Ableton Boot Camp For Beginners

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By the end of this course you will be able to.... 

  • Confidently use most major functions of Ableton
  • Create your own beats and melody using stock plugins & samples
  • Add and create sound effects using stock plugins & samples
  • Structure your track including interest, dynamics, variation
  • Mix your track using EQ, compression and filters
  • NO Third Party Plugins Required 
  • FULL LIFETIME ACCESS - No subscription necessary!
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    Skills you will develop on this course:

    • Mixing
    • Essential Ableton Skills
    • Audio Editing


    • EQ
    • Compression
    • Recording

    "Keep up the good work...I have a couple of your tutorials and they help a lot thank you!"Liam Psyvex

    Free Lesson 1 - The difference between Ableton and other DAW's - ENJOY!!

    Lesson 2 - Making a Beat in Arrangement View - ENJOY!!

    Lesson 3 - Using Session View - ENJOY!!

    Section 2 - Now you have built a beat we're going to add some Native Ableton Instruments and start fleshing out our track. We'll add a pad instrument and create our own bassline using Ableton plug-ins. We'll record a live instrument into Ableton and by the time your finished you'll be able to edit sounds and create the basis for your own solid tracks in no time at all.

    Section 3 - Ok, we have a cool basis for our track, now it's time to start arranging it into a proper layout and start adding automation. You'll find out how easy it is to add variation to your track using automation inside Ableton and even using external controllers to record it in if you have one. 

    Section 4 - It's been super simple so far and we've covered a lot, so now it's time to start tweaking our mix and making the final touches before it's ready to share with the world. By the end of this lesson you'll have a good idea of the processes you can use in Ableton to get your tracks sounding great, easily using EQ and compression to get the results you want. 


      J. Anthony Allen is an Ableton Certified Trainer, and a PhD in Music Composition and master of Electronic Sounds. His music has been heard internationally in film, radio, video games, and industrial sound, as well as the concert hall and theatre. He currently works as an adjunct professor of composition at the University of St. Thomas, Macphail Academy of Music, and the CEO of Slam Academy in Minneapolis.

      Praise for other classes by J. Anthony Allen:
      "Dr Allen does it again with his music theory for electronic musicians series. This course really opened up everything I learned from the 1st section and now I understand more about the composition side of things for music. I highly recommend this course to anyone!!! Really opened my eyes to many things I wasn't aware of."
      "The best Teacher ever, who makes you understand the ins & outs of Music Theory by all means, without giving what you don't want to know."
      "I have never had any formal training in music at all. Trying to learn all the notes and how everything translated was a serious challenge. After going thru this class, Dr. J has totally brought down the barriers. The content was very useful and was easy to grasp for me."


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