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Cubase Tutorial


Cubase Tutorial


Cubase Tutorial For Beginners

Learn to make music in the latest version of Cubase, by following along step by step, and making a complete track from start to finish. On the way, you'll learn everything about Cubase and music production you need to make your own music, in any genre you like.

Watch the course overview for a more in-depth look at what you'll get out of the course, and listen to the track you will make

20 Lessons - 3 Hours

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The reason we get great reviews...

Cubase is an incredibly powerful DAW, capable of the highest level of professional music production. In order to learn it, you need a tutorial with the same level of professionalism, and teachers who are passionate about helping you become a better producer.


Our tutorials take months of planning and execution. Everything you are taught has the sole purpose of giving you the best learning experience and the greatest transfer of knowledge possible. Simple, powerful & fun.


Born To Produce is a Steinberg certified training centre

Course Structure

Course Structure

Module 1 - Getting Started

You'll get started with Cubase in the easiest way possible. Making a basic beat in the first lesson and adding to it as the tutorial progresses. Here you will start to learn how to navigate Cubase's interface, importing sounds and instruments, and editing them to create the elements of your track.


Module 2 - Chords & Melodies

Many people new to music production stay away from making their own chord progressions and melodies. Cubase makes this easy, and you will leave this module with a simple 'step by step' process, you can use in any project to come up with your own original chord progressions. Once you have this you can then use this as a musical framework to make many other musical elements for your track. This is not black magic, this is just easy to understand, simple, repeatable steps.


Module 3 - Effects & Instruments

There are a few really important plugin effects like EQ, compression, delay & reverb that are important, even at the beginner stage, so we focus on teaching the basic uses of these. The sounds in this song are all made using Cubase instruments, or a free instrument called Vital, which we show you how to download and install (this is one of the best synths around so totally worth it). All the samples, presets, and MIDI needed are provided with the tutorial, along with Cubase project files for every lesson.

Module 4 - Song Structure

By this point in the song making process, we have almost all the content that will make up the track. Now it's time to arrange it so they tell a great story. You'll go away from this with a clear idea of what 'good' song structure is and why creating tension and a sense of release in your tracks is so important in keeping the listener engaged with your music.


Module 5 - Recording

At some point in your production career you're going to want to record something for one of your projects, be it a random sample, a singer, or a guitarist. For those who are interested, you will learn how to record in Cubase, how to set up a mic and your environment to get high fidelity recordings, and how to process them to get the best possible performance. If you are not interested in recording, this module has been designed to let you skip it entirely should you wish.


Module 6 - Mixing

There is no doubt, mixing is considered one of the hardest things to master. Although we can't give you all the experience you need to become a professional in one tutorial, we can impart the knowledge and insights we have gained over the 20 years we have been producing. Giving you the knowledge that makes mixing as effortless as it can be. This art of effortless mixing is by far the most important thing you can learn, and it also means the mixing process becomes fun, instead of frustrating.

Check out the first 3 lessons of the course and see how easy it really is...


Download the free workfiles HERE


We hope the first 3 lessons were helpful. If you want to continue to learn music production in Cubase and finish the track you have started, please click the button and gain access to the remaining 17 lessons (over 3 hours) of Cubase and music production gold dust.


We keep the price of our beginner courses low so they are accessible to everyone. By making a commitment to yourself in learning Cubase, you are also supporting us, and enabling us to keep making these in-depth tutorials that help thousands of fellow earthlings around the world become better music producers.

Sold out
  • Instant Download
  • Cubase 'Elements', 'Artist' & 'Pro' compatible*
  • Only stock plugins and instruments used
  • Email support (less than 24 hour response time)
  • All audio, MIDI, and Cubase projects are provided
  • Made in Cubase 12, but compatible with Cubase 9.5 and upwards

*Not for Cubase AI or LE users (free version of Cubase). If you own Cubase AI or LE go HERE

What are you going to get out of it?


There is no way around it. If you want to get good at making music, you need to gain experience. When you follow our Cubase tutorial, that is exactly what you are getting, not just the theory, or someone explaining what each button does (when you have no context to understand it in the first place). On this course you get real, practical experience, that will actually help you make your own music.


Music Production Skills

It's all good learning about Cubase, but if you don't know anything about music production you will never get anywhere. In this course you learn music production skills at the same time as learning about Cubase. Not only that, but you learn them in a linear fashion, which is the same as when you work on projects in the real world. This approach is far more effective than traditional training methods.


