Cubase Tutorial - EDM / Big Room for Beginners

In this 4 hour, 8 lesson course, you'll not only learn how to use Cubase but you'll also learn how to make an EDM/Big Room track from start to finish.

Learning Cubase in detail, and music production at the same time is a win win situation!

  • Use Artist, Elements or Pro

Sylenth & Big Kick VSTs recommended but not essential

4 Hours Of Tuition

FULL LIFETIME ACCESS - No subscription necessary!

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Easy to follow, highly informative lessons on 'How To Make a EDM Track in Cubase'

Start by learning the basics of Cubase such as settings, preferences, tools, templates and how to start a track    

Discover how to make a fat kick with huge sub bass, perfect for EDM and how to layer other drums    

Learn how to create your own lead sound in Sylenth and not just select a preset

Gain advanced knowledge of using compression and EQ to get elements to sit right in the mix

Learn how to structure your track taking care of interest, dynamics, variation, energy builds and releases

Learn countless music production and Cubase tips throughout the tutorial

Learn how to mix your tracks to a very high standard and give them a professional polish

Total Course Length 4 hours of Cubase & Music Production Skills

Course Modules

Module 1 - Intro and Drums 

After a short intro we get into the basics and we start with sound settings, preferences & shortcuts. Your tutor Jay shows you how to i mport the template, explains it along with all the different Cubase windows and their purposes. Next he talks about h ow to approach a track in general and gives tips and advice. Now on to the fun part - making beats! Learn how to create your own EDM sub kick with ‘Big Kick’ VST (not essential for you to own). Also learn how to correctly layer up your drums for a bigger sound. We create our own big snare from just white noise (typical of EDM tracks) and learn how to use EQ and reverb to blend and fatten layers together.

Module 2 - Make Your Own Lead Sound and Layering

Jay starts with a brief explanation of synthesis and how Sylenth VST Synth works (not essential to own). To get a full and fat EDM sound, Jay shows you how to layer 5 synths together without creating a mess, which is easily done. We then move onto the importance of creating your own unique sound and not just selecting a lazy preset. Creating a sound from scratch also forces you to learn, simply by doing it yourself. Jay shows you step by step h ow to create your own synth sound from scratch. He also adds more drums & percussion and layers them up with EQ and compression. He finishes with programming a build up snare and synth roll.

Module 3 - Adding FX

In this 44 minute lesson, Jay teaches you how to structure different sections and why some sections require different FX. Learn how to add tension and release and how to use automation to make the job much easier. Discover c reative use of Autopan, Flange, Chorus, Reverb, Chopper which are all in-built FX with Cubase. Jay teaches you how to a utomate the cut-off frequency of the main synth to for an interesting build. No EDM track is complete without a vocal hook line to get the crowd moving so learn how to r ecord a vocal sample and/or find and import a third party vocal sample. We finish with correcting timing errors and adding FX to the vocal sample.

Module 4 - Creating An Intro Section

In Module 4 you'll learn to programme an interesting, DJ friendly intro and not just kick and hats! We use an arpeggiator and start to automate the EQ which produces a cool effect. We move onto a utomating distortion, reverb, volume and panning on the arpeggiator too which leads up nicely to the next section. Automation on the kick drum with EQ is also applied to add impact.

Jay finishes with cutting up and reprocessing an existing FX sample used elsewhere in the track, to add a more interesting build-up. You're definitely learning cool tricks!

Module 5 - Mixdown & Master

It's really important to get the elements of your mix balanced together. So i n section 5, Jay talks about the best techniques when approaching a Mixdown session. We start to do f inal touches and tweaks with fine precision tuning, b lending all sounds and sections together with EQ and compression. We add panning for stereo width  and teach a reverse reverb technique to add interest. Learn th e importance of checking the mix on different systems. In the final lesson Jay shows you the best way to approach basic mastering with Cubase stock plugins and y ou'll learn his 7 step approach to home mastering.

Module 6 - Bonus - Structure and Music Theory

In this bonus Module, Jay teaches you about the general structure of a typical EDM track. He explains why we have different sections and the typical lengths in minutes and seconds and in bars. Learn h ow to build different energies within your track by creating the different sections strategically. The 2nd bonus lesson is on h ow to create your own riff / melody without any music theory knowledge. Discover w here to find simple tools to help with scales, notes and chords to make the job easier. Also learn h ow to setup your own MIDI or PC keyboard so you can play in notes.

FREE lessons from the course

Watch Lesson 4 (Clip)

How To Make EDM - Create Your Own Lead Sound In Sylenth:

Here your tutor Jay teaches you not to just pick a preset in Sylenth if you want to learn production and be unique. He takes you through making a lead sound from a basic sine wave through to 4 layers of oscillators, all carefully blended together with their own characteristics.

Watch Lesson 6 (Clip)

How To Make EDM - Programming An Interesting DJ Friendly Intro:

In lesson 6, Jay shows you how to make a DJ friendly intro section to your track and at the same time keeping it interesting by automating reverb, distortion, EQ and more.

Watch Lesson 9 (Clip)

How To Make EDM - How To Structure Your Track:

In lesson 9 (a bonus lesson) of the 'How to Make EDM' course Jay takes you through the different sections of a typical EDM track and the reasons for them. This will help with your future productions.

"From a newbie point of view this is pure gold!! Thank you!!"

Doug Graham

"I found this course to be great for beginners and I learned a lot!

Steve Adnams

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£16.00 £32.00

Jay Hales (producer & founder of Born To Produce) has produced in most genres over the last 15 years as well as successfully DJ'ing across many countries throughout Europe. He writes music for TV companies and makes his own music in all styles, particularly EDM which is his favorite. His attention to detail and huge music production skill sets make him the perfect person to learn your music production skills from. He is super approachable so feel free to get in contact with him and ask a question.

Get in contact any time to give feedback, ask for help or just say hello. Use the contact form HERE


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