Mixing in Cubase - The Ultimate Guide

Do you struggle to get your mixes to sound like the pro's do? If you want to take your mixing skills to a completely different level of professionalism, then this course IS going to help you get there.

You will gain the knowledge and practical experience you need to completely transform your mixes.

  • Over 9 hours - 65 Lessons
  • Only Stock Cubase VST's Used
  • Compatible with Cubase 9.5 - 11
  • Instant Download
  • All versions of Cubase supported

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Learn the real secrets to getting minimal but powerful, full, and open mixes

Learn how to mix low end for any genre, keeping it full fat, punchy and tight                                        

Learn to mix live drums, acoustic instruments, electric guitars, lead synths, electronic drums, vocals and more

Learn what you can do with every single mixing related plugin and feature in Cubase (Elements, Artist & Pro)

Learn all vital mixing skills, from project organisation and gain staging through to techniques and bus mixing

Gain an in depth understanding of complex mixing techniques, using multiple plugin chains

All mixing techniques from compression to EQ, to saturation and much more is covered in depth

Watch an entire live mix session that uses all of the skills and techniques shown in the course

Total Course Length 9 Hours 31 Mins - 65 Lessons!

Course Modules

Module 1 - Mixing in Cubase Fundamentals:

In this first module you will learn some of the fundamental starting and setup tips for your mixing projects. You'll learn what you need to ask for if you are mixing professionally for others, how to setup your project so it is easier to use and navigate and what tools you have in Cubase to help you as your mix progresses.

We will also be covering things like practical guides to what sample rate you should use and when it's applicable to use higher sample rates. You will also learn about 'gain staging' your projects so your project is never 'stressed' and errors are avoided. Amongst these foundational lessons, you will also be learning the basic setup of Cubase with respect to mixing and what parts of it are used for this task.

Module 2 - Cubase Mixing Functions:

Cubase is one of the best DAW's for mixing, not only for it's state of the art audio engine and speed of workflow but because the features and tools it provides for mixing have been crafted and improved upon over decades.

You will learn to use each of these tools to help you get better mixes, quicker and with less hassle. There are many tools like spectral curve comparison, mixer snapshots, channel strips and much more that you will learn about and master.

You will also learn how to clean up the Cubase mixer and organize it for easier mixing, how to use mixing in mono to get better mixes and even how the Cubase Control Room can be used for mixing tasks with multiple monitor outputs.

Module 3 - Cubase Mixing Tools:

Here we will take a look at every single mixing related plugin that comes with Cubase (all versions). As we go through each plugin, the purpose of each tool is also explained; for example: When we look at the compressors, you will also learn what compression is, when you should use it and how far you can push it. We cover a lot in this module, compression, multiband compression, side chained compression, EQ, saturation, distortion, reverb, delay, noise gates, panning, stereo enhancing and there are sometimes multiple plugins in these categories.

Each and every plugin is shown with clear explanations and examples so you can be sure you will know when to use them in your own mixes.

Module 4 - Mixing Processes in Cubase: 

Now we have covered all that Cubase has to offer it is time to start putting the tools and features together and start making truly professional level mixes that you can be proud of.

The best mixes are the ones that don't fight you every step of the way. You will learn how to have a near effortless mix and what your approach needs to be able in order to achieve this.

With that goal in mind you will learn multiple modern techniques on how to create depth in your mixes and how it is much more than just reverb and delay that achieves this, how to create space between the elements in the same frequency spectrum using advanced techniques, how to add warmth & excitation, how to mix live drums, vocals, guitars, lead synths, basslines, mix double tracked elements and much more. This is a huge module and is vital for your mixing to progress to a professional level.

Module 5 - Group and Bus Mixing:

Group or Bus mixing is the icing on the cake, if you have gotten the first stages right then you can use this to add that sparkle and professional polish to your mixes.

In this module you will learn how to setup groups for specifically separating the sections of your mix, like separating the low end from everything else or the drums etc, and then use Cubase plugins like multiband compression, EQ and saturation to then enhance those groups.

You will also learn about how you can add more creative and transformative effects to your mix through parallel processing; like dirtying up a rock mix or enhancing air of a dance mix.

You will also learn professional mixing and automation techniques to help you make sections of your track 'pop' using a technique called contrasting. This is a powerful technique that can be used in conjunction with parallel processing, which you will learn all about.

Module 6 - Complete Mix From Start To Finish:

Lastly you can watch a professional mix of a track from start to finish. This will cover the breadth of the Cubase functions and music production skills and techniques you have learned throughout this tutorial.

We will start at the beginning as if this were a mix I was doing for a client, from importing the stems all the way through to the final mix down. Everything is covered in the order of mixing so you get to see when a specific effect or chain of effects are applied in a real world situation; helping you understand when and where you should be using them in your own mixes.

Organizing the mix, side chaining, mixing the low end, mixing layered leads, adding reverb and delay, mixing vocals and many more mixing tasks are shown all with proper explanation and commentary as they take place so you can truly get a mixing engineers view point on every aspect of the mix.

FREE lessons from the course

Watch Lesson 35

Approach to Mixing - SUPER IMPORTANT: 

Having the right approach to mixing and tackling it from the right angle is paramount to getting good and also effortless mixes.

Watch Lesson 41

Creating Space Between Elements of the Same Frequency Range:

This is a great technique to take 2 elements that are in the same frequency range and create space between them. A super handy pro mixing technique.

Watch Lesson 54

Parallel Processing:

This is a great creative mixing technique that can add dirt to a rock mix or add massive air to a dance track. Used in conjunction with the other techniques and skills you have learned, it becomes an incredibly powerful tool.

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Jon Merritt (producer & founder of Born To Produce) has been making tunes for over 18 years and has been teaching for the last 8 of them. In his career he has come to grips with many genres of modern music from Hard House to Downtempo. His skill in music production has been crafted over many years of self taught experimentation and learning from other producers at the top of their game. He has tried almost every angle on most production techniques so when he teaches you something you know it has been tried and tested. He is always willing to learn new skills / software that further the goal of music production.

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