HALion Sonic SE3 - The Ultimate Guide


This VST does a lot more than you probably realise, and it comes free with Cubase!

In this new course,  you will learn everything you need to know about Halion Sonic SE3 over 13 lessons. Starting with the real basics, progressing through all menus, pages & instruments, right through to making an 8 part track with only 1 instance of Halion running.

  • Compatible with all versions of Cubase
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Supercharge Your Halion Sonic SE3 Skills >>

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Learn the basic overview and different sections / pages of this underrated VST Halion Sonic SE3

Discover how to program the trigger pads, quick controls and much more

Watch how we make a short track with just one instance of Halion running (8 MIDI channels)

Discover the power of the latest instruments Trip and Flux (Artist and Pro users)

Learn how to create your own unique layers and multiple programs

Learn how to split your keyboard, set up velocity mapping, how to use external outputs and much more

Total Course - 1.5 Hours (13 Lessons) of Halion Sonic SE3 Training

Course Overview

Module 1 - Intro & Overview 

After a short intro from your tutor Jay, you'll get a guided tour around this VST and discover that there are 5 main sections to be aware of. This acts as an overview for beginners. You'll then delve deeper and learn how each section / window of Halion Sonic SE3 is laid out and it's purpose. This Module is great for people who have either never used this synth before or have loaded it up but don't really understand it.

Module 2 - Layers & Multiple Programs

In the 2nd Module you will learn how to start creating your own sounds rather than just choosing presets. You'll see how easy it is to combine 2 or 3 sounds together by manipulating MIDI channels and the built in mixer, and then how to save your own sound. You'll also learn how to create a multi program which is multiple sounds all using different MIDI channels - therefore alleviating the need to have multiple instances of Halion Sonic running.

Module 3 - Keyboard & Velocity Mapping

This Module deals with some very useful features. You'll discover that you can split your keyboard so for example the lower half triggers a bass sample and the upper half plays something else like a piano.

You will also learn about velocity mapping. This is where you can program Halion to only trigger a layer to play once the key has been pressed with a certain pressure. Handy for adding interest into your sounds!

Module 4 - Assignable Pads & Quick Controls

We're now probably getting to the stuff that you didn't know but will always use from now on. You will learn how you can trigger full chords from just one key. These can be any chords, even ones you program yourself. You can also change arpeggiator type from single keys too and change both together during live play. Next it's making use of and learning how to program the quick controls. Again this is really useful when playing live or for users that prefer the hands on approach.

Module 5 - FX Page & External Routing 

In the 5th Module we explore the built in effects page and it's capabilities. You'll learn why, when and how to apply insert FX and how they differ from the 4 aux busses available. Also how to apply FX to individual elements or the main output. However there are still limitations, like there is no EQ and only stock plugins etc; Jay shows you how to route the channels out of Halion and into their own tracks in Cubase, so you are free to use plugins of your own choice.

Module 6 - Trip & Flux

Did you know there was a wavetable synth within Halion Sonic SE3? Well if you're an Artist or Pro user there is, and it's called Flux. Here you will discover how to make modern EDM sounds using wavetable synthesis, with a detailed run down of all the various pages and tabs within this beast. Trip is also a great analogue style synth (like Retrologue) and therefore gets the same level of detail. Trip also has a great arpeggiator so have fun with these 2 awesome instruments and learn how to use these instruments fully.

FREE lessons from the course

Watch Lesson 5 - Keyboard Mapping

Halion Sonic SE3 Tutorial


In this first free lesson, Jay shows you how to split your keyboard into 2 halves so you can play bass on the lower half and something else such as a piano on the upper half.


Watch Lesson 7 - Assignable Pads

Halion Sonic SE3 Tutorial 

In this free clip, Jay shows you how to program the pads towards the bottom of the screen for triggering chords and / or arpeggiators.

"This course is a God send. Finally I understand how to use this synth lol"

George K.

"Your courses are worth their weight in gold!! Thank you" 


Clive B.

Supercharge Your Halion Sonic SE3 Skills >>

Sold out

Jay Hales (producer & founder of Born To Produce) has produced in most genres over the last 15 years as well as successfully DJ'ing across many countries throughout Europe. He writes music for TV companies and makes his own music in all styles, particularly EDM which is his favourite. His attention to detail and huge music production skill sets make him the perfect person to learn your music production skills from. He is super approachable so feel free to get in contact with him and ask a question.

Get in contact any time to give feedback, ask for help or just say hello. Use the contact form HERE

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