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In this 5 hour, 31 lesson course, you'll not only learn how to use Cubase but you'll also learn how to make a banging EDM Festival track from start to finish.

There is no better or fun way to learn Cubase. Get started now!

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Easy to follow, highly informative lessons on 'How To Make a EDM Track in Cubase'

Step by step guidance through Cubase's settings, preferences, tools, plugins and instruments  

Discover how to make a fat kick and huge bassline, perfect for EDM    

Learn to make a fat 'Drop', breakdown, buildup sections and arrange your track to stand out

Gain advanced knowledge of using compression and EQ to get elements to sit right in the mix

Learn how to use the new features of Cubase 9.5 and utilize them in your workflow

Learn the secrets of EDM music production and pick up Cubase tips throughout the tutorial

Learn how to mix your tracks to a very high standard and give them a professional polish

Total Course Length 5 hours of Cubase & EDM Production Skills

Course Modules

Module 1 - Intro and Drums & Bass 

After a short intro and check of the sound settings & preferences your tutor Jay gets straight into making the track! Learn how to make a fat kick and bassline that is punchy and warm with loads of juicy sub bass. Here you'll dive right in to Cubase's Retrologue and make a sub bass from scratch whilst also learning the basic functions of Cubase and also looking at the sampler track. You'll also learn how to make a snare with gated reverb which is a classic EDM technique which can also be used on other sounds. By the end of this first module you'll have an understanding and working knowledge of most of the basic functions of Cubase.

Module 2 - Making the Drop

No EDM track would be worthy without a fat drop. Jay shows you how he approaches making a track; starting by making the drop first (the chorus section) and then building the track out from there. Using only Cubase stock instruments you'll select a fat lead and learn how to process recorded MIDI using quantize functions and then further editing them in the MIDI editor to make it nice and tight. In this section you'll start to learn some of the essential EDM automation tricks to bring your drop to life. You'll be automating reverb, using snares, creating fills and adding SFX sounds to really make the drop of your track as fat as possible and really come alive with energy.

Module 3 - Making the Melody

In this module Jay takes you through programming your own chord progression in Cubase. You don't need any prior music theory knowledge to get started as Jay will take you through the basic steps in a super simple and easy to understand way, looking at what scale to use and how to program basic triad chords. Once you have the basics down, you'll start to learn to use different chord voicings to make your chord progression more interesting than just standard triads. Now you have your basic musical structure you can start to program in a lead melody. Jay shows how to record this in on the keyboard and then edit to make it nice and tight.

Module 4 - Creating Fat Leads and Vocals

In Module 4 you'll start to flesh out the structure of your EDM banger, adding more instruments and elements to the mix. Here we'll be looking at processing these extra parts with built in Cubase plug ins; learning to use EQ, compression, saturation and distortion to help separate the elements from one another and to add harmonics to the mix so it's deep and lush sounding. Jay shows you a great trick of using a vocal from one of the Cubase sample libraries and then uses Cubase's Variaudio to help it fit in the track. You'll also start to look at other processes like adding delay to give a real sense of depth to your mix.

Module 5 - Arrangement

The arrangement of a track can make or break it so in this module Jay will show you all about how to arrange your track so it keeps the listener pulled in and never runs out of energy or gets boring. You'll learn in depth how to make a big and energetic build up that is balanced perfectly with the drop of your track. You'll learn to program kick and snare rolls and use them and other effects to build tension and release in your tracks. When the track is arranged we'll be bringing it to life with automation which is when the song starts to gain some emotional depth. You'll learn to automate various parameters of plug ins and instruments in Cubase

Module 6 - Mixing & Mastering

It's really important to get the elements of your mix balanced together. So in section 6, Jay talks about the best techniques when approaching a Mixdown session. We start to do final touches and tweaks with fine precision tuning, blending all sounds and sections together with EQ and compression. We add panning for stereo width and teach a reverse reverb technique to add interest. Learn the importance of checking the mix on different systems. In the very last lesson we will take a look at mastering the track and making any final 'overall' adjustments to the mix like EQ, limiting and correcting DC Offset before finally rendering it out.

FREE lessons from the course

Watch Lesson 1

EDM in Cubase Start to Finish:

Lesson 1 of this epic tutorial gets you starting making beats and creating your own original bass line in Retrologue. No messing around :)

Watch Lesson 2

EDM in Cubase Start to Finish:

In lesson 2 you'll learn how to get the classic EDM 'gated reverb' sound that you can apply to the snare or anything else you like.

Watch Lesson 3

EDM in Cubase Start to Finish:

In lesson 3 you'll be working mainly on the drop (the chorus) and you'll be programming a fat dirty EDM lead to get this section sounding like a proper dance floor filler.

Watch Lesson 4

EDM in Cubase Start to Finish:

In lesson 4 We'll carry on working on the drop, fine tuning it and making changes in the second half to keep things interesting.

Watch Lesson 5

EDM in Cubase Start to Finish:

In lesson 5 we'll be using some secret techniques like using selective reverb automation to keep the section pumping and keep it driving along.

Watch Lesson 6

EDM in Cubase Start to Finish:

In lesson 6 Jay shows you how to get the classic EDM sound using snares and also adding to the drop section to finish it off ready to get on with the rest of the track.

"From a newbie point of view this is pure gold!! Thank you!!"

Doug Graham

"I found this course to be great for beginners and I learned a lot!

Steve Adnams

Supercharge Your Cubase & Music Production Skills >>

Sold out

Jay Hales (producer & founder of Born To Produce) has produced in most genres over the last 15 years as well as successfully DJ'ing across many countries throughout Europe. He writes music for TV companies and makes his own music in all styles, particularly EDM which is his favourite. His attention to detail and huge music production skill sets make him the perfect person to learn your music production skills from. He is super approachable so feel free to get in contact with him and ask a question.

Get in contact any time to give feedback, ask for help or just say hello. Use the contact form HERE

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