In this course you'll gain many inspiring ways to help you make your own music, including the steps required to get you there. Everything from coming up with melodies, to chopping up loops to creating your own original beats. The possibilities are endless and you'll go away with a load of easy to repeat ideas that you can use in your own tracks.



There is nothing quite like the satisfaction felt when you complete a song. In each and every lesson, you will progress as a music producer, and add more and more to your track until it is complete. Going from the basics of creating a beat, creating a melody, arranging your track into a full song, learning to record vocals & guitar, and mixing all of it together is something YOU CAN achieve, even as a complete beginner


Jon Merritt (producer, tutor & co-founder of Born To Produce) has been making tunes for over 20 years and has been teaching for the last 10 of them. In his career, he has come to grips with many genres of modern music from Hard House to Downtempo.

His skill in music production has been crafted over many years of self taught experimentation and learning from other producers at the top of their game. He has tried almost every angle on most production techniques, so when he teaches you something you know it has been tried and tested, and refined. He is always willing to learn new skills / software that further the goal of music production.

Get in contact any time to give feedback, ask for help, or just say hello. Use the contact form HERE



Ask a Question
  • Hey I just completed this course and am a HUGE fan of it! It was super helpful! My question regards the sound effects (the risers, clap, kick…etc). Am I able to use these in my own projects too?

    Thank you! If you have time please leave a short review towards the bottom of the sales page. Yes you can use those samples no problem :)

  • Hi, Since it's a 5-hour course and the software is big and almost overwhelming, Just wondering is it enough or there is an advanced course after this one? Thank you :)

    Hi there. We do have more advanced courses for Cubase. They are the red ones on this link  Enjoy!

  • Porque no hacen un curso de cubase , si no es en audio español , si en subtítulos en español ,¿ podrían estudiar la idea de subtitular lo en Español? Muchísimas gracias

    Hola. Tradujimos un curso hace unos 2 años que es caro, pero no tuvimos mucha respuesta. No es bueno económicamente para nosotros. Lo siento mi amigo.

  • On Lesson 12 on Automation, an example for doing the automation with the Tyrrell pad is not given. What is the equivalent cutoff button in the tyrrel gui to that of the retrologue shown in the video??

    Hi. Sorry it wasn't clear. In lesson 7 we show the cutoff fader which is the left most fader in the filter section. This is the control you are looking for. BTP

  • Hi, We have just done the first 4 lessons and loved them, and want to buy the rest. Does the course have to be downloaded on a laptop? We have a problem having a video open on the laptop while Cubase is running - keep getting messages about audio already being used? We have therefore been watching your YouTube videos on an ipad while using Cubase on the laptop. We only have one laptop, available, which runs the Cubase, so not sure how we would view your downloaded videos? Not bothered about the video continuing to run while working on cubase - quite happy to flick between them. Many thanks.

    Hi, thanks for your interest. You can download the course videos to any device you like. The videos run better with the VLC software installed but they may work with any video player. You can download to more than one device as well if that helps. You just need to unzip the download file which you may need a free app from the app store. Enjoy!

  • Does this Cubase tutorial also apply to the Nuendo 11?

    Hi, the course is designed specifically for Cubase beginners to get them started in music production. Nuendo is more for film sound and putting picture to music. There are many similarities though so if you are a beginner yourself it may be useful. But it's not designed for Nuendo users. Thanks.BTP

  • this tutorial will work OK with Elements 10.5?

    Yes, Elements version is fine. Not the free versions LE / AI though. Enjoy.

  • Hi, Can I replay lessons many times? Also can I pause, rewind etc? I feel I will probably need to Thanks, Raj.

    Yes as much as you like. You download the lessons and they are yours.

  • I really enjoyed the free youtube classes, do you have any Cubase course options with subtitles in Portuguese like I can activate on youtube?

    No, sorry there are no subtitles with our courses. Best wishes.

  • All tutorials I've bought have been great!! I see that you in this tutorial has the same situation az me since I upgraded to 11. I get no hair-cross showing the frequency as i hover the mouse over the channel eq display. Is there any way to get it back???

    Yes weird! It works when you click and drag and it works on Studio EQ etc but no hover on channel EQ. hmmm...

  • I am a complete beginner in this, though I have 35+ yrs of computer experience, so the idea of working with the graphical interface doesn't bother me at all, but I am clueless LOL. I have this program because it came with the Zoom H4N Pro recorder, which I have been using in my music training. My primary focus is not building music with samples, beat, etc., per se, but in bringing the MTR and stereo and 4CH .wav files in from the Zoom and getting them to a finished product, one "song" at a time. Is Cubase what I need for this? Can I bring in tracks that are already recorded on the Zoom? If so I think I will very likely purchase your training program. Thanks for what you do and I welcome any guidance and/or advice. I look forward to hearing from someone.

