Useful Music Production Resources


In our music production journey we have come across many great resources (sites, videos and articles) that have helped us become better producers. As that is what we also want for you, we thought we would collate a super handy list for those of you who would like to further your music production skills.

Us... No joking, we put our hearts and souls, and all our collective knowledge into our tutorials. We think they are great, and luckily our students do to.


EDM Prod - These awesome people are super passionate about music production and sharing the knowledge. They have also linked to some of our beginner tutorials, which we thought was pretty cool of them ;)


Wirealarm Great beginners guide for newbies looking to get an insight into what it takes to become a music producer


Musician On A Mission Nice guide for people starting out in FL Studio


Mark Know Another useful list of music production learning links


Music Entrepreneur Nice site, nice guide on getting started creating electronic music for beginners


Equip Board Great article, good guide on starting out making electronic music




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