Awesome course packed with easy to follow and understand information, I would recommend it to anyone who would like to know more about the mastering stage of music production, Slade Templeton is the man!

Luke Valvona - May 2017




I would definitely buy from you again!




Three weeks ago I purchased a FUTURE HOUSE course for FL. It was absolutely helpful for me! I did everything step by step but I also use own ideas and melodies. 

Erik "VAENZ" Simonak - April 2017


Your courses have lifted my skills to the next level and the information in your courses are like gold to me..before i found your website i only knew what Cubase is and that's pretty much it. But now i am actually producing my own stuff, i understand the mixing and mastering part and the most important thing - i have learned everything in just 2 months!

Actually, the courses are that good!

Morten M T - April 2017


Very well laid out Deep House course, easy to follow, learnt a lot thanks guys will be back for some more!

Glen Steere - April 2017


Hi Guys. I would just like to take this opportunity to say the tutorials are great.:)) Thanks.

Clive Brooks - April 2017


Thanks a lot for the tutorials, I'm just starting producing again after many years away so this is a massive help!

Jon Stanley - April 2017


Hi Jay and Jon, Your training has taken me to the next level!!!! I have watched the bootcamp and Drum n Bass full training and wow what an effect!!! Before i basically don't know anything about cubase but i wanted so much to do music. I am very glad that i found your trainings! I am a big fan now! And i believe that i will watch all your training because i believe i will be a pretty good producer after that.

Morten M T - Feb 2017


I have just come to the end of the Progressive House lessons and I found them very good indeed, and liked Jay’s friendly  teaching. It was good to see how a professional uses Cubase. I am really a beginner with it, and have tried reading the manuals. Now I feel inspired to go back to them with renewed vigour. Thanks for a stimulating course. I don’t think it could be improved any more. It was great to have the sample files as well.

Philip Taylor - Feb 2017


Keep up the good work...I have a couple of your tutorials and they help a lot thank you! 

Liam Psyvex - Feb 2017

Your cubase tutorials are great! I am new to cubase and I have noticed that there are not a lot of resources for cubase users. Keep up the good work!

Michael Sumrall - Jan 2017





I'm a long time musician but mixing is a whole other ballgame. So I recently bought the Mixing Electronic Music course and got some great tips and ideas that work and inspire! Explained in small chapters, easy to understand. Great value for money! Thanks J&J

Dreamwaves Studio - Nov 2016


Great tutorials for us Cubase owners (and others too). Learned me a lot that I didn't know before. Thanks guys!

Tommy Swee - Nov 2016


Thank you so much for your tutorials! They HAVE been a great help!

Clive Brooks - Nov 2016


Hi Jay and Jon, thanks for the great course! (Mixing) Already found some great tips about mixing low end and side chain. Overall very content with your teaching  so thank you very much….worth the investment.  

A V Elst - Oct 2016


I have completed all the lessons for the Euphoric Trance tutorial and learned lots. One aspect of your tutorials I really appreciate is you take time to explain why you are doing something, like trying to bring a channel forward, or brighten up the sound, or make it more full and wet. This helps me develop my ear and know what to be listening for.  

Bob Long - Oct 2016


I have to say the instruction videos you guys make are really good!! keep up the good work :) I definitely will be buying some more in the future!  

Peter Laponder - Oct 2016


The way you responded to fix my problem was marvellous, the picture quality is terrific. Your Bootcamp tuts are first class, well graded and friendly. I know that they will help me a lot. Much thanks again. 

Laurie Davis - Oct 2016


Learning lots from your Bootcamp tutorials. I particularly appreciate how you demonstrate what to listen for to create a good sound. Combining the technical "how to" with the artistic "what to do" is the magic combination! Keep up the fabulous lessons!  

Bob Long - Sep 2016


I purchased this product only a few days ago, and am very impressed with it. The tutorials are great, and explain everything, and their customer service is 10/10. I emailed them because I wanted a copy to download, and they got back to me within a few hours which is quite impressive. I definitely recommend this, it is a great product from a great site.  

