Music Production In Studio One

This course takes an in depth look at how you can produce and write a song with the Presonus Studio One DAW.

By the end of the course you'll be able to produce your own song within Studio One. You'll be able to record audio and MIDI, edit these tracks, and mix and master your song.

  • For Beginners & Intermediates

2 Hours - 25 Lessons

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Easy to follow intro lessons on the setting up of Studio One, it's tools and preferences

Learn how easy it is to record audio and MIDI data into this DAW

Discover how to use the in built Melodyne software to correct pitch and timing issues in audio

Learn how to use some of the fantastic in built VST synths and other plugins

Discover the 'scratchpad' feature and how to use this unique tool

Whilst mixing, learn how to use inserts and sends and the 4 differents modes of automation

Learn how to improve your mix with bus processing and the fantastic in built 'analog' style FX

Apply some basic mastering on your mix to get it closer to commercial releases    

Total Course Length 2 Hours - 25 Lessons

Course Modules

Module 1 - Introduction & Setting Up

In this first Module, Gary welcomes you to the course and explains what you can expect to learn from it. He then takes you through the setting up process, such as getting your interface working and any preferences you may want. After a look around the various windows and tools of Studio One, Gary takes you through his five favourite features and why they have helped him so much in his productions.

Module 2 - Recording and Editing

In Module 2 Gary gets into the fun stuff quickly. He shows you how to record 2 tracks of guitars in and how to add amp simulation to get that distorted and gritty sound. He also teaches you 'punch in' recording and how to 'comp' your takes to end up with one final best take. Also, you'll learn about MIDI information and how to record in drum patterns and a bassline using this method.

Module 3 - MIDI Editing

Gary teaches you how to convert an audio performance (such as a vocal) into MIDI data, thus making correcting pitch and timing errors alot easier. You can also get creative here by making a virtual synth lead line from the same musical notes of the audio clip. Gary also shows you how to split up your MIDI drum tracks to have more control in the mix and how to convert the MIDI to audio should you wish to do so. He finishes up with explaining folder and bus tracks.

Module 4 - Mixing

Now after recording in the drums, bass, guitars and vocals it's time for Gary to introduce you properly to the mixer so you can mix the song together and balance all the elements. Gary covers general tips here as well as demonstrating how to use EQ, panning and compression. He also explains the differences between algorithmic and convolution reverbs and how to use them. You'll also learn how to automate your mix, how to use parallel processing and how to use the in built analog emulators.

Module 5 - Mastering

Module 5 is all about Mastering - adding the final polish and sheen to a track and getting it sounding more professional, similar to a commercially released track. Here Gary explains typical mastering plugins such as a multi-band compressor and a limiter and how to apply them effectively. He also shows you how to add space and depth to the whole track by adding reverb and how to export the track as a whole and the various different settings available to you.

Module 6 - Extra Tips and Tricks

In this extra bonus Module, Gary explains in more detail the amazing benefits of having the 'scratchpad' feature and exactly how to put it to good use.

He also shows you how to do things like colour coding your tracks and importing shortcut key commands from other DAWs if you're more familiar with them.

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Watch Lesson 2

Music Production in Studio One

Here your tutor Gary takes you through his 5 favourite features of this fantastic DAW Studio One.


Watch Lesson 7

Music Production in Studio One

In lesson 7, Gary shows you how to record an additional guitar part over the audio already recorded, using the auto 'punch in / out' tool. He also teaches you how to 'comp' takes together to finish with one perfect take.


Watch Lesson 19

Music Production in Studio One

In lesson 19, Gary makes automating your mix easy. He shows you the 4 different modes of automation so you can become more creative with your mixes and make them sound more professional.

" Great job! I really liked your class - very user friendly. I hope you do more classes! "

Paul P

"This is an excellent course that covers all the essentials. Good pace and well presented "

Kyle J

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Gary Hiebner is a sound designer and music composer from South Africa, and his passions are music making and teaching others how to make music. He's been working in new media such as music and sound for TV and online games for the last 15 years. In these years he's worked through a multitude of different audio software, and through this found a passion for teaching how to use the different type of audio software that is available on the market. He's a firm believer that audio software has its place in the creative field and using them as tools you can get different results which you might not have ever imagined. He wishes to show you how to get the most out of these audio applications so that you can produce and expand on your musical ideas.

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