FL Studio - Make A Track Like Martin Garrix

In this 2 hours 45 minute, 21 lesson course, you'll not only learn how to use FL Studio but you'll also learn how to make a Martin Garrix style track from start to finish.

Learning FL Studio in detail, and music production at the same time is a win win situation!

  • Only FL Studio / Free Plugins Used

- Instant Download

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Supercharge Your FL Studio & Music Production Skills >>

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Learn to use all the main features in FL Studio like the mixer, using samples, editing, melodies and way more!

Create your own 'Martin-Esque' melody using basic music theory for beginners

Learn how to make sweeps and whooshes and your own reverse sounds

Learn how to arrange your EDM track to keep things exciting and energetic the whole way through

Gain advanced knowledge of using compression and EQ to get elements to sit right in the mix

Learn where to find and how to install free third party samples and plugins                    

Discover how to make the classic Garrix style arpeggiated bass line and fat distorted lead sound          

Learn how to mix your tracks to a very high standard and give them a professional polish

Total Course Length 2 Hours, 45 minute of FL Studio & Music Production Skills

Course Modules

Module 1 - Intro & Setting Up 

After a short intro your Tutor Colin will take you through setting up FL Studio correctly and installing third party plugins and samples - all free :) Colin will also teach you about the basic components of a Martin Garrix style track to make sure you have a good idea of what you are trying to accomplish when you start making your own EDM bangers! This module gets you started quickly even if you are a beginner.

Module 2 - Creating The Melody

In the next module, Colin starts with the all important melody and riff. It's paramount that you create a catchy hook here and Colin teaches you how to do it Garrix style with some basic music theory thrown in. He then goes onto sound design where he starts to fatten up that lead sound by using 3xOsc FL plugin. He doesn't select a preset but teaches you how to do it yourself and also adds an interesting twist of his own.

Module 3 - Creating The Bass

In this third Module you will learn how to make a Garrix sounding distorted bass line from scratch. Again learning and doing it yourself is the best way so more sound design in the 3xOsc built in plug in is called for here. He shows you how to EQ the bass effectively and add distortion the right way to make it fatter and jump out. For the intro and outro sections, Colin moves onto to teaching you how to make his classic, energetic arpeggiated bass sound, again with in built tools.

Module 4 - Drums and Track Structure

After showing you how to program in a cool drum loop using 3rd party samples (included) Colin moves onto the one place most people go wrong or need help with the most - the structure. Here Colin shows you how to create a dynamic, exciting and interesting arrangement for your Garrix track. Using lots of different techniques and spicing up your arrangements with a fat build up and breakdown section will become second nature by the time you are done. All the while Colin teaches you how to mix and balance all the different elements together.

Module 5 - Adding Sound FX

Module 5 and Colin goes about filling out the track with the all important sound FX. If you don't have 'whooshes', 'impacts', 'fills' 'downsweepers' and 'risers' then you have a lifeless track that will not hold the interest of the listener or get those feet moving on the dance floor. Colin teaches you what types of sound to source or create yourself and how to fit them seamlessly into your track. Again you're learning how to balance the frequencies and where to fit them into the arrangement for maximum impact. He also shows you how to make your own sounds and Garrix style reverse reverb.

Module 6 - Mixing & Mastering

No-one is going to want to listen to your track if it's not balanced and sounding clear, with maximum energy. Colin teaches you many techniques here to achieve this, such as correctly applying EQ, compression, panning and reverb. As the secret to mixing is all about balance you will learn to do this on many levels. Automating your mix is vital aswell to keep the interest of the listener engaged and to finish with a more pro sounding mix. Colin takes you through all of this along every step of the way. He finishes up with the final polish which is called Mastering.

FREE lessons from the course


Watch Clip 1 from the Course

How To Make An EDM Track Like Martin Garrix

In this first free clip you'll learn how to make the chord riff sound from scratch and layer it up to sound fat. Colin also puts on his own twist to give the sound more interest.


Watch Clip 2 from the course

How to Make An EDM Track Like Martin Garrix

In this second free clip, Colin shows you how to make the classic Garrix style argeggiated bass line which is used for the intro and outros of this track.

"Best tutorials i’ve seen hands down! Man best customer service ever.. i know how important customer service is. you guys have it down!"

Matthew S.

"So I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your style of teaching. Thanks to your tutorials and the way you teach with start to finish tracks, I am having more fun than ever!" 

Jason T.

Supercharge Your FL Studio & Music Production Skills >>

Sold out

Colin Warn (AKA DJ Veaux) is a dance music producer and a Middle8Studio ghost producer hailing from Seattle. He's been teaching music production on forums such as Laidback Luke's and Max Vangeli's for over four years. His productions have received praise from the likes of Studio DMI, recording studio for artists like Diplo and Borgeous. He's made about 200+ tracks from hip hop to dance music and he continues to make 1-2 tracks a week. When he's not touring he's sitting down to figure out how he can help his fellow producer become the best artist they can be. 

Get in contact any time to give feedback, ask for help or just say hello. Use the contact form HERE

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    Bonjour. Non, le cours est uniquement en anglais. Le tuteur utilise principalement des plugins FL standard.

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