Cubase Tutorial Beginners Bundle

Cubase Starter Pack

Get started quickly in Cubase with all the tools and tutorials that you need.

Included in this comprehensive kit is the No.1 (Youtube & Google) 'Ultimate Beginners Tutorial'.

Full Groove Agent tutorial.

A full template and preset pack for Cubase (adding over 51 Presets & 27 FX Chain Presets).

A big sample pack full of high quality and super useable royalty free samples.

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  • I recently took your free online Cubase10 classes (1-4). I then went on to purchase your beginners training classes and one other training pack for groove training. When taking class 4 there are references to a set of VSTi that are needed to fully duplicate Jon’s track which supposedly included on audio files that come along the class. The only audio track included in the pack of classes I purchased were on class 5, however, the VSTi s J9n references were not in this directory after I unzipped the files. Any suggestions as to where I can locate and download these?

    Hello :) In Lesson 4 we refer to our House Tools 1 sample pack and we do give the samples we used in the course free with the downloadable workfiles. When the zip file is unpacked you should see an audio folder with all the required samples and audio in there. If your problem is not resolved please email me (Jay) at info (at) borntoproduce (dot) com and we'll help you there. All the best. J

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