How To Make A Remix

Having a remix (official or unofficial) played on the radio is often the start of getting yourself known as a Producer / DJ. So take this course and rise above the thousands of other Producers out there by learning how to make a remix that gets noticed!

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26 Lesson (just under 5 Hours)

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Easy to follow, short and fun lessons on 'How To Make a Remix'

Learn what makes a remix that will stand out and get you noticed                                              

Discover 10 Websites where you can source acapellas for your remix

Learn how to extract an acapella to remix from a Commercial release if you can't find one

Find the key of the acapella to help you make a killer riff / melody and to easily choose the musically related chords

Watch a complete session and learn to make a remix from absolutely nothing, through to the final mixdown

Gain endless remixing tips along the way                                        

Discover many tips from a known Producer who started his production career as a remixer

Total course length 4 Hours 50 Mins - 26 Lessons Of Pure Remixing Skills

Section 1

Foundational Knowledge and Tips: 

Before we start making our track we take you through why you might want to make a remix, things to consider before starting, remix terminology, what makes a good remix and then we cover several tricks and tips ascertained from years of experience.

Section 2

Learning How To Get An Acapella:

This section deals with the very important task of sourcing the key ingredient, the Acapella (Vocal with no music). We show you 10 different websites where acapellas can be obtained and also teach you fully how to extract a vocal performance from a commercially released song (for unofficial remix purposes). We then explain how to manipulate and chop / timestretch the vocals to fit into your remix and also how to find the musical key of them.

Section 3

How to Make a Remix From Start To Finish:

In this third section we build our remix from scratch. Watch and discover endless production tips and tricks gained from over 15 years experience. We make the drums, bass, melodies, leads, pads, arpeggiators, extra percussion and mix it as we go along using EQ, compression, reverb etc. etc. We show you how to structure the track to keep the interest of the listener and we finish with advice from a known remixer explaining how to get your remix heard and noticed. 

FREE lessons from the course

Watch Lesson 1

How To Make A Remix - Introduction:

Here your tutor Jay welcomes you and takes you through what you can expect to get inside the 'How to Make a Remix' course and how it is structured.

Watch Lesson 2

How To Make A Remix - Remixing Terminology:

In lesson 2 of 'How to Make a Remix' Jay explains the various terminology that you will come across in the world of remixing and why learning how to remix is such a great way to make a name for yourself.

Watch Lesson 23

How To Make A Remix - Introduction:

In lesson 23 of the 'How to Make a Remix' course Jay shows you how to keep your remixes interesting and make sure the listener stays tuned in.

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