Common Problems (Cubase)

I have no sound! Please help

I don't have 'Render In Place'


Set the loop region to the area you want to render.
Solo the track you want to render.
Go to 'File', then 'export', then 'Audio Mixdown'
In the drop down 'After Mixdown', select 'Insert into project'
Choose a name for it.
Hit 'Export Audio'.
You might need to position the audio correctly in your project after this.

I can't see any files in the right lower media zone

My MIDI note names (like A#, Eb etc.) are not showing

How do I get audio to fit my project? What is Musical mode?

All the wave forms look like a big block/mess and show no detail or transients

The compressor is not showing anything on the gain reduction meter

No automation panel?

Cubase Elements & Artist do not have the 'Automation Panel' so you can't 'show automation on write', but it's not a big problem. Once you have recorded in some automation, simply click the + button on the bottom left of the channel (in the project window) which shows the automation lanes. Normally the first lane shown is the volume automation but if you click the + at the bottom left of the automation lane the next lane will always show the newly recorded automation. If you record multiple automation's on one channel, keep expanding the automation lanes to view them.

I have grouped my tracks by mistake

I need to COMPLETELY uninstall Cubase/other Steinberg products and then re-install them. How do I do it?

We can only advise this for Windows PCs


Be aware this will remove any and all Steinberg products, not just Cubase!


In Windows, go to 'add or remove programs' in the start menu (just start typing it, it will show up). Scroll down and uninstall all 'Steinberg' entries that are there.

Next use file explorer to go to the following directories. In these directories you will find more 'Steinberg Folders'. Just delete any folder that has 'Steinberg' in the name. Do not delete anything else. Please note, some of these folders are hidden folders. To show hidden folders follow the instructions here


Potential Steinberg folder locations:

C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Local

C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Roaming


C:\Users\(your user name)\Documents


After this is done, Cubase and any other Steinberg related products have been removed from your computer. To reinstall, download the 'Stienberg Download Assistant' from HERE. Find the version of Cubase you are using and download the 'Full Installer' (it should be over 20GB). Once downloaded, install it and you should have a fully working fresh version of Cubase installed.


No audio in other apps when Cubase is running

Missing content / samples etc.

Clicks, dropouts and stutters on playback - processor overload

No sound when trying to audition samples in right zone

Logical presets greyed out or unavailable

General Questions

What makes Born To Produce different from other tutorial sites?

What a great question! Well, for starters we are very proud of our 'Start To Finish' tutorials where we take you from a complete blank canvas to a finished, polished, mixed and mastered complete track, in many different genres. Not many other sites offer this or the same level of detail! Also, we are genuine people who only want to help you. We offer honest support as much as we can and will never try to con you. We even respond to support queries on our evenings and weekends - that's how devoted we are! Try us out and you'll see why we have over 20,000 engaged users.

Do I need third party VST's like Nexus, Sylenth, Massive etc. to follow your courses?

In general, no. Most tutorials use ONLY stock instruments and plugins. We teach the fundamentals and principles of professional music production, not how to select a preset in Massive. However, you could use a different synth to what we use in the tutorial and this should not be seen as a barrier to learning; the whole point is to learn the key grounding skills and apply it to your own productions. Also, for the last few months we have been using the free synth Vital (just Google 'Vital synth') which is a fantastic sounding synth and is completely free, so we highly recommend you install that.

Do I need the latest software of Cubase, FL Studio etc to follow your courses?

Recommended, but not essential. You can use older versions of Cubase to follow along with the tutorials as the main focus is to learn the fundamentals of music production. You might miss out on a couple of great new features of Cubase but you will still gain a huge amount of useful information. If you are unable to follow along to a certain section of our tutorial we always include the final MIDI or audio anyway that we create. We still recommend watching that section so you get the gist of what's going on. Also, some tutorials come with a pre-setup template which may not load up in older versions of Cubase.

I have Cubase Elements, AI, LE. Can I still follow along with your courses?

For those using the free version of Cubase (AI or LE) we recommend that you watch our free course on Youtube (CLICK HERE). You can try and follow along in our other tutorials but we cannot completely guarantee you will be able to follow along all the way through, so it is recommended that to follow our other Cubase course that you upgrade to at least Cubase Elements.

We try to make our courses Elements friendly where possible. Of course there will be a couple of times where you don't have the particular function (like Vari-Audio) or synth (like Retrologue) but we always offer an alternative way of achieving whatever it is you need to do (like offer a free plugin or instrument that does the same job). We also always include the audio in the workfiles so at the very least, you can carry on with the lesson. The main point is that you want to learn about Cubase and music production, so missing the odd small feature here and there should not be seen as a barrier to your learning.

I've not bought from you before. Do you offer refunds?

As we provide instant downloads of our digital products we are unable to offer refunds of any kind. However we will consider each case on it's own merits and may offer to exchange for another of our products of equal value.

When is your support available?

We do our utmost to provide the best, the quickest and the most amazing customer support possible, 5 days a week Monday to Friday (and normally weekends too). We aim to respond to every email within 24 hours (usually much quicker!) where at all possible.

Please bear with us if you are in a different timezone to GMT London. As soon as we are out of bed we'll respond :)

Where do I enter the discount code you provided?

You enter the discount codes on the checkout page

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