Zaidyn Melrose - Sep 2016


You are to be congratulated for the amazing course on Mixing Skills which really has contributed a great deal to my previously basic production methods.  

Gerry Forster - Sep 2016


I cannot believe how comprehensive the Techno course is for a beginners tutorial. He explains everything from start to the very end and I have now learned how to finish and structure a track, not to mention no end of EQ and other mixing techniques. Cubase has so much to offer and I've learned so much about production! And what's more the price is ridiculously LOW! Get this course now.  

Jeff Bruges - August 2016


You guys are the best thing for all the help you have given me! You have been very instrumental to my musical life - Thank you!  

Robert Crawford - August 2016


Your Cubase beginner tutorials are EXCELLENT and so clear & easy to follow/understand whereas another one i looked at made we want to forget it all & just give up! So top marks to you! I'm a massive fan!  

Bill Readdy - July 2016 


I bought the mixing course. Well as with most of the tutorials I’ve purchased so far, I have enjoyed them for they are very comprehensive and spot on, so it’s all good there!  

Sergio Gomez - July 2016


Great tutorial (Bootcamp)..i loved it and it helped me answer so many questions i had as a newbie! thanks again for this awesome bootcamp tutorial!!  

John Martin - July 2016


I must say for nearly 12 years I struggled to finish a song and be happy with the results. Your Progressive House tutorials showed me not only how to approach production in a productive way, but also to compromise with the elements and move on to next one keeping the creativity as the sole act. Thank you Jay and Jon  

Fabricio Serrano - July 2016


I do like the way you present your tutorials which makes it easy and enjoyable to learn. I think I will be purchasing most of your courses over time. Well done to you both and hope this proves to be a success for you as it will be for those purchasing your courses!  

Malcolm Simmons - July 2016


Absolutely loving the tutorials you guys are doing! Great stuff :-)  

Karl Bush - July 2016


If you're just starting out or need a bit of help producing something you haven't done before, this course (EDM) is definitely recommended. It provides a real head start in terms of saving time, Before I came across your course/ lessons I spent hours making different sounds, asking other people, paying for studio time and searching on youtube. For me this course sped up the process of learning and allowed me to see 1st hand how it's done and work alongside the video putting it together as all the parts are conveniently supplied with it.  

Shane Askew - June 2016


After checking out other tutorials i took the plunge and bought this one to get me started with Cubase and Trance music and it did not disappoint. Very easy to follow and helpful. So helpful in fact I just purchased the Mixing skill set one too which is out of this world in shedding light on the part that has always given me the most difficulty to understand. Cheers guys keep it up. 

David Ferris - June 2016


If like me u find the whole mixing and eq'ing side of things the most confusing and frustrating to master this tutorial is invaluable. I find myself watching through it and suddenly thinking "oh so thats how thats done" and most of it is much easier than you would imagine with the great detailed help in this tutorial. Also for the price its a steal. thanks guys  

David Ferris - June 2016


This course (MIXING) delivers so much information and content for such a little price! This course is worth hundreds of pounds. I'm very pleased I jumped in (a little nervous at first), I'm actually only half way through the course but i'm learning so much - and it's ALL so useful, not filled up with junk. I HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone producing electronic music. Get this now folks. You simply can't go wrong.   

Alan Burns - May 2016


(MIXING) Wow! What a comprehensive and very detailed course! I'm now starting to use some of the techniques I've learned and my mixes are SOOOO much better already! Thank you so much. I'm off to do the course again.             

Jim Roder - May 2016


Hey Guys, thanks for the latest courses - awesome! They are very clear and detailed, even for us thick Aussies. No doubt I'll be back again!  

Chris York - March 2016


That's why you guys are the leading standard in Cubase tutorials. Not only do I love the way you guys make comprehensive and easy to follow tutorials, but you also go the extra mile for your customers! Nothing but compliments gents! Keep up the good work!  

John Hermes - March 2016


Thanks again for the courses, they are great! You guys are a blessing!  

