Pro Production Techniques for Logic Pro X

This course is very easy to devour and was created to be a resource to help you produce professional music in Logic Pro X. If you want to take your Logic & music production skills to the next level, this IS the course for you.

By the end of this course you will be able to...

    • Produce more professional sounding tracks with a more creative, efficient and productive work flow

    • Create tracks that rival the Billboard top charting songs

    • Arrange your song with advanced production techniques

    • Make your drums 'KNOCK'

    • Use modern production techniques to set your beat and melodies apart from the competition

    • And much, much more!!

    • 60 Day Full Money-Back Guarantee

    • Download or Stream Now - it's up to you.

"Pro Production Techniques for Logic Pro X - Tutorial" was created to help intermediate to advanced level music producers take their beats to the next level.

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    Section 1 & 2: 

    Course Intro & Key Commands

    01 - Meet Joseph Evans your Pro tutor  03:35 FREE >>

    02 - Navigation "Key Commands" in Logic Pro X  03:02

    03 - Editing "Key Commands"  05:44

    Section 3: 

    How to Make Your Beats 'Knock'!

    04 - Kontakt 5 Sampler  06:21

    05 - Record Drum Patterns in Kontakt Sampler  03:47

    06 - How to Make Catchy Trap 808 Drums  06:15

    07 - Make Your 808 & Kick Drum Knock  03:12

    08 - Trap High Hats tricks using the Piano Roll (part 1)  06:01

    09 - Trap High Hats tricks using the Piano Roll (part 2)  05:00

    10 - Sequencing Tips  06:30

    11 - Using the Delay Effect  02:53

    12 - Sound Selection is Key  07:07

    13 - Change velocity and make interesting beats  03:55

        Section 4: Modern Production Techniques

        14 - Unlock Logic X's Advanced Editing Functions  02:20

        15 - Organise your tracks to improve workflow  03:05

        16 - Advanced Exporting Tips (Part 1)  07:48

        17 - Advanced Exporting Tips (Part 2)  06:01

        18 - Tape Stop Effect  02:19  FREE LESSON >>

        19 - Speed Up Tape Effect  02:11

        20 - Sidechain in 3 Easy Steps  07:57

        21 - Vocoding to Get a 'Daft Punk' Sound  10:50

        22 - Quickly Change Note Lengths for a Better Sound  03:49

        23 - Increase Your Efficiency Level  04:46

        24 - How To Free Up More Processing Power  06:05

        BONUS Section 5: 

        Tips for Arranging Your Song

        25 - Tracking Secret #1  02:05

        26 - Tracking Secret #2  04:45


          Joseph Evans Jr better known as EVAJ MUSIC is an ASCAP Accredited Music Producer, Composer, & Songwriter. His music is licensed to several major networks such as MTV, VH1, TruTV, Bravo, on shows such as "Real Housewives", "Love & HipHop Atlanta", "Fuse News", "Hardcore Pawn", and "Guy Court". He has also worked with several independent artists over the past 10 years.  

          He is a Full Sail Graduate and an active NARIP Member. Currently residing in Atlanta, GA. Joseph is actively pursuing licensing opportunities in film, television, games, and advertising.    

          "Enrol in one of my 18 courses on topics such as: Logic Pro X, Garageband, Audacity, Music Production, Mixing, and Music Theory and learn what it takes to develop your craft and polish your music." - Joseph


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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 1 review Write a review
          £48.00 £24.00

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