Cubase Rock Tutorial




Cubase 'Start To Finish' Rock Tutorial

Learn to make more advanced genre specific music in Cubase, by following along step by step, and making a complete track from start to finish. On the way, you'll learn everything about Cubase and music production you need to make your own Rock music.

Watch the course overview for a more in-depth look at what you'll get out of the course, and listen to the track you will make

40 Lessons - 6 Hours

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What are you going to get out of it?

What are you going to get out of it?

Greater Experience

There is no way around it. If you want to get good at making music, you need to gain experience. When you follow our more advanced 'start to finish' Cubase tutorials, that is exactly what you are getting, not just the theory. On this course you get real, practical experience in your chosen genre, that will actually help you make your own music.


A Higher Level Of Music Production Skills

These Cubase 'start to finish' tutorials are full of more advanced music production techniques, that will help you discover new producer skills, and directions you can take your projects in. This unique style of teaching means you learn music production in a linear fashion, just like it works in real life. As you are learning every step of the song creation process, it naturally gives you the ability to finish more tracks.


In this course you'll gain many inspiring ways to help you make your own music, including the steps required to get you there. Everything from coming up with melodies, to chopping up loops to creating your own original beats. The possibilities are endless and you'll go away with a load of easy to repeat ideas that you can use in your own tracks.



If you have already completed our Cubase beginner tutorial you will know, there is nothing quite like the satisfaction felt when you complete a song. Going from the basics of creating a beat, creating a melody, arranging your track into a full song, and mixing all of it together is something YOU WILL achieve on this course. Still, the biggest reward, comes later when you go to work on your own projects and find the skills you picked up on this course are there, waiting to be used.

Check out the first 3 lessons of the course and see how easy it really is...


We hope the first 3 lessons were helpful. If you want to continue to learn music production in Cubase and finish the track you have started, please click the button and gain access to the remaining 37 lessons (over 5 hours) of Cubase and music production gold dust.


By making a commitment to yourself in learning Cubase and your chosen genre, you are also supporting us, and enabling us to keep making these in-depth tutorials that help thousands of fellow earthlings around the world become better music producers.

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  • Instant Download
  • *Cubase 'Elements', 'Artist' & 'Pro' compatible
  • Only stock plugins and instruments used
  • Email support (less than 24 hour response time)
  • All audio, and Cubase project files are provided
  • Made in Cubase 10.5, but compatible with Cubase 9.5 up to the latest version

* If you are using Cubase Elements there are certain features not available to you. Don't worry, if we use those features during the tutorial, we will give you alternatives, or give you the finalized audio so you can still complete the course.

Course Structure

Course Structure

Module 1 - Getting The Best Recording From Your Amp


After a short intro from your tutor Jay, we start talking about what to consider when setting up the guitar amp. Such as where to place it in the room, what mics to use, where to place them, middle of cone or edge of cone, the tonal differences between placements, phase issues to look out for.

You'll also learn how to record the Direct Input (DI) at the same time as the mic signal to give you a clean copy of the audio (which we use later).

We finish the module with mic sweep tests to see what mics sound best and in what positions.


Module 2 - Recording


So in this 2nd module Jay will show you how to set up Cubase for recording. There are many options to do this and Jay simplifies this for you and takes the learning curve out of it. You will learn how to set up inputs, setting up the Control Room and what it does (don't worry if you don't have CR, it's not essential to record just yourself), setting up headphone mixes for you and your musicians, and an explanation of the different recording modes.

The best bit in this module are the recording tips which come from several years of experience and they 'll save you many headaches.


Module 3 - Organising, Comping and Correction


This is the secret sauce and it's essential to getting a decent final mix. After a typical recording session, you are normally left with an absolute tonne of audio to sift through. Jay shows you a simple technique to make this process a lot easier. We then move onto comping which means cutting out all the really good takes and stitching them together to make one perfect take.

In this module, you'll also learn how to correct the timing and pitch of your audio performances to make them perfect. Cubase has great tools for this. Although little, these things help add up to a fantastic final track.

Module 4 - Drums & Arrangement


In this Module you'll be learning how to use the fantastic, in-built drum machine / sampler that is Groove Agent. You'll be using this beast for all the live drum samples in this track. The samples that come with Cubase are great but we'll also be tweaking and optimising them to achieve a high energetic drum track. Jay also shows you tips on how to make them sound more like a human has drummed and more authentic. You'll also learn how to arrange your track by paying attention to the energy curve of the arrangement. On top of all this you'll be taught how to use the audio alignment tool, how to clean up the recordings and more.


Module 5 - Processing


So at the moment the unmixed track has no life in it whatsoever. This is where processing, mixing and mastering come in. Over the next 2 modules you will learn exactly how to TRANSFORM this track from dull, to an upfront, professional one. Jay shows you the tricks & techniques he's learnt over the years with compression, multiband compression, EQ, saturation etc to bring each element to life and to sit in space, have energy and be consistent in the mix. You'll learn exactly what processing to apply individually and as a group. Jay shows you his secrets for getting energetic drums, sizzly vocals that cut through and how to get a huge 'wall of sound' guitar mix.


Module 6 - Mixing & Mastering


No one is going to want to hear your track if it sounds like a mess, so it's really important to get the elements of your mix balanced together. A lot of this has been done already so in this last section we address the mix with fresh ears and fine tune the mix with automation. Some automation is essential like getting a certain element to be heard at the right times in the track. But Jay also shows you creative automation such as pushing the guitars out to the sides on the chorus to make them pop. In the final lesson, you learn the best way to approach basic mastering with Cubase stock plugins. You'll learn why, how, and the best way to apply EQ, compression and limiting.


The reason we get great reviews...

Cubase is an incredibly powerful DAW, capable of the highest level of professional music production. In order to learn it, you need a tutorial with the same level of professionalism, and teachers who are passionate about helping you become a better producer.


Our tutorials take months of planning and execution. Everything you are taught has the sole purpose of giving you the best learning experience and the greatest transfer of knowledge possible. Simple, powerful & fun.


Born To Produce is a Steinberg certified training centre


Jay Hales (Tutor & Co-Founder of Born To Produce) has produced in most genres over the last 20 years, as well as successfully DJ'ing across many countries throughout Europe. He writes music for TV companies and makes his own personal music in a wide range of genres.


His attention to detail, knowledge and clear teaching style make him the perfect person to learn your music production skills from. He is super approachable so feel free to get in contact with him and ask a question. He is also open to feedback and always looking for ways to improve and offer even more value for money.

Get in contact any time to give feedback, ask for help, or just say hello. Use the contact form HERE