Get Professional Mixes With Free Plugins

Learn how to create professional sounding mixes and masters using the best free plugins online.

By the end of the course, you will be able to easily identify and download incredible free plugins, and use them in your DAW to get great mixes.

  • 3 Hour Course - Any DAW

19 Lessons + 3 Bonus Lessons

FULL LIFETIME ACCESS - No subscription necessary!

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Learn to make professional mixes using the tools you already own

Quickly locate the best free plugins available online, avoiding the trashy ones!                                        

Discover how to master your tracks with free plugins to compete with commercial releases

Learn the fundamentals of mixing skills along with more advanced techniques - with free plugins of course!

Confidently understand and use EQ, compression and saturation plugins

Discover valuable mixing and production techniques that others take years to learn                                        

Total course length 3 Hours - 22 Lessons Of Production Skills

Course Modules

Module 1 - Introduction and Welcome

In this first Module, your tutor Sam welcomes you to the course and explains what you're going to be learning and what you can expect.

He moves onto what equipment you might need (really just a PC / Mac and a DAW) and then shows you his favourite websites where he gets top quality, free plugins. This is a real time saver as you are cutting out hours and hours of searching and downloading low quality plugins.

Module 2 - Rough & 'Top Down' Mixing

In Module 2, Sam explains the importance of starting with a general rough mix. This is where you get all your track volumes and pan pots roughly in the right place before proceeding onto specifics. He also gives you his 3 top tips for rough mixing. Moving on, he emphasizes the importance of referencing pro tracks to help you get radio ready mixes yourself. He finishes by showing you 'top down' mixing which amongst other things saves you CPU power.

Module 3 - Mixing Drums & Bass Guitar

Module 3 is all about mixing drums and bass with fantastic free plugins. Sam explains and demonstrates in detail several great tricks, for example adding presence to the drum buss with compression and EQ, brightening up the overheads, using parallel processing to add crunch and grit, how to split the bass audio into 2 parts and the benefits of processing them separately and also how to make way for the kick by side-chaining the bass channel. All with free plugins!

Module 4 - Mixing Guitars, Keys & Vocals 

In Module 4, Sam shows you how to bring the guitars to life with presence whilst giving them their own space in the mix. Using his own hand-picked free plugins, he utilizes EQ, compression and tape saturation to make them sound more polished and professional.

With the vocals, again he uses his favourite set of free plugins to correct tuning, add grit, reduce sibilance and to be creative. Sam finishes off with some parallel processing to further enhance the presence of the vocals.

Module 5 - Mixing FX and Automation

Next is the all important mixing FX such as reverb, delay and automation. Sam demonstrates the importance of having FX tracks to reduce CPU strain. He experiments with different reverb times and delay settings to find the best solution for the element in question, all the whilst explaining what he is doing and why. He then clearly shows how automating volume and reverb can transform a medicocre mix into a highly professional one. It stops elements getting lost and emphasizes the key hooks of the song.

Module 6 - Mastering and Bonus Lessons

In the final Module, your tutor Sam takes you through his personal selection of Mastering plugins that he uses on a regular basis. After emphasizing again how important it is to reference your mix with a commercial release, he proceeds to match the tonality of the reference track using EQ, compression, limiting, tape modulation and analogue sound emulator plugins. As a special bonus to this course, you'll have access to three extra lessons on EQ, Compression and Saturation along with cheat sheets. Great for beginners!

FREE Lessons From The Course


Watch Lesson 1 - Free

Get Pro Mixes With Free Plugins - Introduction:

Here your tutor Sam welcomes you and takes you through what you can expect to get inside the course and how it is structured.


Watch Lesson 11 - Free

Get Pro Mixes With Free Plugins: Mixing Keyboards and Tambourine

After mixing the drums and guitars, Sam shows what free plugins he uses to make the keyboards and tambourine stand out with more presence.


Watch Lesson 13 - Free

Get Pro Mixes With Free Plugins: Mixing Background Vocals

In this short clip, Sam demonstrates how to get the background vocals to sit better in the mix by using EQ and limiting (with free plugins of course!)

"Sam really knows this material and the course outline introduces the concepts in a good order"

Andy S.

"Very informative, interesting and easy to follow! Great value course"


Robin S.

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Sam Sharples has a passion for recording and mixing music. He holds an AVID Pro Tools User Certification, and specializes in producing Indie Rock. Music has been an integral part of Sam’s life since before high school. He learned at an early age that he was called by the Creator to pursue music with his life, and that’s what he did.

Throughout his life, Sam has pursued a wide variety of musical ventures, from worship leadership to solo classical performance, to teaching beginning music students. A common denominator throughout his career, however, is his drive to make permanent snapshots of music through recording and production. Sam has had formal training in piano, percussion, drum set, and voice, and holds a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Music Technology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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