and how and when to use it's plethora of tools, you also learn about music production. And not just production, we cover all the essential skills from drum programming, vocal processing, arrangement, mixing, mastering, synthesis, sampling, FX processing, double tracking, parallel processing, all the way through to conceptual tools like tension and release, counterpoint, mixing ethos, mindset and much, much more.


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The absolute best thing about these tutorials is the way they transfer across the knowledge to you. Instead of just listening to someone endlessly talking about all this cool stuff, you're actually doing it for yourself with professional guidance. This has such a massive benefit over just listening to someone talk and show you about it. It means that you're actually putting the skills you need into practice so when you go to make your own tracks the skills and knowledge you have just learned are there in your head ready to be exploited.


"Hi Jay and Jon, Your training has taken me to the next level!!!! I have watched the bootcamp and Drum n Bass full training and wow what an effect!!!"

Morten M T - Feb 2017


Here is our list of Cubase Complete courses, click on your preferred genre to check them out in more detail and see all of the skills and techniques that are going to help you become a better producer.

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Cubase Deep House TutorialCubase EDM Bigroom TutorialCubase Euphoric Trance TutorialCubase Half-Step Drum & Bass TutorialCubase Old Skool House TutorialCubase Complete Progressive House Tutorial



Don't just take our word for it, here are a few quotes from some of our awesome customers that took the plunge and decided to take their skills to the next level. We're not just glad but extremely proud that these guys chose to put their trust in us and we hope you will too.. We won't let you down :)

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"I have always wanted to produce dance music but didn't know how to begin. The tutorials EDM, Trance and Progressive from Born2Produce gave me the ins and outs on how to use Cubase for those types of dance music. B2P gives you everything you need to produce great music in Cubase and it is up to you to mix the ingredients and create great music. The tutorials are very well put together so it is clear HOW and WHY to use this great DAW for your own goals. I for one will follow you guys around because I am eager to learn much more about Cubase and its unlimited possibilities."  John Hermes


"My productions have improved massively since subscribing to all of your tutorials. I had tried courses from lots of different places but never really settled with any. Yours are by far the best I have used. Simple to follow, great tips which can be applied across all genres and using any DAW. Your courses have brought punch, clarity, space and depth to my tracks. Your advice on getting organised has improved my workflow beyond anything I could have hoped for, this means I'm now working noticeably more quickly and efficiently. This in turn has allowed me to become more creative. I would highly recommend your courses to anyone!" Gary Frank


"I've been working with Cubase almost every day for the past year. I got to a point where I didn't know what to do to take my productions to the next level. This course was exactly what I needed as I learned several unique approaches and tricks to step up my workflow, creativity and overall sound. Well worth the money and I look forward to taking more courses in the future"  Thomas Godward - Sept 2015