Retrologue 2 Preset Bank
'Captain's Log'

Professional, Fresh and Ready-To-Go Presets For Retrologue 2

'This goes way beyond most other preset banks' Mike Kamanis, April 2016

Captain's Log is a high quality collection of 64 modern synth patches for Steinberg's Retrologue 2 VST Synth (which comes with Cubase Artist / Pro since version 8.5)  See demo video below..

'Captain's Log is a work of audio brilliance..' Jon Merritt, Feb 2016

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      What You Get:

      64 patches (in .vst and .au formats) including Bass, Leads, FX

      A help guide for installation (PDF)

      Advice on how to get the most out of the bank (PDF)

      A detailed guide to every single patch (PDF)

      Detailed tips and advice on music production in general (PDF)

      An real 'eye-opener' of what Retrologue 2 is actually capable of


      'Captains log is a work of audio brilliance, bringing together the lush warmth of Retrologue 2 with a functionality that surpasses most other preset banks. The presets are highly usable for many different genres and the base sounds provide endless tweaking possibilities for customization. Owen Palmer has put years of experience and more importantly passion into this bank, just watch the demo above and you will know that you need this bank in your life. Transform your existing productions or get ready to make some incredible new music, Captain's Log will provide inspiration for all. Just load up a preset and get tweaking!' - Jon Merritt


          About Owen:

          As an in demand dance music engineer, Owen's worked with a slew of outstanding underground artists from his London studio. After years of meticulously studying what makes a great production tick, Owen shares his most advanced and coveted techniques each month in Computer Music magazine. 

          'Retrologue 2 has a unique character of it's own. I've found it exceptional at producing powerful and expressive patches - certainly beating at least few very popular synths that are much higher priced.'  Owen Palmer - Creator of Captain's Log   



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