    Hi. Yes Cubase can do all of that. However it seems you have the 'free' version of Cubase called LE or AI? This version is quite limited as you'd expect so there are going to be times when you don't have the feature you need, although it's a great place to start. You may wish to check out our free lessons on LE / AI first -

  • Hi, the course works for CUBASE 10 LE AI ELEMENTS or would be no point to do it with this element version ?

    Hi. Yes you can follow along with Elements version but not really if you only have LE or AI.

  • If I download the Cubase Ultimate Beginner Course to my laptop am I then able to copy them to my Android Tablet? Having looked at your sample lesson I found it a great help to view the lesson on the tablet whilst working on Cubase on the laptop. I learnt more from your free lessons than I did from the Cubase manuals.

    Yes that sounds like a good way of doing it. If you can find a way to transfer the videos over that's no problem with us. Alternatively you can download twice - once to laptop and once to tablet.

  • My DAW IS only cubase element 10 if i purhase,what is your recomended for me?

    Elements 10 is fine for the beginners 10.5 course (you also get the beginners 10 course free). You will be missing some synths and plugins in Elements but we do suggest alternatives.

  • Hello. I have just purchased the 'Cubase 10 Ultimate Beginners Tutorial'. There is two courses . One for Cubase 10 and one for Cubase 10.5. Is there much difference between these two tutorials? And which one would be best to start with?

    Hi. They essentially teach the same things but with different songs. If you have 10.5 then start with that one but it doesn't matter.

  • Hello there, i have a Simple question which is , for how long will the discount for the cubase 10.5 beginners & intermediate last? Thanks for answering:)

    We are not sure - probably a few more weeks :)

  • when purchased are the videos downloaded or they are online? I rather downloaded videos i can access at anytime or skip to any part in the course.

    Hello , they are downloaded and yours to keep for life.

  • Hi. I have just bought your Ultimate beginner course for Cubase 10. I am having a problem, and I´m not sure if it´s me or what that is the problem. Everytime I open one of the lessons Cubase opens it with no audio Outputs. So I have to go into the "Audio Connection" and Active the Outputs each time. This don't happen when I open other Project files. Am I missing something or is it a bug?

    It sounds like a bug to me. Not heard of that one before. Best wishes, BTP

  • I am 72 yrs of age. The 4 lessons in you tube and others do not mention small details of how to navigate. Are the ones for purchase more informative than what is available on you tube? Thanks.

    Hello. This is the most basic course we have and is designed for complete beginners. We teach you Cubase at the same time as making a track and we teach the buttons and functions when they are needed. We are not quite sure what you mean by does not show 'how to navigate'. The rest of the videos are in the same style. Best wishes.

  • I am brand new to recording and to CUE 10.5. Not going anywhere on my own. Which course should I get for a BEGINNER just getting started? JD

    Our Beginners course id perfect for you.

  • which cubase 10.5 are you using in the course? AI, LE, Elements or Artist & Pro? which one I should buy? whats the difference between all of them? Thanks

    Hi, We use Pro but we make the course Elements friendly. For comparison of versions, go here

  • Hi. If I buy the course (Cubase 10.5 Tutorial, lessons 5-22) do I get a download link and pw, or will a physical box (like on the pictures) be send to my home address? (I am travelling at the moment, difficult to receive goods)

    Sorry for the delay (app not working properly) - you will receive a link to download the product. It is not a physical product.

  • Hello.. Awsome course. I’m a relativ beginner in Cubase. Been doing some recording for a while, but never quite understood how to get good basic mixing. This will definitaly help me alot understanding the basics. I’m now at video 5 in the course. And you are making a Groove Agent track. Then you choose a drumtrack witch i don’t have in my Cubase Elements 10.5. Where do i find/get this? Is there any more sounds witch i don’t have in my version of Cubase in this course? Thanks alot!

    Hello. Glad you are enjoying the course. We only use the basic drum kits that come with Cubase, but perhaps you have less drum sets because you are using Elements. Try going to the Steinberg website to see if you can purchase expansion kits. If not, just choose a different drum set and find something similar. Best wishes. BTP

  • hello but when it will be possible to have video tutorials in Italian since you also buy here ,, I personally have already purchased tutorials but sincerely see only the videos and not understand anything is not beautiful ,, spewro you can find a solution thank you I wanted to buy other tutorials for cubase 10.5 but the language problem remains Greco Mario

    Hello. We are sorry. We have tried to translate courses into Spanish and German so far and they do not sell many. It costs a lot of money to have them translated. So we are sorry our courses will be only in English.

