FL Studio - Make a Track Like The Chainsmokers

Master FL Studio and music production by making a Chainsmokers style track from start to finish!

    • Make your own complete & polished Chainsmokers style track
    • Master FL Studio in the most fun way possible
    • FULL LIFETIME ACCESS - No subscription
    • Download or Stream Now - it's up to you.

Want to become a better producer? Then this course is definitely for you!

  • Make your own Chainsmoker style sounds using built-in FL synths

  • Make your own Chainsmoker-esque melody

  • Structure a full song with different sections

  • Beef up a wimpy sounds by using distortion

  • Create your own reverse vocal sound effects

  • Professionally mix your track to a very high standard using automation, EQ, compression and filters

  • Make your own 'supersaw' sounds using built in FL Studio Instruments

  • How to master your track and get it onto iTunes / Spotify

  • Demo or full version of FL Studio 12 recommended but not essential


"Hi Jay and Jon, Your training has taken me to the next level!!!!"

Morten M T - Estonia

FREE LESSON 1 - Enjoy!

Learn how to program a simple drum pattern quickly and easily.

FREE LESSON 2 - Enjoy!

How to create a Chainsmokers style melody using FL Studio's in-built synths and some free downloadable synths too. 

FREE LESSON 3 - Enjoy!

How to side-chain various elements to give a more cool and interesting sound.



Section 1 : Colin starts with the basics and guides you through how to install external samples and free synths (included). He then shows you how FL Studio works by making drum loops and basic sounds.  Section 2 : Colin now takes you through how to create a typical Chainsmoker synth melody by layering up different sounds. He also adds extra drums, FX and sweeps and much more to give the track a fully polished, professional feel with depth.  Section 3 : In the final section of the course, you learn how to mix your track using EQ, compression, reverb, delay and many more tools. Colin also shows you how to structure it so the audience have tension and release points and so it keeps the interest of the listener. He finishes up with some mastering tips. 



"Thank you so much for your tutorials! They HAVE been a great help!" 

Clive Brooks - UK


    Colin Warn is a dance music producer and a Middle8Studio.com ghost producer, hailing from Seattle.  For some reason he also enjoys talking about himself in the third person.

    Currently touring with Jordan Riley, so while he isn't on the road he's sitting down to figure out how he can help his fellow producer become the best artist they can be.
    Alter ego DJ Veaux. He's been teaching music production on forums from the legendary Laidback Luke production forums to the Max Vangeli "The Lab" forums for over four years.  His productions have received praise from the likes of Studio DMI, recording studio for artists like Diplo and Borgeous. He's made about 200+ tracks as of writing this bio from hip hop to dance music, and he continues to make 1-2 tracks a week. He's also been a ghost producer for about 2 years.  



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