Half Price Offer : Cubase - Euphoric Trance

Learn how to make a complete track from start to finish.

From nothing, right through to the final mixdown, we show you... 

The basics of Cubase, the mixer, using samples, EQ, editing and making a loop Program a lead melody using our easy and effective music theory approach Layer several lead sounds together with EQ to create one huge punchy sound Vocal sourcing and processing to add presence and correct timing issues Arrange your track including interest, dynamics, structure, variation, energy builds and releases Professionally mix your track to a very high standard using automation, EQ, compression and filters Mastering your track Full version of Cubase 5 or later recommended but not essential *** FULL LIFETIME ACCESS - No subscription necessary ***

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Lesson 1 : Introduction (5 mins)

Setting up your project.

Using templates and pre-set configurations.

A look at the 4 main Cubase windows.

Lesson 2 : Getting Started (18 mins)

Learn the basics of Cubase, bringing in audio samples and making your own drum loop.

Learn the basic mixer functions, how to use sends etc.

Learn the basic Editing functions.

Editing samples and eliminating clicks and pops

First look at compression

      Lesson 3 : Creating a Melody (17 mins)

      Learn the basics of music theory and create a melody using our simple yet super-effective technique.

      Find out how to easily find what scale your using so you can make chords or add extra notes to your track.

      How to make completely new musical elements by modifying existing MIDI elements.

      Learn tips on using your imagination to help program extra musical content that compliments the existing riff.

      Lesson 4 : Layering the Lead (42 mins)

      Learn how to use the functions of Nexus (VST Synth) to shape and modify patches to suit your tracks /make things more punchy etc.

      How to layer two or more leads together to make one fatter and fuller lead.

      Using the brightness of one lead to compliment the mids of another.

      How to compress the leads to get the most punch and also help gel them together.

      How to EQ / Filter to avoid muddy sounding layering.

      Using Cubase plugins to add extra character / warmth to sounds.

      Lesson 5 : Arrangement (29 mins)

      How to add personality to your track.

      Learn useful Cubase functions within the arrange window.

      How to arrange a trance track and program the different sections.

      Learn advanced filtering techniques.

      Learn how to keep the energy going in your tracks with tension and release.

      Use automation to give a sense of depth, provide movement, energy and emotion to your track.

      How to do a key change to raise up the energy of your track and add variation.

      Lesson 6 : FX & Transitions (65 mins)

      Fattening up samples and giving them depth.

      Creating personalized and completely customizable FX from scratch using a noise pad.

      How to to use Cubase plugins to give your created FX (or FX from a sample pack) depth, movement, brightness that is not already there.  This really adds a level of professionalism and customization to your tracks that you don’t get just using sample pack FX.

      How to create personalised riser / screamer FX from scratch

      Using Cubase editing techniques to create fills

      Gel the arrangement together and create ‘tension and release’ using a combination of custom FX, filtering and editing techniques.

      Lesson 7 : Vocals (24 mins)

      How to find / source good quality singers for a really reasonable price and in usually no more than a few days turn around.

      How to use the time stretch tool to manipulate the timing of a vocal to get it to fit perfectly.

      Learn how to use compression to really bring elements forward in the mix.

      Add depth and space to the vocals.

      Learn how to use the Cubase plugins to get the best out of your vocals.

      As well as the Cubase plugins you'll learn how to get awesome results with more specialized third party plugins.

      Lesson 8 : Advanced Mixdown (64 mins)

      How to professionally balance all the elements within your track

      Use panning automation to create space and width in your mix.

      How to use EQ to find problem frequencies and correct them.

      How to use EQ to create room for other elements and at the same time balance those elements with each other.

      Using EQ and compression to bring out and / or tame elements within your track.

      Create different depths for elements using reverb.

      How to tighten up the bass dynamics to clear up the low (sub) end.

      How to create driving and energetic drums using compression, gel them together and help them cut through the mix.

      Learn what FX should you use on the master channel and why.  What you need to look out for and what to do to gently improve the mix.  EQ tips, compression tips.

      How to use a maximizer properly without it destroying the dynamics of your mix.


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