  • Hi guys, i have cubase 9.5 artist and want to learn that from beginning. I am beginner and dont know anything about it. So any tutorials for cubase 9.5 artist.

    9.5 is very similar to 10 and 10.5 so the best course is our Ultimate Beginners course here >

  • Hi Guys - I've got Cubase Artist 9 and want to get to grips with using it mainly for voiceover work and (hopefully) recording my guitars, bass and keyboard. What course do you recommend for showing me the absolute basics and specifically setting up Cubase to record one or more tracks in mono. Can I create a 'voiceover template' so I don't have to keep changing settings from stereo? I hope this makes sense. Many thanks - Mike

    Hi Mike, this course is perfect as it shows you how to set up inputs and record and lots more

    To save as template, go to File > save as template . Hope this helps buddy.

  • Hello, if I buy the course wil I get the video course via download or just login pasword to certain internet page to access? If so how long does the access last? Thank you Best regards Jiri

    Hi Jiri - you get to download the course and is yours to keep for life :)

  • Once I purchased the course, do I get to keep the videos permanently?

    Yes absolutely! Sorry for delay

  • Hi, does these video have time limit so that I have to watch all of them in certain period of time?

    No time limit whatsoever :)

  • I am a complete beginner when it comes to Cubase and DAW's in general, my question is does this course show you have to set up your keyboards to be able to use them in Cubase? I have the following: Korg Krome, Novation Impulse and Komplete 32 I also have two electric guitars which I would like to use.

    Hi , no we don't but some of that is covered in this 6 video free series

  • Hey dear tutors!!! I really want to buy your course but.. the problem is I only have cubase elements!!! For now I can't afford pro or artist version... can I follow your course completely with elements?

    Yes you can still follow along in Cubase Elements, no problem. We have crafted the tutorial so that even if we use something that is not available in Elements you will still be able to continue on all the way through. Also, we made a small series of videos that show you some really cool FREE plugins that will help make Cubase Elements a bit more like Artist & Pro. You can check out the playlist here

  • hello. i paid 23.33 (21 euros plus tax) euros by paypal June 8 2019, now confirmed by bank, but i have not been able to download the beginner cubase 10 course. Will you send me an email with download instructions please?

    Hi Philip, we have responded to you by email. BTP

  • The Cubase10 beginner course.. If I buy it what do I actually get.

    Hi. You get all the video lessons, cubase project files and any audio and presets used. You also get last year's 9.5 course free too!


    Hey. Yes you can contact us anytime through the contact form on the support page or just email We always answer with in 24 hours (usually much quicker). We’re happy to help in anyway we can. Thanks

  • es subtitulado al español

    Hola. Estamos pensando en tener el curso traducido al español con subtítulos en español. Serán uno o dos meses si lo hacemos.

  • any tutorials based in using midi and an external keyboard ?

    Hello and thanks for your question. We don't have a specific course on MIDI and keyboards yet but that's a good idea and we'll add it to our list.

  • Hi. I'm an amateur musician - love to do covers and some of my own stuff, with my own vocals, guitar, electronic piano, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, etc. My son bought me Cubase 9.5, hoping I'd use it to create tracks with multiple instruments, maybe even harmonizing. I'm at least as interested in how to record my own music, as I am in using Cubase's synthetic stuff. In looking at the course description, it's not at all clear that I'll be able to learn how record my own voice and instruments. Can you clarify?

    Hi Jerry, No, the best course for you if you want to learn how to record your own voice and instruments is our Cubase Recording and Mixing course here

  • video con lingua o sottotitoli in italiano

    No I'm sorry it's English only.

  • Hi, I came across Cubase 9.5 Ultimate beginners videos - but only saw 4 I think. Anyway, on the link to these videos it has taken me to a Cubase 10 course. I only have Cubase 9, but did find the videos I watched very interesting. Can you please tell me if there's a course on 9 or has it been superceded by Cubase 10 being released. Also, can you re-watch the videos more than once. Thanks.

    Hi Pamela, When you buy the Cubase 10 course you get the 9.5 course as well absolutely FREE :) Also you will get an immediate download link after purchase so the videos are yours to keep forever. 

