FL Studio Tutorial for Beginners

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Module 1 - Set Up, Drums, Bass & the Melody

If you already have FL Studio set up & working, skip to the next video (below).

In this first tutorial video, Alan takes you smoothly through the initial setup of FL Studio for people new to the software and shows you how to get ready for your journey into the world of music production in FL Studio.

2) Every great song deserves an awesome beat

In this second FL Studio tutorial video, Alan teaches you how easy it is to use the built in FL Studio sounds in the channel rack and arrange them into a drum beat that will get your feet moving and the energy pumping.

This is where things start to get fun as you actually start building the foundation of your track. Drums are the life blood of all electronic music, the energy they provide is essential to the feel of your track. Will it be soft and dynamic or thumping and fast? The direction is in your control.

3) Make your drum beats more exciting and vibrant

Alan takes you and your new drum beat into the playlist in FL Studio where you'll learn to put more spice and life into it. Alan shares a couple of top production tips to make this task quick and easy.

The third video in this FL Studio tutorial, teaches you to take your beat a step further, learning some top music production skills and expanding your knowledge of FL Studio's interface.

4) If the drums are the heartbeat of your track, then the melody is it's soul

In this fourth FL Studio tutorial video, Alan introduces you to some 'virtual instruments' within FL Studio and he'll teach you how to write your own kick ass melodies using them.

So you're going to learn a bit of basic music theory.. Don't be scared, it's super easy to grasp and Alan shows you how to get great results every time in easily repeatable steps.

5) It's all about the bass

In the fifth video of this FL Studio tutorial, Alan teaches you how to make an energy packed bassline that will perfectly compliment the melody you just made

Bass is synonymous with modern dance music and acts as the 'support' for the rest of your mix, it ties everything together and it's what provides all that dreamy warmth and power to our favourite tracks. Get it right and it will make the dance floor tick in any club around the world. Get it wrong and it's a different story.. Good thing you've got Alan to teach you how to do it right the first time.

6) How to approach your first mix

In this sixth FL Studio tutorial video, Alan teaches you about mixing and how you can make or break the track. You're going to MAKE IT with Alan's expert guidance!

Now it's time you spent some time finding a balance between all your awesome beats, melodies and bass lines. Mixing music is an art form that takes time to develop, here Alan breaks down mixing concepts to the basic fundamentals and makes it easy to understand for anyone. This lesson is a great insight into the concept of what mixing music really comes down to.

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If you thought the first 6 lesson where good wait till you see what is still to come!!



Course Modules

Module 2 - Getting a BIGGER sound and Adding Plug in FX

Things start to get really interesting in this module as you start to explore FL Studios' plug in effects. Alan takes you through the most essential tools and explains very easily how and where to use them to get the best results. Getting a BIG sound in your mix is essential to getting a good end result, Alan takes you effortlessly through how to acheive this with a combination of FX and layering.

Module 3 - Going Deeper into FL Studio

Diving deeper into FL Studio you will take the elements you have made and start to stucture them into the beginning of a track. You'll be learning about the built in FL Studio instruments and how to automate the filter cutoff and resonance to make your first breakdown and build up section. Learning how to create tension in your song is vital to keep the listener pulled into your track, here you'll learn all about it.

Module 4 - Stucturing the Chorus and Nailing the Drop

It's no good creating massive tension in your mix if you don't resolve it properly with a big drop. Here Alan guides you through the process of balancing the build up with the drop. You'll also learning about more advance sound design; creating custom 'build up' SFX from existing elements in your track. More stucturing is done as you complete the chorus and move onto the next break down.

Module 5 - Keeping Things Interesting as Your Track Evolves

One thing that new producers often find hard is keeping all the sections of their tracks sounding interesting as the song progresses. Alan is going to teach you all the tips and tricks he knows to make sure your listeners stay pulled in and riveted to your track. Your FL Studio skills keep improving as you learn more ways of making cool sounds and learning how to manipulate them.

Module 6 - Sound Design and SFX

This is a more indepth look at how to create your own sound FX in FL Studio. This could be a complex subject but Alan is a profesional sound designer and takes you through everything you need to know to make your own sound FX for your own songs. He'll also take you through his FREE sample pack you downloaded in the workfiles and show you how to use the samples in there to make some really interesting SFX.

Module 7 - Mixing, Mastering & Final Pointers

No-one will want to hear your song if it sounds like a mess, so it's really important to get the elements of your mix balanced together. In the remaining lessons Alan will show you how mix and master your tracks to give them a polished sheen that will play across all mediums. Using a variety of built in FL Studio plug ins, you'll learn to get the absolute best sound possible for your complete tracks in the mixing and mastering stage.

"Your Bootcamp tuts are first class, well graded and friendly. I know that they will help me a lot. Much thanks again".

Laurie Davis

Instant download after purchase and you are welcome to watch it online anytime in the Born To Produce >> MEMBERS AREA <<

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All the best - The Born To Produce Team


Alan Tukmatsev is an incredibly talented EDM producer and tutor from Estonia. He's been making music non-stop for the last 6 years and is always looking to push the boundaries of creativity in electronic music production. His exceptional attention to detail and his pristine production skills are evident in his music, which you can listen to HERE . Alan is an expert in FL Studio and his teaching style is very relaxed and clear. If you want to learn FL Studio and music production, you are in safe hands!        

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