Clive Brooks - Feb 2016


I am having a blast with your tutorials! Cubase is huge, full of features and terribly intimidating for me, but NO MORE thanks to you!  

Fabricio Serrano - Feb 2016


I am honestly impressed by your customer service! You are really a king in serving your clients and they should be happy. I am sure everyone feels your service well.

Ephraim Berkowitz - Feb 2016


Guys, that is an amazing free sample pack. Thank you so much. I've been going through your tutorials and they've been an immense wealth of knowledge so thank you greatly for that as well! Here's to a great future for BTP.            

Lukas Vokrinek - Feb 2016


I found the course easy to understand and to follow. The (almost) one on one style is perfect for anyone to grasp as you can learn at your own pace and take all the information on board. The simple but effective style of the song being taught is perfect for anyone to grasp so I felt like I wasn't out of my depth and could easily create a similar style track of mine own, thus achieving exactly what the course is there for.  

Mark Fuller - Feb 2016


I found the lessons professionally structured. After the free lessons I purchased a number of tutorials and found out a lot about Cubase and learned new production techniques. I could not be happier! -

George Freeman - Feb 2016


Love your courses! Very concise and helpful. 

Kevin Theodore - Feb 2016


I am so glad to have found your site! Learning by following what you are doing is a great way to learn Cubase. I have only just scratched the surface and am looking forward to learning more Cubase and production with you guys.    

Paul McIntyre - Feb 2016


Born To Produce has helped me to understand a lot of features of Cubase that I had under-utilized or completely ignored in the past. The "follow-along" style, complete with example session files that coincide with each video were instrumental in the learning process. Solid product! 

Chris O'Bray - Feb 2016


I did a course a few weeks ago and my production skills have improved 10 fold. I have been a producer for years but after this course it really identified some simple but damaging mistakes i was making and couldnt seem to get my mix correct. I now use the techniques i learnt on the course in every project i produce now.. well worth the money with lots of content for more than the project i payed for. So many transferable skills its untrue. Cheers guys.              

Mike Adams - Jan 2016


I had over 50 unfinished tracks on my computer, but ever since I bought Cubase Boot Camp from Born To Produce, I managed to complete my first house beat. Now I'm loving being in my studio making beats thanks to Born to Produce.

Sinky Rakgokong - Jan 2016


The courses (Bootcamp and Deephouse) I have viewed and followed are exceptional.
It literally is true, I can learn how to make good quality dance music, while learning Cubase at the same time which I think would have cost me hours in time and stress otherwise.
The teaching is clear and easy to understand also, for me brilliant glad I found you guys!  

Clive Brooks - Dec 2015


Your response time to incoming messages is always AMAZING !  

Alan Diverall - Dec 2015


I would like to thank you very much for the very nice and useful course. I've studied all of the 9 Lessons of the beginners course and it was so easy to understand.  

Ina Drohlsback - Nov 2015


The bootcamp course has changed my life (i'm a complete newbie to production).  

Wes Betts - Nov 2015


If you are new to music production the Bootcamp Course is a must. I am a complete newbie and these tutorials absolutely destroy all others tuts i have watched for the level i am at. If you are a beginner get this now... do it!         

Wes Betts - Nov 2015


The only thing you got wrong is the price. You should charge thousands of pounds for the knowledge you impart!  

Barry Connor - Oct 2015


I was looking for a course that just explains how to use it, and feel fortunate to have your courses that explain so much more. I am sure I will go on to buy every course you create.  

Barry Connor - Oct 2015


The course is excellent and really helpful for me. Well done on the material and your teaching method and style. I like the way you do a real track and so you learn it practically. It is much easier to learn techniques and the software this way.   

Kibria Hussain - Oct 2015


Let me say how pleased I am with the videos I have downloaded - they are superb.   

Barry Connor - Oct 2015


I am enjoying every course I've purchased! :) Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome tutorial on Retrologue. I have learned so much, and tonight I just made a pretty cool pad I called PD Dark Space. I knew some stuff about sound design already, but with your help, I've expanded my knowledge considerably, and I've also became much more musical. :)  

Oyvind Karlsen - Oct 2015


Thanks for the awesome services, fast replies and perfected tutorials!  