  • I'm not having trouble recording, that was easy but I have tried to burn cd's and down load to USB my song's but so far unsuccessful, what do I do ? Thank you.

    OK so in Cubase, highlight the entire project in the top timeline (like 1 big loop section) and then go to File > Export > Audio Mixdown and choose your options (WAV 16bit 44.1). Then you will have a final stereo file ready for CD or USB. 

  • cubase 10 / hi I buy this course now, but can I get subtitle? / and I can't see the chord name on my cubase, I mean ex) lesson 5, 04:51 there is a name of chord like A#2, C#3 but in my cubase there isn't . , can I fix it? thank you.

    Hello. Unfortunately we do not have subtitles on our videos. And to see chord symbals just zoom in more vertically into the MIDI and they will appear. Hope this helps. 

  • Hi guys, What version of Cubase 10 are these tutorials made using? Artist? Cheers, F.

    Hi. They were made with Pro but are mostly Artist and Elements friendly. We do use Vari-Audio for pitch correcting and Retrologue for sound design. If you don't have Retrologue then just use a similar sound from Halion. :)

  • I'm new to Cubase and got the cubase 9.5 as a package deal when I purchased my Yamaha MG10XU mixer. I'm having a hard time with monitoring while recording and was hoping maybe someone could help me out. lets say I start out on track one. everything is going well until I try to record track two, the audio from track one 'bleeds' into track two. I have tried just about everything but just cant seem to figure it out. pleeeeese help!

    OK, when recording only have the record enable button clicked (red dot) and monitor button (orange loudspeaker symbol) on the desired track only. Then do the same on track 2 but make sure track 1 are both deselected. Does this help? If not please send a video of the problem to info (at) borntoproduce (dot) com

  • Hi. I just purchased the Cubase 9.5 Ultimate Beginners Tutorial. Based on your free lessons and all the great feedback, I'm sure I'll learn a lot and enjoy the course very much. However, please clarify something for me... Throughout the presentation on your sales page for this course, you reference a total of 24 lessons. I only see 20 lessons (numbers 1-20) in my download, plus the reference/source material. Am I missing files? Has the course been changed? Please explain, thank you. Kind regards, John

    Hi John, Some of the lessons are split into Part 1 and Part 2 etc but there should be a total of 24 video lessons. Hope this helps and enjoy the course :)

  • Hi! I have Cubase 7.5. In your tutorial (Cubase Beginners Course 15-Comping the vocal) you use Reder selection to create one Audio track (after you have chosen the best parts of the lanes). How can I do this in Cubase 7.5? Thank you!! By the way, your tutorials are great!!

    Thank you! OK so you can solo the desired tracks and then highlight the desired area at the top in the timeline. Then go to File > Export and choose Wav or mp3 etc. Tick box at bottom to bring the new audio back into the audio pool or a new track. We hope this is how 7.5's been a while since we used it. 

  • I've used Cubase (most recently Cubase 6) in the past, but never really learned much in-depth stuff to really excel. I write & record my songs ... and now that I have Cubase 9.5. I would like to really learn it thoroughly. I don't mind starting at the beginning, because there are always even little things to learn that I didn't know before. Do you have any "in-depth" tutorials that I could purchase? I'm thinking that I should probably go ahead and start with you "Ultimate Beginners" tutorial, because Cubase 9.5 has me totally confused. Even though I record all my tracks, I'm sure there are good things to learn from how to make electronic music. I am also interested in some type of tutorial for HALion 6, which I have ... and HALion Symphonic Orchestra Thank you, Bobby Lee

    Hello Bobby! Yes we recommend you take the Ultimate Beginners Course first.This will take you through making an electronic track with live vocals from start to finish and is the best introduction to Cubase 9.5. Then after that, we have a course coming out in about 2 weeks time which teaches you all about setting Cubase up for recording live instruments and the recording and mixing process too. The track that we make in the course actually got released on Spotify and iTunes.

  • How is the course Cubase for beginners 9. delivered to me? Computer Instant Download, disks sent in US Mail? etc. How long for delivery to USA/Florida?

    Hi, all our courses are delivered with instant download links or stream options. Sorry for the delay - app not working properly

  • Hi - I have Cubase LE AI Elements 10. Would this course be suitable for me, or have there been too many upgrades in Cubase 12? Thanks.

    Hi, you would find it useful for sure, but that version is also quite limited in terms of features. Maybe start with these free videos first and see how you get on. The upgrade from 10 to 12 won't be that much probably.

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