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Learn how to master your song without paying expensive studio rates. This is a guided step by step course by PRO Mastering Engineer Slade Templeton on how to master your tracks at home. Delve in and discover the fantastic results that can be achieved with today's plugins.

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Learn to Master your own tracks with step by step guidance from a Professional Mastering Engineer.

Get better mixes by understanding how the mastering stage ties in with the mixing stage

Learn the secrets of how the pros get such loud masters without distortion or losing dynamics

Discover different types of compression throughout the mastering process and when to use them

Use subtractive, lift and mid/side EQ to balance your master

Learn what frequencies can have added warmth and should be in mono

Use mastering to embellish the emotion in your tracks

BONUS : Watch our professional Engineer master a client's track with full commentary      

Total course length 2 Hours 10 Mins - 15 Lessons of Pro Mastering Skills

Course Modules

Module 1 - Foundational Knowledge & Approach (Vids 1-3): 

After a short intro we'll look at exactly what Mastering is and what is expected from the Mastering process. We then move on to explain the best way how to prepare your track prior to Mastering, to ensure you get the best possible result from mastering. In the third video we show you the best way to set up your project on your DAW and talk you through the optimum settings.

Module 2 - Subtractive and Mid/Side EQ (Vids 4-5):

The first part of the Mastering process is to listen through a few times and detect any problematic resonant frequencies. Slade then demonstrates how to effectively use subtractive EQ to tame these frequencies and achieve a more balanced mix, before going into the compressors. A compressor won't be as effective if it's receiving spikes from problem frequencies. Slade also explains what mid/side EQ is and when to use it.

Module 3 - Compression (Vids 6-7):

The next piece of the puzzle is compression. Now that corrective EQ has been applied, the next job is to start balancing out the levels of the different frequency bands with multi-band compression. This helps to gel the track together. Slade explains oversampling and how to set your crossover points when deciding on your bands. He then moves onto stereo compressors and explains the 4 main types and when to use them.

Module 4 - Additive EQ & Saturation (Vids 8-9): 

Sometimes a track will need EQ added to it as opposed to subtracting it (see Module 2). For example lifting up the high end to give the mix some sparkle. What better time to add this EQ when natural harmonics have just been added at the previous compression stage. If done correctly, these harmonics can be boosted to good effect. Slade also explains the benefits of adding warmth and excitement via saturation to acheive the desirable analog sound.

Module 5 - Limiting, Dithering & Metering (Vids 10-14):

After explaining what limiting is, Slade shows you why he often uses 3 different style limiters in a chain and the purpose and settings of each one. He then makes the complicated subject of Dithering and Sample Rate Conversion very simple as you get your track down to the desired format. After showing you 'width' plugins and the potential phase problems they can produce, he covers metering and explains the terms LUFS, RMS, dBFS, Crest and Peak.

Module 6 - Putting it all into Practice (Vid 15):

Here it is - the finale! We recap everything you have learned in the mastering process and put it all into practice with a live example of one of Slade's clients. Yes! - He shows you exactly what processes he applied at each and every stage of the client's project and explains in full why that particular technique was used and what the benefit was to the track. This part of the course is a priceless insight into how to master your own tracks. Enjoy!

FREE lessons from the course

Watch Lesson 1

Mastering Masterclass - Introduction:

Here your tutor Slade welcomes you and takes you through what you can expect to get inside the 'Mastering Masterclass' course. Find out exactly what mastering is and what can be achieved and expected during the mastering process.

Watch Lesson 2

Mastering Masterclass: Pre-Master Checklist

In lesson 2 of the 'Mastering Masterclass' Slade goes through some handy foundational knowledge to help you start your masters off on the right foot. A good master starts from a good mix, which is generally sent to the engineer balanced well to start with and is at the right levels. In order to get a good result out at the end of the process, it's important to start with the best ingredients which Slade explains in detail in this free video.

Watch Lesson 14

Mastering Masterclass - The truth behind MP3 compression

In this third and final free video from our Mastering Masterclass course, Slade clearly demonstrates the amount of information lost during mp3 compression, which is perhaps more than you thought?

"I've already used my new knowledge to improve 15 of my tracks in the past 2 weeks".

Mads V

"Very subtle changes can all add up to a highly polished track. I learnt so much. Thank you!"


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Slade Templeton is a Record Producer and Mastering Engineer at multi-award winning Influx Studios in Bern, Switzerland. He has produced and engineered for some of the world's leading artists and record labels, ranging from rock music to dance music and everything inbetween. At 30, he already has 12 years experience in the music industry and has toured 20 countries under the names Defunkt! and Crying Vessel.

Slade reveals all his secrets and expertise to you on this easy to follow, step by step course for Mastering your tracks at home. His aim is to help you achieve similar results.

Get in contact any time to give feedback, ask for help or just say hello. Use the contact form HERE

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