Mixing Masterclass

Get better mixes every time with this 25 lesson (4.5 hours) Masterclass for electronic music producers

Get a perfect low end mix in every track, a massive vocal or lead sound, create a real sense of spaciousness & much much more

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Got a specific issue with your mixes? (low end messy or vocal not big enough)

Go straight to the relevant chapter and get immediate results!


    By the end of this course you will be able to...

    • Approach any mix with the confidence that you are making the right decisions
    • Pick and choose the main elements wisely to have an effortless mix. This can be a complete game changer
    • Use reference track wisely and make your tracks transferable onto as many playback mediums as possible
    • Create a tight and roomy bottom end in every one of your mixes by following four simple steps
    • Use group / bus mixing to help create space between the elements of your mix
    • Dynamically create space between the different elements of your mix
    • Use reverb to create a big and believable soundstage for all the elements of your mix
    • Create contrast between the different sections of your mix to give it greater emotional depth and interest
    • <BONUS> Watch two live mixes at the end of the course, each an hour long and see the skills you have covered in the first 17 lessons put into practice in real life mixing sessions


    "I'm a long time musician but mixing is a whole other ballgame. So I recently bought the Mixing Electronic Music course and got some great tips and ideas that work and inspire! Explained in small chapters, easy to understand. Great value for money! Thanks J&J" Dreamwaves Studios


    Lessons 1 and 2 - Intro and Tips FREE >>

    Your Tutor, Jon Merritt welcomes you to the course.

    In this lesson we tackle foundation knowledge of mixing like best mixing practices and tips on getting started. By the end of this lesson you will know:


    • What to do if you are having difficulty getting your mixes to sound great and the steps you can take to rectify this

    • What playback volume level is best for mixing

    • Why panning should be used after EQ and not instead of

    • Why you should always balance the input and output levels when adding plug-in effects


    Lesson 3 - Approach

    Great mixing is all about balance. In this lesson we look at the correct mindset and how to approach your mixes so that the main element of your mix always takes centre stage. By the end of this lesson you will know:


    • Why people can't seem to get that 'BIG' vocal / lead (main element) sound, and what to do about it

    • Why picking the right elements of your track is vital to getting a good mix

    • How to approach the mix so that all the elements work together instead of fighting each other

    • Why too many things shouting for attention in your mix will make your main element sound small, we look at how to stop this

        Lesson 4 - 8   Mixing The Low End

        Low end can be one of the hardest things to get right in your mixes. Over these 5 lessons we look at how to get a perfect low end mix in all of your tracks. By the end of this section you will know:


        • Step by step instructions on how to get the low end of your mixes working in every track you make

        • How to use headphones, frequency analysers and reference tracks to minimise the harmful effects of a bad mix environment on your mixes

        • Why not all bass sounds / patches are equal

        • How to detect the key of your kick and tune it to match the bass line

        • Why and how to use sidechain compression to get a tight and roomy low end

        • Why and how to use multiband sidechain compression and why sometimes you will use this over standard side chain compression

        Lesson 9 - 12   Group / Bus Mixing

        Good mixing requires good separation between the elements of your mix. In this lesson we will look at further separating the elements of your mix so they all have the space they need to sound crystal clear. By the end of this lesson you will know:


        • How to use advanced routing to separate the elements of your mix

        • How to prevent any other elements in your mix from interfering with your low end

        • How to create more room for certain elements by using 'matched opposite EQ's'

        • How to use multiband compression and various techniques for getting different results

        • How to create 'dynamic space' between certain element by using side chained multiband compression

        Lesson 13 - 16   Creating Space

        Great mixes are interesting and diverse. In this lesson we will look at how to create contrast between the different sections of your tracks. By the end of this section you will know:


        • How to create greater emotional depth and make your mixes more diverse and interesting

        • How to create contrast between the different sections of your mix

        • Which panning mode is best for you and how you can use this to tighten up your mix

        • How to create a believable space using multiple reverbs

        • What mid/side processing is and how to use it correctly

        • What the limitations of mid/side processing are

        Lesson 17 - Transferability and Reference Tracks

        These days your mixes will be played on everything from phones to club systems. In this lesson we will look at how to use reference tracks and how to make your mixes sound good on as many playback mediums as possible. By the end of this lesson you will know:


        • How to use reference track wisely and not get bogged down trying to mirror another producer's sound

        • The steps needed to get your mixes to sound good on as many different playback mediums as possible

        • What to look for when comparing your mix to a reference track

        • The benefits of using reference tracks

        BONUS : Lesson 18 - 21  Complete Live Mix 1

        This is where everything you've learned up until now gets transformed into magic.

        We mix a vocal downtempo breaks track from start to finish so you can see the skills we have learned put into practice in a real life situation.

        BONUS : Lesson 22 - 25  Complete Live Mix 2

        Again, see us mix a whole track from start to finish.

        Here we mix a big and busy house track with big leads and lots of rhythm; again showing a variety of skills you have learned in the previous videos.


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