Free Sample Pack - Producer Alan Tukmatsev

A collection of 300 recorded sounds of a

Mercedes-Benz 1995 c180 


- Raw Foleys

- Resampled sounds

- xFer Serum Presets

- xFer Serum wavetables



    This ripping 'sound set' has been lovingly captured, sampled, edited, re-sampled, mangled, twisted, converted and made into one of the most usable and original sounding banks out there. AND IT'S FREE!!! Warm basses. tingling leads and transformative FX all for you to use right now in your own productions.

    Please like Alan's Facebook page as a big thank you for providing this amazing resource.

    Alan is an incredibly talented EDM producer and tutor from Estonia. He is always looking to push the boundaries of creativity in electronic music production. He has painstakingly recorded over 300 sounds from his own car and has turned them into a sample bank to rival the very best out there.

    Credit to 'Sancus' for doing an incredible job of re-sampling the sounds and making them in to Serum presets. You can visit his Youtube Channel >> HERE << Lots of cool stuff.

    If you're looking for inspiration or just want an incredible Sound Set then hit 'Add To Cart' and get it now for FREE.


    Again... Please 

    >>> 'Like' Alan's Facebook page <<<




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