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  • Hi, I’m new to this, I bought your pro logic beginners course,, and I’m currently working through that. I only have a Mac running pro tools so, getting to my question are there a series of courses I could benefit from on this software in the platinum bungle. Many thanks

    Hi and thank you for your question. We have a number of 'any DAW' courses but nothing specifically for Pro Tools. Our courses will teach you fundamentals of music production and also making tracks from start to finish but we recommend you are familiar with your own DAW first.

  • For how long is the platinum bundle 50 % offer

    All the time :) Enjoy!

  • hi if ineed to start from level 1 in logic pro what your options and advise ihave to follow to get the benifit from borntoproduce,imean istart with killermelodies ordrums .. Thank you

    Hi. There is no specific sequence to take the courses in. If you would like to know about writing melodies and chords then take the Killer Melodies course first. If drums are your weakness or mixing then take those. They all start off for beginners and get more advanced as the course progresses. The yellow, green and pink colour courses are for any DAW. Note - there are no Logic specific courses at the moment.

  • Are the bundles only for Cubase? Not for FL Studio?

    Hi, yes that's right. It's because our FL courses are done by a third party and also they are already a low price. Best regards.

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