Cubase Old Skool House

Make a track from nothing, right through to the final mixdown and become a better producer... You'll learn...

    • Find free drum samples and loading them into Groove Agent 
    • Create a drum loop with fills and sculpting the sounds to fit together
    • Create audio slices on a bass sample to create an original bass line
    • Find free vocal samples and trigg them via Groove Agent as a sampler
    • Arrange your track including dynamics, structure, variation, energy builds and releases
    • Professionally mix your track to a very high standard using automation, EQ, compression and filters
    • Full version of Cubase 8 recommended but not essential
    • FULL LIFETIME ACCESS - No subscription necessary
    • Download or Stream Now - it's up to you


Lesson 1 : Drums (31 mins)

Where to find free to use drum samples and loading into Groove Agent

Creating MIDI parts to trigger samples in Groove Agent

Using ‘render in place’ (New Feature of Cubase Pro 8)

Applying EQ and effects to sculpt the sounds

Lesson 2 : Additional Drums (17 mins)

Adding interest by programming a drum fill

Manipulating audio clips

How to use the mixer section in Cubase

How to use Compression

Using the Multiband Envelope Shaper (New feature Cubase 8 Pro)

      Lesson 3 : Bassline (16 mins)

      Using the zones section to create a clean looking mix window

      Using hitpoints on imported audio to create slices for Groove Agent

      Layering sounds to thicken the end result and applying EQ / Effects

      Creating groups and routing audio

      Lesson 4 : Piano (12 mins)

      Creating an appropriate sounding 90s piano and triggering via MIDI

      Manipulating MIDI information

      Sculpting the sound to fit with other elements using EQ and compression

      Creating FX channels and applying Reverb

      Lesson 5 : Acid Line (8 mins)

      Using Steinberg ArpacheSX to create an arpeggio effect on the Acid Line

      Using Midi Inserts and Midi Modifiers to bring the sound to life

      Creating new parts from existing MIDI information

      Manipulating the sound in the Cubase VST Retrologue

      Lesson 6 : Vocals 1 (12 mins)

      Searching the internet for FREE vocal samples

      Auditioning samples in context with our track via Media Bay

      Using your ears as a tool to get inspiration

      Warping audio and very handy time-stretching techniques

      How to use Groove Agent as a sampler

      Lesson 7 : Vocals 2 (12 mins)

      Creating vocal snips for use within the track

      Adding a new group for the vocals and applying effects

      Experimenting with delays to create new effects

      Creating a reverse reverb effect to add interest

      Exporting Audio

      Lesson 8 : Basic Arrangement (13 mins)

      Constructing the basic structure of the track by using the various elements in the arrange window

      Listening to the track and experimenting with different elements

      Creating new parts to create variation throughout the track

      Laying down basic mixing concepts using automation


      Lesson 9 : Main Arrangement (33 mins)

      Adding new individual elements for variation and interest

      Rendering and bouncing audio sections

      Programming more automation from filtering to volume changes

      How to balance the mix and setting levels


      Lesson 10 : Arrangement / Mixing (37 mins)

      Creating a snare roll using a single snare sample

      Exporting audio to create a new sound for the track

      Applying effects to elements and filling out the track

      Automation of send effects to create reverb tails and delays

      Creating the Outro


      Lesson 11 : Mastering (22 mins)

      Using the new Multiband Compressor to add life to the track

      Appling the Studio EQ to sweep the frequency spectrum and subtract any unwanted frequencies

      Adding saturation to gel the mix together

      A & B ing the track to ensure we are complimenting the track

      Tips and tricks on how to mix & gel the song together and make the mix coherent




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