Ultimate Ableton Live Part 1 - Interface & Basics

Learning Ableton Live the right way: From the basics to the advanced, with Ableton Certified Trainer J. Anthony Allen.

You will not have another opportunity to learn Ableton Live in a more comprehensive way. By the end of this course you will be able to... 

    • Confidently navigate and understand every part of the Ableton Live interface

    • Work in the session view and arrangement view of Ableton Live.

    • Record audio into Ableton Live

    • Fully understand the signal flow of Ableton Live

    • Add automation, edit audio / MIDI, use quantize, etc

    • And much, much more

    • Access to Ableton Live is required. Using the 30 day trial would be a great way to start.

    • *** FULL LIFETIME ACCESS - No subscription necessary ***

    • Download or Stream Now - it's up to you.

Whether you’re a complete beginner who wants to start right at the beginning or a professional producer who would like to know all the hidden aspects of Ableton Live, this course will be massively beneficial to you.


    Section 2 - Navigating Live

    08 - Navigation in Live  04:41

    09 - The Main Sequencer Window (Arrangement View)  06:04

    11 - The Clip View Window  04:12

        Section 3 - Recording in Live

        13 - The Preferences: Getting Setup Correctly  08:45

        14 - The Browser: Finding What You Need  13:20

        15 - Live's Signal Flow  09:00

        16 - Recording Audio in Live  06:14

        18 - Session Deconstruction  06:22

        Section 4 - Editing in Live

        20 - Timeline Functions & Looping  10:24

        21 - MIDI Editing & Quantizing  09:54

        22 - Automation in Live  11:15

        23 - The Groove Pool  05:07

        24 - Session Deconstruction No. 2  08:46

        Wrap Up!!

        We have only just scratched the surface of Ableton Live so in the final video Jason Allen talks about where to go from here and what you can expect from the next tutorial in this series; 'Ultimate Ableton Live: Part 2 - Recording & Warping' which is a masterclass on recording audio and MIDI in Ableton Live.



          J. Anthony Allen is an Ableton Certified Trainer, and a PhD in Music Composition and master of Electronic Sounds. His music has been heard internationally in film, radio, video games, and industrial sound, as well as the concert hall and theatre. 
          He currently works as an adjunct professor of composition at the University of St. Thomas, Macphail Academy of Music, and the CEO of Slam Academy in Minneapolis. 

          Praise for other classes by J. Anthony Allen:

          "Dr Allen does it again with his music theory for electronic musicians series. This course really opened up everything I learned from the 1st section and now I understand more about the composition side of things for music. I highly recommend this course to anyone!!! Really opened my eyes to many things I wasn't aware of."

          "The best Teacher ever, who makes you understand the ins & outs of Music Theory by all means, without giving what you don't want to know."

          "I have never had any formal training in music at all. Trying to learn all the notes and how everything translated was a serious challenge. After going thru this class, Dr. J has totally brought down the barriers. The content was very useful and was easy to grasp for me."


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