FL Studio - For Intermediates

Make the move from beginner to intermediate and get closer to becoming the producer you have always wanted to be.

In this tutorial you will start to learn more advanced uses of FL Studio and music production techniques that will allow you to make better music.

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18 Lessons, over 4.5 hours

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Easy to follow steps to give you all the necessary skills to take your music to the next level

Learn to use gain staging to prevent beginner errors in your productions

Learn how to use all of the right tools in FL Studio to be able to structure your tracks correctly

Learn about all the different mixing tools to be able to improve the fidelity of your projects

Learn to master your tracks and get then sounding the best they can on your chosen platform

Learn how to be creative with the tools you have in FL Studio and create original elements

Total course length 4.5 hours, 18 lessons of step by step guidance

Course Modules

Module 1 - Intro & Approach

In this first module you will start to understand more advanced ways of starting and building up content in your projects. Learning to go from a simple melody to a full musical structure and many varied and different elements to fill out your track. You'll start learning about the different setups for mixing and mastering that you will be able to use in your own projects so you can get started the right way.

Module 2 - Gain Staging

Gain staging is important to understand and be able to implement into your production process. This will help you minimize any issues that may arise later in the production process like pushing dynamics plugins too hard. This is an often misunderstood skill that is still really important to understand. You will also learn about the myths and how it all works in modern production.

Module 3 - Getting Creative

One of the most important things that any producer can learn is how to get creative with the tools you are given. Luckily FL Studio is full of handy tools to use and you will learn how to use them to get creative results. You will use tools and techniques like layering to create sounds that have never been heard before to help you create an original sound that will help your tracks sound unique and different from everybody else

Module 4 - Song Structure

Creating the right structure for your track will help convey the emotion or energy of it and also a good arrangement will help keep the listener pulled in and not get bored. In this module you will learn the main techniques for how to keep the interest and excitement alive. How you should start and end the track, where you should have breaks and build ups and how to get energy and contrast between the sections

Module 5 - Mixing

Mixing is of course super vital and if you already have a basic knowledge of music production you will understand that it is not always easy to get this right. In this module you will learn all about the tools of mixing like EQ and compression amongst other things and Riley will take you through an entire mix so you can see the whole process and how you would want to do it when you go to mix your own tracks.

Module 6 - Mastering

In this module you will learn how to put the final touches on your tracks to make them sound professional and ready to be released on streaming, mp3 or any medium. Mastering is not for the amateur so here you will learn how far you should go and what sort of adjustments to the mix you can make without doing something incorrectly. At the end, you will have all the skills necessary to make better music.

Watch 2 free lessons from the course

Lesson 6) Basics & best uses of compression:

In this video you will learn the main benefits of compression and how to use it correctly

Lesson 12) Does your song flow

In this lesson Riley talks about how your track should flow from one section to the next and sound consistent throughout

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Riley Weller, other known as GratuiTous, is an artist and producer for the name of Jesus.

He started producing music in 2009.

In 2012, he started up the website Beatstruggles.com where he taught thousands of producers with his 150+ tutorials he released on YouTube.

He then ventured out to selling premium sound kits to producers.  

In his later years, GratuiTous decided to focus more on his own business and music.

He is a phenomenal tutor and has the knowledge and skills to transfer them to you.

Get in contact any time to give feedback, ask for help or just say hello. Use the contact form HERE

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