Liquid Drum & Bass

In this 4.5 hour (29 lessons) course you'll learn how to make a Liquid Drum and Bass track from start to finish. All the while learning everything you need to know about Cubase & music production to make your own Liquid Drum & Bass tunes.

  • Only Cubase Stock Plugins & VSTi's Used

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Easy to follow, highly informative lessons on 'How To Make a Drum and Bass track in Cubase'

Lean basic music theory that will allow you to write your own chord progressions                                          

Take the chord progression and make many more musical parts like leads and arps    

Learn to create a musical structure for your Drum and Bass track that will keep listeners pulled in throughout

Gain advanced knowledge of using compression and EQ to get elements to sit right in the mix

Learn how to make drums that punch through the mix including layering, depth, EQ, crunch and more

Synthesise a rolling bass line with a top bass drone using Cubase Retrologue 2 and many more elements

Learn how to mix your track to a very high standard and give it that professional polish

Total Course Length 4.5 Hours (29 Lessons)

Course Modules

Module 1 - Intro & Drums

After a short intro and look at the project settings, you will get right into making a beat using Groove Agent SE5, whilst learning the basic ways to navigate around Cubase. We'll take a stock beat with many variations and learn how to use a drum map in Cubase. You will further modify the patterns to customize the beat and create a fatter and more unique drum section. GA5 is super easy to use and gets great results but we will further modify our Drum & Bass beat by replacing some of the sounds with others from the Cubase library of stock audio samples.

Module 2 - Music Theory

Of course it is fine to use musical helpers like Chord Track/Scaler etc, but in this course you will take your understanding and skills one step further and learn the basics of music theory. Jon lays it out, in very easy to understand and easily repeatable steps, so that once you understand the basics of 'scale', triad formation, stable & unstable notes; you will be able to take that and make your own chord progressions and any other music parts you wish, to create truly unique and never heard before melodies that you can be proud of.

Module 3 - Arrangement

In Module 3 we tackle what most people have trouble with - how to structure the different sections of your track! You will learn exactly how to create effective sections of your track. You will also learn how to change the dynamics of the track creatively by removing elements / mixing up the different drum elements present to create variation and keep things interesting. Creating 'tension & release' energy is vital to making good music and using various techniques, automation and SFX sounds you will create the energy necessary to keep people drawn into your track.

Module 4 - FX, Synthesis & Layering

Covered extensively in this course is the creation of the right sort of sounds. Anyone can pick a bunch of nice sounds and throw them at a track. This usually ends up in things being very messy. Here you'll learn about picking and creating the right sounds with the right texture and dynamics so they all work together from the start. You will use sounds from a variety of different sources like the powerful 'sampler track', Halion Sonic SE and then making sounds in Retrologue learning synthesis to make a lush pad, bassline with top drone, pluck sounds and even white noise risers to create energy in the mix.

Module 5 - Vocal Processing

In this next section we teach you how to take a raw vocal performance and process it so it becomes a truly great performance. There are a slew of vocal enhancement tools in Cubase and we will use them to tweak many aspects of the vocal performance. You will learn to use Vari Audio 3 that comes with Cubase 10, the super easy to use and powerful timewarp functions and of course we will add effects to the vocal. When it comes to vocal mixing you will learn why and how much compression you should be using, how to make the vocal brighter and bring out the best of the performance and even add saturation to add extra shine.

Module 6 - Advanced Mixdown

In this course we look extensively at mixing your drum & bass tracks. We'll cover the basics of what you are trying to acheive and how mixing is an ongoing process that starts with picking the right sounds. We'll look at using Mixer snap shots in Cubase 10 along with videos on treating all the different aspects of the mix with all the tools at your disposal. You will be able to make the drums sound fuller and punchier using compression, increase the prominance of desirable frequencies and give each element it's own space. Lastly you will learn to use saturation/distortion to make the mix sound fuller and more complete.

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Watch Lesson 1

Intro & Getting Started:

Here your tutor Jon shows you the basics of finding and manipulating beats in Groove Agent SE5 whilst learning to navigate the Cubase interface.

Watch Lesson 2


Here you will start to edit the drum beat from Groove Agent, using drum maps and customizing the beat to make it unique.

Watch Lesson 3

Music Theory - Basics:

Here we will cover the basics of music theory, starting with the most basic rule, picking the scale.

Watch Lesson 4

Music Theory - Triads:

Now we understand the basic rule of the scale we can start making chords. Here you will learn how to easily make triads and the rule that governs them.

Watch Lesson 5

Writting the Chord Progression:

Here you will take what you learned in the last 2 videos and make a full 8 bar chord progression for your Liquid Drum & Bass track.

"After much searching, your course is superb, I’ve managed to follow it no problem. Very pleased, keep up the good work!!".

J Bowden

"Dear Borntoproduce guys, you made my "Cubase life" easier with your well-designed and easy to understand tutorials. Great work!! Thank you!"

E Kassapi

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Jon Merritt (producer & founder of Born To Produce) has been making tunes for over 18 years and has been teaching for the last 8 of them. In his career he has come to grips with many genres of modern music from Hard House to Downtempo. His skill in music production has been crafted over many years of self taught experimentation and learning from other producers at the top of their game. He has tried almost every angle on most production techniques so when he teaches you something you know it has been tried and tested. He is always willing to learn new skills / software that further the goal of music production.

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    To export. Highlight the area you want to export at the top of the project, then File > Export > Audio Mixdown. We have courses for Mixing and Mastering and also a dedicated Vocals course which covers all of this. .

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