Cubase Tutorial - 90's House

In this 3.5 hour, 11 lesson course, you'll not only learn how to use Cubase but you'll also learn how to make an Old Skool 90s House track from start to finish.

Learning Cubase in detail, and music production at the same time is a win win situation!


  • Only Cubase Plugins Used

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Learn where to find free drum samples and how to get them into Groove Agent for manipulation

Make your own authentic 90s house drum loop whilst making sure all the elements fit together                    

Learn how to take an old skool bass sample and sample it across multi pads to create your own bassline

Use the in built Halion to create your 90s piano and in built midi FX to create the acid line

Gain advanced knowledge of using compression and EQ to get elements to sit right in the mix

Learn how to structure your track taking care of interest, dynamics, variation, energy builds and releases

Use Groove Agent as a sampler with free vocals to get that 90s chopped sound

Learn how to mix your tracks to a very high standard and give them a professional polish

Total Course Length 3.5 Hours of Cubase & Music Production Skills

Course Modules

Module 1 - Intro and Drums 

After a short intro your Tutor Mike shows you where to find free drum samples and how to load them into Groove Agent for manipulation. He also teaches you how to trigger them by creating MIDI information and how to convert them to audio clips - making them easier to sculpt and blend them together. It's important to keep the drums interesting so he shows you how to program a drum fill. You'll also learn how to use Compression to control the dynamics of your drum loop so the drums sit together as a unit. He finishes up with showing you how to use the very useful Multiband Envelope Shaper.

Module 2 - 90s Sounds

This Module is all about getting those 90s samples and synth sounds. Mike shows you how to take an audio clip of a TX81 bass patch and create slices to import them directly to the Groove Agent sample pads. From here you can simply play in your authentic 90s sounding bassline. The 90s piano is created by using the in-built Halion SE synth and tweaking the parameters to sculpt the sound. EQ and compression is also taught here to attain the right 'sound'. Lastly Mike shows you how to make the Acid line with the Retrologue VST synth and using MIDI effects such as ArpacheSX to create an arpeggio effect.

Module 3 - Vocals

Now onto the 90s Vocals. Don't have access to a singer? No problem. Mike shows you where to search the internet for FREE vocal samples. Learn a really useful feature of Cubase - how to audition samples in context with your track via Media Bay, so you can easily see if your chosen vocal fits or not. When it needs adjusting, learn how to warp and timestretch the audio. Again, we'll be using the fantastic Groove Agent as a sampler and creating vocal snips for effective use within the track. After learning how to apply reverb, Mike also shows you how to experiment with delays to create new effects.

Module 4 - Arrangement / Track Structure

Ahh, the one place most people go wrong or need help with the most! The structure of the track!

Mike shows you how to build the basic structure of the track by using the various elements in the arrange window. Learn how to listen to the track and experiment with different elements. Variation and interest are vital here so creating new parts and FX throughout the track is taught in this Module. Mike also starts laying down basic mixing concepts using automation and rendering and bouncing audio sections for easier manipulation and processing.

Module 5 - Mixing

No-one is going to want to listen to your track or be engaged with it if it's not balanced well and all the elements are not sitting together correctly.

Mike teaches you many techniques here to achieve this, such as correctly applying EQ, compression, panning and reverb. Automating your mix is vital aswell to keep the interest of the listener engaged and to finish with a more pro sounding mix. Learn little techniques such as using send effects to create reverb tails and delays and having them change over time. Or automating filters, again over time to increase the sense of tension and release.

Module 6 - Mastering

In the final Module, Mike teaches you basic mastering skills and what can be achieved with the Cubase stock plugins.

He shows you how to use the Multiband Compressor to add 'life' to the track. Also how to apply the Studio EQ to sweep the frequency spectrum and subtract any unwanted frequencies. Another useful technique taught is adding saturation to gel the mix together. He explains the importance of A / B ing the plugins constantly to ensure you are complimenting the track and not just applying them for the sake of it. He ends with general tips on how to get the track louder so it's more radio ready.

FREE lessons from the course


Watch Lesson 1

How To Make Old Skool 90s House - Vocals 1:

In this first free clip you'll learn where to find free vocals and how to audition them to see what phrases fit best. Mike also shows you how to 'warp' the audio to get them to fit perfectly. And finishing up with using Groove Agent as a sampler to make your own chopped up vocal groove!


Watch Sample Lesson

How To Make Old Skool 90s House - Vocals 2:

In the 2nd part of the vocals module, Mike teaches you how to add FX to bring the vocals to life. Adding delay with EQ so not to muddy the mix and automating the mix level are just some of the things you'll learn. Also discover how to create the very effective 'reverse reverb' trick.


Watch Sample Lesson

How To Make Old Skool 90s House - Piano:

In this final free clip, Mike shows you how to create a 90s piano by using the in-built Halion SE synth and tweaking the parameters to sculpt the sound. EQ and compression is also taught here to attain the right 'sound'.

"I found learning how to use Groove Agent in itself was worth the money!"

Charlie W.

"Great for us Cubase owners. Learned me alot that I didn't know before"

Tommy S.

Supercharge Your Cubase & Music Production Skills >>

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Mike Smith lives and breathes Cubase! He has been involved in the industry for over 20 years as a DJ, producer, record label owner and Cubase guru and is the founder of several successful Cubase Facebook groups. Educated to Degree level, Mike is also available for one to one tuition and has had several happy clients over the years. He is also the owner and founder of Synths and Wood, where he makes beautiful, professional wood ends for most makes and models of hardware synths.

Get in contact any time to give feedback, ask for help or just say hello. Use the contact form HERE

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