How To Make A POP Song

If you've ever wanted to make a pop song then this course is for you. Learn what makes a POP song great. Chord structure, arrangement, drum choice and programming all come into play. Join Alan as he takes you through the in's and out's of making a POP song

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Easy to follow, short and fun lessons on 'How To Make a POP song'

Learn what arrangements are the best for POP songs, traditional and not so traditional ideas are covered

Learn lyric writing and recording tricks to help you develop your own style

Learn how to process vocals to make them stand out in your mix

Create a POP chord progression and accompanying melody for your track

Learn to make a POP song from absolutely nothing, through to the mixdown

Learn to get a profesional finish to your POP songs                                        

Discover many tips, tricks and secrets that will help you make great POP songs

Total course length 3 Hours - 15 Lessons Of Pure POP Song Skills

Course Modules

Module 1 - Structure (Vids 1-3): 

Alan starts off by discussing the various ways you can structure a modern POP song; what is the best way to grab the listeners' attention and what is the best way to end the track. This module helps you start to make the foundations of your POP song, beginning with the chord progression and tweaking the sound to give a gritty feel and a sense of space with EQ and reverb

Module 2 - Foundations (Vids 4-6):

In this module you'll start to look at making the beat for your POP song. Having a good beat and getting that 'nod factor' is vital to making a popular track. You'll learn how to make a beat and Alan will teach you his personal techniques and secrets for getting the drums to sound nice and crispy, lively and chunky. You'll also start to build one of the most important sections of a POP song - the chorus

Module 3 - Building Your POP Song (Vids 7-10):

In this section, we'll be diving into creating tension and release in your POP song which is vital for keeping the listener pulled in. You'll learn to do this using various techniques like automating high and low-pass filters. As Alan takes you through you'll build the second half of the song and add some variation to keep everything interesting as you go. This will see you complete the arrangement

Module 4 - Writing Lyrics and Recording Vocals (Vids 11-12): 

Vocals are of course a vital part of any modern POP song and here Alan spends some time interviewing the singer John Thakar and asking pertinent questions on how John goes about writing lyrics and being creative with it. He also talks in depth about his recording processes and he shares all the tips and tricks he has picked up over his years of singing and recording his own material

Module 5 - Vocal Processing (Vids 13):

Processing vocals can be a big challange as most people don't know how to get them to sit in the mix correctly. Here Alan takes you through the many tricks and processes you can use to give the vocals some 'presence' and help them sit in the mix. Creating a sense of space and depth is also vital so Alan looks at adding the right kind of reverb and delay effects to really make the vocal sound like it belongs in the mix

Module 6 - Mixing & Mastering (Vids 14-15):

There are many different ways to mix a track and here Alan shows you how to add the final adjustments at the mixdown phase. Getting the levels right and balancing all the elements together so they all have their own space is what Alan demonstrates here. In the last video Alan covers mastering the finshed track to get the very last bit of polish and shine to get a great professional finish

FREE lessons from the course

Watch Lesson 2

How To Make A POP Song - Arrangement Choice:

Here your tutor Alan takes you through the various different ways you can arrange a POP song and shares his insights into the arrangement choices.

Watch Lesson 5

How To Make A POP Song - Pre-Chorus:

In this free lesson Alan shows you how to build upon the beat and start structuring your song.

Watch Lesson 10

How To Make A POP Song - Outro:

In lesson 10 Alan shows you how to create a POP song outro to your track, explaining the aim and how to acheive it.

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Alan Tukmatsev is an incredibly talented EDM producer and tutor from Estonia. He's been making music non-stop for the last 6 years and is always looking to push the boundaries of creativity in electronic music production. His exceptional attention to detail and his pristine production skills are evident in his music, which you can listen to HERE . Alan is an expert in FL Studio and his teaching style is very relaxed and clear. If you want to learn FL Studio and music production, you are in safe hands!          

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