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Crush your Learning Curve on Propellerhead's Reason 9 with David Wills - a professional audio engineer of 30 years!

In this 3 hour course you'll not only learn how to use Reason but you'll also learn how to apply the knowledge to your own tracks. Supercharge your Reason skills!

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Easy to follow, highly informative lessons on making a track in Reason, starting with setup and preferences

Learn Reason 'over the shoulder' from a professional audio engineer of 30 years (M. Jackson, W. Houston)

Learn different ways to record audio into Reason and how to produce sounds from the many in-built VSTs  

Gain advanced knowledge of using compression and EQ from a highly experienced engineer

Take a tour around the fantastic in built mixer which is modelled on an analogue SSL 9000K

Learn countless music production and Reason tips throughout the tutorial

Total Course Length 3 hours of Reason & Music Production Skills

Course Modules

Module 1 - Welcome and How to Find Your Way Around

In Module 1 David Wills, your tutor, shows you around the Reason interface. You'll learn to navigate to the relevent sections within Reason and you'll start to look at the many functions and modules that the software has to offer. Getting started in Reason is super easy and you'll be making sounds within the first 10 minutes of using this DAW. Understand the signal path of Reason and never get lost again.

Module 2 - Setting Up Reason

So we're going to get ready to make some music and for that we want to setup Reason so it works at it's best. David takes you very easily through the most important settings in Reason and what they will mean for you when you start making music. If you have a MIDI keyboard or Controller of some sort you'll learn how to connect this to Reason for extra creative input. You can also setup your computer keyboard to play notes.

Module 3 - Recording 1

In Module 3, David explains different ways of recording with Reason. There are a tonne of really cool instruments built into Reason which will allow you to make great music and you'll learn how to record these or program them into the DAW. You'll learn about the various types of tracks, how to select patches, record VST's, record with Kong, Redrum and MIDI. You'll be able to use all of these to make your own quality tracks.

Module 4 - Recording 2

Here David takes you deeper into Reasons various instruments, looking at how to make your own drum loops and how to mix them up in Reason. You'll be learning about Reasons powerful editing tools and how to fit everything to the correct tempo. Recording your own voice or instruments into Reason is a breeze and David will take you through all the necessary knowledge you need in order to do this and how to then edit your recording so it fits with the rest of your track.

Module 5 - Editing

In this module David takes you in much greater detail into the advanced editing functions of Reason. You'll be able to get any performance to fit to the tempo, easily replace sounds with different sounds to get a different feel. Make your beats really move with variation and swing effects. As well as correcting any mistakes in a performance you'll learn how to give a performance a human feel and make it more believable. Also learn to pitch correct vocal performances.

Module 6 - Mixing & Mastering

Mixing your track is super important to get it to sound good. Here David takes you through how to balance the elements of your mix. You'll be adding reverb to get a great sound on drums, EQ'ing elements to get them to fit together and embelish certain frequencies. You'll help balance vocal or instrument performances with compression. Routing is also covered here so you can affect many elements at the same time. You'll be able to add a profesional polish to your tracks.

FREE lessons from the course


Free Clip

Music Production in Reason:

In this free short clip, your tutor David gives you an overview of Reason and it's features.


Free Clip

Music Production in Reason:

In this short clip, David teaches you how to use Reason's Note Echo sequencer and gives tips on how to create funky effects.


Free Clip

Music Production in Reason:

If you thought the fantastic new Dr OctoRex loop player was just for drums then you are mistaken! David takes you through it's capabilities.

"This tutorial is clear and concise with all the necessary information nicely presented. Well done!"

J Booth

"As a beginner in Reason, I really enjoyed this course. I now have a good understanding. Good job!"

John Phillips

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David Wills has been a professional audio engineer for 30 years and has worked with greats such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins & Diana Ross. He really is an expert in the music production industry. While he has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, he is also part of a musical family who loves to perform and record music for fun. Even his little daughter has just taken up Djembe and Ukulele!

David's goal is to help break down all the barriers that get in the way of making music. He wants to empower every musician in the world to forever conquer their gear so that ideas flow easily and they capture every idea they ever come up with.

Get in contact any time to give feedback, ask for help or just say hello. Use the contact form HERE

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