Mastering With Ozone 7 (Any DAW)

Take Your Mixes To The Next Level!

Learn To Master With The Best Tool Around

On this brand new course, you will learn :

    • How to prepare your tracks before importing into Ozone

    • How to set up a sidechain compressor to clean up a vocal

    • How to narrow or widen certain frequency bands within your mix

    • How to EQ or compress just the mid or sides of your mix

    • How to use Ozone's fantastic emulators to further enhance your mix

    • How to use everything you've learned and master your own tracks

    • And so much more!

Any DAW can be used, Cubase, Logic, Ableton, FL etc.

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    Complete Guide to Mastering with Ozone 7 (2 Hours) : With Mark Struthers

    Lesson 1 : Preparation

    Learn how to gel individual elements together with Dynamic EQ, Reverb and Vintage Tape effects before importing into Ozone. This simple preparation lends itself to a more polished result after the Mastering stage.

    Lesson 2 : Introduction to Ozone

    Get your first look around Ozone's different modules and discover further how to enhance your mix prior to mastering. We teach you how to 'de-ess' a vocal. 

    Lesson 3 : Incorporating Sidechain

    Mark teaches you how to use the vocal frequency band to 'duck' the same band within the piano, thus making the vocal sit much better in the mix. The piano essentially 'makes room' for the vocal. This is a very clever and useful technique to know.

    Lesson 4 : Vocal Reverb Sidechain

    Here you get another really professional tip when it comes to adding reverb to a vocal. Mark sets up another sidechain but this time he ducks the amount of reverb whilst the vocal is active and allowing the reverb tail to flow normally once the vocal phrase has ended. Why? To prevent a muddy vocal mix.

    Lesson 5 & 6 : Principles of Production / Ozone Parameters

    These lessons mainly focus around how to set up Ozone and how to use all it's functions. This is aimed at people who have never used Ozone 7 before. After a brief intro, Mark has a detailed look around all the Modules available to you whilst Mastering with Ozone 7.

    Lessons 7 & 8: Image Enhancement

    In these modules, we teach you all about imaging within the stereo field. With the help of the amazing 'Imaging' feature within Ozone 7, we show you how you can narrow your low end and widen your tops, which all adds to a professional finished article.

    Lessons 9 & 10 : Mid / Side Processing

    We now introduce you to a powerful feature call Mid / Side processing. Instead of EQ'ing the entire audio width equally, if you choose you can only affect the 'mid' range or the very 'sides' of the mix. When you consider this technique can also be done with compression, it gives the producer amazing amounts of control when mastering. In these two lessons we combine these techniques with further Imaging. 

    Lesson 11 : Dynamics

    Mark takes you through the multi-band compressor and multi-band limiter. Again you can use these in stereo or mid/side mode.

    Lesson 12 : Vintage Compressor

    On to the next module where we play around with the different sound of the vintage compressor. Up until now we've been talking about a modern compressor which affects the input signal. We explore the different characteristics when affecting the output signal.

    Lesson 13 : Vintage Tape

    Another fantastic emulator from Izotope. This time modelling old tape machines. We explore what can happen when we add in tape saturation and odd harmonics and how we can use this to our advantage in our mix.

    Lesson 14 : Multiple Modules

    We now start putting everything you've learned together in this full-track master example.

    Lesson 15 : Maximising

    Mark finishes off this Mastering with Ozone course with another example of a full track master session. He has dug out a very old mix which is a little lifeless and is in need of some 'magic' and level. 


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