Half Price Cubase 9.5 Hip Hop Tutorial

In this 5 hour, 31 lesson course, you'll not only learn how to use Cubase 9.5 but you'll also learn how to make a Hip Hop / Rap track from start to finish.

Learning Cubase in detail, and music production at the same time is a win win situation!

  • Only Cubase Plugins Used

No Third Party VSTs Required

Over 5 Hours Of Tuition

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Easy to follow, highly informative lessons on 'How To Make a 90s Hip Hop / Rap Track in Cubase'

Learn how to make authentic 90s drums using mostly in-built samples and tools (All samples included)                

Learn a little sound design by making your own 90s bass, with the in-built Cubase Retrologue synth

See how easy it is to find those brassy stabs, old school piano and lo-fi strings in Halion SE VST

Discover the benefits of using the Cubase vintage compressors and to get elements to sit right in the mix

Learn how to structure your track taking care of interest, dynamics, variation, middle 8, intro, outro and breakdown

Learn countless music production and Cubase tips throughout the tutorial from a tutor with 15 years exp.

Learn how to comp vocals and mix them into your track and give them a professional polish

Total course length 5 hours of Cubase & Music Production Skills

Course Modules

Module 1 - Set Up and Drums 

After a short intro and brief history from your tutor Jay, you'll get straight on with setting up Cubase. As this doesn't take long we start programming in an authentic 90s Hip Hop beat using mostly samples that come with Cubase (anything external is included). EQ and compression is used to attain that 'retro' sound and quantize swing is utilized to give a more 'live' playing feel. 90s beats were often 'off the grid' and were not heavily quantized. You'll fill out the drums with a cowbell, 2nd fill kick drum, crash and human clap and learn how to use the sampler track to timestretch elements to fit your track better.

Module 2 - Male Rap Vocals

Not everyone 'knows' a rapper so Jay shows you where to find copyright free acapellas on the internet. Next it's time to import these vocals in but don't forget to timestretch them. Jay shows you several ways to adjust the rap to fit with our beat (as of course they would have been sung with a different beat in mind). After a bit of AudioWarp and cut and move, you'll have your vocals sitting nicely in time with your beat. EQ and compression is applied in the mixing lesson. Now we have the vocals it's onto the bass and other instruments as we can now work out the key of the track.

Module 3 - Bass, Strings etc.

Next we move onto the very important bass which along with the kick is equally fundamental to the low end of any Hip Hop track. Using the in-built VST synth Retrologue, Jay shows you how easy it is to make an authentic bass sound and sculpt it accordingly to mix perfectly into your track. You'll then start adding other melodic orchestral elements with Halion SE such as brass stabs and lo-fi strings to fill out the track and make it sound more in-line with the genre. We take ideas from well known producers and use these to influence our track in a positive way.

Module 4 - Filling Out The Track

To compete with pro tracks out there we're going to continue adding more elements to fill out the sides and back of the mix. This makes the production more full and also helps with variation and interest. For example we add a piano for the chorus and a Rhodes electric piano for the pre-chorus. This helps separate the different sections. Continuing with the 90s sounds we add a glockenspiel and electric guitar, commonly used back then. These elements are slotted spacially into our track by using EQ, compression and panning, keeping left / right, up / down, front / back awareness in mind.

Module 5 - Female 'Hook' Vocals & Arrangement

In section 5 you'll learn how to 'comp' a recorded vocal using Cubase 'lanes'. Comping is a useful tool making selecting the best bits out of several vocal takes very easy. Now you have one good take you'll learn how to pitch and time correct it using in-built tools. Next, Jay shows you how to utilize other vocal takes to fatten the main vocal up which makes it sound more like a pro release. We also look over all our 'ad libs' and 'oohs' and 'yeahs' and start dropping them into various sections of our track to help distinguish the different sections. Jay shows you how to structure a typical Hip Hop track.

Module 6 - Mixing & Mastering

It's really important to get the elements of your mix balanced together for a pro mix. In this last section we balance our sounds (particularly the low end) with fresh ears and fine tune the mix with automation to add interest. Jay explains the importance of giving your ears a rest and listening on other systems. We run into a sub frequency clash between kick and bass which is a common problem, but you'll learn exactly how to overcome this. In the final lesson, Jay shows you the best way to approach basic mastering with Cubase stock plugins. You'll learn how to maximise the volume without compromising sound quality.

FREE lessons from the course

Watch Free Clip 1

Cubase 9.5 Hip Hop Tutorial

In the first free clip you'll learn all about the vintage and tube compressors already in built into Cubase. These will help to give our track that retro analogue sound.

Watch Free Clip 2

Cubase 9.5 Hip Hop Tutorial

In the 2nd free clip, Jay shows you how to combine 2 kick drums together correctly, WITHOUT doubling up the subs which is a common mistake.

Watch Free Clip 3

Cubase 9.5 Hip Hop Tutorial

In the final free clip, watch an edited version of one of the mixing lessons where you'll learn how to fatten up the snare and bring it to life in the mix, and also how to automate delay on the female vocals.

"I learnt a lot from Jay's friendly teaching. I don't think this course could be bettered!"

Phillip Taylor

"The step by step system is the best part and the customer service is excellent. I couldn't be more pleased!"   Arthur Garlic

Supercharge Your Cubase & Music Production Skills >>

Sold out

Jay Hales (producer & founder of Born To Produce) has produced in most genres over the last 15 years as well as successfully DJ'ing across many countries throughout Europe. He writes music for TV companies and makes his own music in all styles, particularly EDM which is his favourite. His attention to detail and huge music production skill sets make him the perfect person to learn your music production skills from. He is super approachable so feel free to get in contact with him and ask a question.

Get in contact any time to give feedback, ask for help or just say hello. Use the contact form HERE

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