Pierre Schwartz - Oct 2015


Glad to have you guys at BTP teaching. I couldn't find anything better! 

Thomas Panser - Oct 2015


I used Born To Produce to learn the amazing program of Cubase. No other tutorials explain the program so well like the team of BTP. They explain it in depth with a lot of detail. Check it out yourself.  

Gerrit Swehla - Sept 2015


I have always wanted to produce dance music but didn't know how to begin. The tutorials EDM, Trance and Progressive from Born2Produce gave me the ins and outs on how to use Cubase for those types of dance music. B2P gives you everything you need to produce great music in Cubase and it is up to you to mix the ingredients and create great music. The tutorials are very well put together so it is clear HOW and WHY to use this great DAW for your own goals. I for one will follow you guys around because I am eager to learn much more about Cubase and its unlimited possibilities.  

John Hermes - Sept 2015


"I've been working with cubase almost every day for the past year. I got to a point where I didn't know what to do to take my productions to the next level. This course was exactly what I needed as I learned several unique approaches and tricks to step up my workflow, creativity and overall sound. Well worth the money and I look forward to taking more courses in the future"  

Thomas Godward - Sept 2015


"This is exactly what I need to learn Cubase properly. I have only looked at the first two parts of the course I purchased & already I have learnt a lot! You have set things out perfectly & easy to understand & I look forward to working through all your courses"  

Donna Williams - August 2015


"I'm really glad I bought your course. I did buy one from another site a while ago but it was very poor and more expensive! After so many months scratching my head and giving up, your videos have given me inspiration to push on!" 

Craig Mull - August 2015


"My productions have improved massively since subscribing to all of your tutorials. I had tried courses from lots of different places but never really settled with any. Yours are by far the best I have used. Simple to follow, great tips which can be applied across all genres and using any DAW. Your courses have brought punch, clarity, space and depth to my tracks. Your advice on getting organised has improved my workflow beyond anything I could have hoped for, this means I'm now working noticeably more quickly and efficiently. This in turn has allowed me to become more creative. I would highly recommend your courses to anyone!"

Gary Frank - July 2015


"I bought the course for several reasons: 1) Obviously to learn about progressive house  2) Your workflow  3) Effects and EQ  4) Mastering    I have to say mission accomplished! I have learned something new each lesson."  

Christian Roualt - July 2015


"The courses you guys have comprised are very easy to follow and contain more helpful information in one video than I have been able to find anywhere else. Keep up the good work"  

Arthur Garlic - June 2015


"Thanks Jay for your excellent customer service, I will recommend your courses to anyone who is serious about production as the courses are especially beneficial to cubase users, they are also helpful to anybody that would benefit from a basic knowledge of how songs are constructed. The step by step detailed videos is the best part. I have to share my personal experience with Jay, I was having trouble accessing the courses. Not only did he respond to my emails he assured me that he would rectify the situation, and as promised my courses arrived via email as stated I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again"  

Arthur Garlic - June 2015


I discovered BTP through a google-search for tutorials. Been kind of "stuck" for a while on how to proceed with my productions. I am now half way through one of the tutorials and I`ve learned so much already. There´s just so much useful stuff in there :) 

Atle Thomassen - May 2015


"Hi guys!... just wanted to say thanks for the videos!!..they were a great help and taught me stuff i didnt know how to do before and soooo much more!!..they are a great way to help us amateur producers in the right direction and save time doing bits which took me twice as long to do lol!! thanks for that!! :o) "  

Mark Lamberth - May 2015


"I purchased Born To Produce's Drum n Bass course a little while ago and have produced my first proper track which is sounding great thanks to your tutorial, so thanks for that ha!"  

Mark Fuller - April 2015


"The difference between my tracks now and my very first attempt (prior to watching the tutorial) is night and day - very pleased I invested now!"  

Steve Cullum - March 2015