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Cubase Tutorial


Cubase Tutorial


Cubase Tutorial For Beginners

Learn to record and mix music in the latest version of Cubase, by following along step by step, and making a complete track from start to finish. On the way, you'll learn everything about Cubase and music production you need to make your own music, in any genre you like from rock to pop.

Watch the course overview for a more in-depth look at what you'll get out of the course, and listen to the track you will make

22 Lessons - 4 Hours

The reason we get great reviews...

Cubase is an incredibly powerful DAW, capable of the highest level of professional music production. In order to learn it, you need a tutorial with the same level of professionalism, and teachers who are passionate about helping you become a better producer.


Our tutorials take months of planning and execution. Everything you are taught has the sole purpose of giving you the best learning experience and the greatest transfer of knowledge possible. Simple, powerful & fun.


Born To Produce is a Steinberg certified training centre

Course Structure

Course Structure

Module 1 - Getting Started / Drum Beat

After a quick check of your settings, your tutor Jay will guide you through making a 'real' sounding drum beat with the in-built drum machine in Cubase called Groove Agent. Although the beat you make is basic to start with, you will add drum fills later on in the course, and also add little human touches such as velocity and timing, so that your drums sound more authentic. This module will get you used to Cubase's interface, before you start importing sounds, recording audio and creating virtual instruments.


Module 2 - Recording

You've bought Cubase and this tutorial to learn how to record instruments right? Good - so in this 2nd module, you'll learn exactly that. You will learn about microphone polar patterns and microphone placement when recording an acoustic guitar and vocals. You'll learn how to plug in and record an electric guitar too, and how to record multiple takes of these instruments. We 'll also talk about the recording environment with handy tips on trying to lessen reverberations and recording a clean sound. Later on in the course you will learn how to mix all of your audio recordings together, so they each have their own space and clarity.


Module 3 - Virtual Instruments

Cubase doesn't just come with the important mixing tools such as EQ, compression, delay & reverb. Oh no, it also comes with many virtual instruments, which are like real instruments but in software form. Why are these virtual instruments great to have? Well, what if you don't have access to a bass guitarist, or you don't own a synthesizer, or a drum kit etc? In this module, you'll learn how to load up the amazing Halion virtual synth, which comes free with Cubase, and program in some easy chords using Cubase's very helpful 'chord pads' feature. You'll also create a simple riff which will sit in the background of your mix and provide a further melody. On top of that, Jay will show you where to download a free Bass guitar plugin, for people that are not bass players, and you'll learn how to program in a bassline melody that sounds like the real thing, which you can use in all your projects going forwards.

Module 4 - Song Structure

Song structure, or song arrangement is extremely important in keeping the listener engaged throughout the entire song, but is often overlooked. In this 4th module, you will learn the importance of having different sections in your track, what role those sections play and how to make certain sections (such as the chorus) stand out. The last thing you want is for the listener to get bored and switch over to a different song. Increasing and decreasing the energy, and using the push and pull technique is vital in successful song writing.

The goal is not only to keep the listener engaged, but also keep them coming back for more.


Module 5 - Organising & Comping

After some recording sessions you can be left with an absolute tonne of recorded audio scattered all over your project window and you haven't got a clue where to start. Fear not, Jay shares his traffic light system for organsing and structuring all the different takes and after that, teaches you how to audition them, to not only find the best takes, but also how to stitch them together to make the best finished take possible for your track. This way you can be sure that your track is of the highest quality.


Module 6 - Mixing & Mastering

In this final module, you will start to learn what is probably the hardest skill to master - mixing. Although we can't give you all the experience you need to become a professional in one tutorial, we can impart the knowledge and insights we have gained over the 20 years we have been producing. We give you the knowledge that makes mixing as effortless as it can be, and we provide as many tips and tricks as we can possibly cram into this tutorial.

Keeping mixing simple and making it easy for yourself is key, and this starts with the best possible recordings. You will learn how to use EQ, compression, reverb, delay, panning and distortion to help the elements in your mix reside in their own space and be clearly heard. You'll learn how to think in a 3D mixing space and in addition to this, Jay will teach you some basic mastering techniques too. Getting your track up to a comparable loudness with commercial tracks is vital if you want to compete and not be left by the wayside. 

Check out the first 5 lessons of the course below (free)


Download the free workfiles HERE


We hope the first 5 lessons were helpful. If you want to continue to learn music production in Cubase and finish the track you have started, please click the button and gain access to the remaining 17 lessons (over 3 hours) of Cubase and music production gold dust.


We keep the price of our beginner courses low so they are accessible to everyone. By making a commitment to yourself in learning Cubase, you are also supporting us, and enabling us to keep making these in-depth tutorials that help thousands of fellow earthlings around the world become better music producers.

  • Instant Download
  • Cubase 'Elements', 'Artist' & 'Pro' compatible*
  • Only stock plugins and free instruments used
  • Email support (less than 24 hour response time)
  • All Audio, MIDI, and Cubase projects are provided
  • Made in Cubase 12, but compatible with Cubase 9.5 and upwards (updated for Cubase 13)

*You can follow along in Cubase AI or LE (free versions of Cubase) but some features may be missing.

What are you going to get out of it?


There is no way around it. If you want to get good at making music, you need to gain experience. When you follow our Cubase tutorial, that is exactly what you are getting, not just the theory, or someone explaining what each button does (when you have no context to understand it in the first place). On this course you get real, practical experience, that will actually help you make your own music.


Music Production Skills

It's all good learning about Cubase, but if you don't know anything about music production you will never get anywhere. In this course you learn music production skills at the same time as learning about Cubase. Not only that, but you learn them in a linear fashion, which is the same as when you work on projects in the real world. This approach is far more effective than traditional training methods.


In this course you'll gain many inspiring ways to help you make your own music, including the steps required to get you there. Everything from coming up with melodies, to chopping up loops to creating your own original beats. The possibilities are endless and you'll go away with a load of easy to repeat ideas that you can use in your own tracks.



There is nothing quite like the satisfaction felt when you complete a song. In each and every lesson, you will progress as a music producer, and add more and more to your track until it is complete. Going from the basics of creating a beat, creating a melody, arranging your track into a full song, learning to record vocals & guitar, and mixing all of it together is something YOU CAN achieve, even as a complete beginner


Jay Hales (Tutor & Co-Founder of Born To Produce) has produced in most genres over the last 20 years, as well as successfully DJ'ing across many countries throughout Europe. He writes music for TV companies and makes his own personal music in a wide range of genres.


His attention to detail, knowledge and clear teaching style make him the perfect person to learn your music production skills from. He is super approachable so feel free to get in contact with him and ask a question. He is also open to feedback and always looking for ways to improve and offer even more value for money.

Get in contact any time to give feedback, ask for help, or just say hello. Use the contact form HERE

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