Cubase - Deep House

Make a track from nothing, right through to the final mixdown learning Cubase and becoming a better producer at the same time!

The quickest and easiest way to learn Cubase. When you have completed this 5 hour course you will have all the knowledge and skills needed to write your own dance tracks

  •  Full version of Cubase 7 or later recommended but not essential
  • *** FULL LIFETIME ACCESS - No subscription necessary *** 
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  • The basics of Cubase, the mixer, using samples, EQ, editing and making a loop

  • Program a lead melody, basic chords and create your own arpeggiator

  • Vocal editing & manipulation. 'Fatten' up vocals and learn about pitch correction

  • Advanced vocal processing including compression, presence and depth

  • Arrange your track including dynamics, structure, variation, energy builds and releases

  • Professionally mix your track to a very high standard using automation, EQ, compression and filters



Lesson 1 : Introduction (13 mins)

Setting up your project.

Using templates and pre-set configurations.

A look at the 4 main Cubase windows.

The best way to approach a track.

A basic look at Cubase and third party plugins.

Lesson 2 : Getting Started (31 mins)

Cubase basics, audio samples, make your own Deep House loop.

Use EQ to correct audio errors.

Learn the basic mixer functions, how to use sends etc.

Learn the basic Editing functions.

Import and edit MIDI and use with Virtual Instruments.

Use VST instruments, presets & tweaking.

      Lesson 3 : Leads & Melodies (20 mins)

      Start to understand scales and why they are important.

      How to find what scale your using so you can make chords or add extra notes to your track.

      Learn basic rules of making chords.

      Make an arpeggiated riff using the knowledge you have just learned.

      Learn how to use Plugins to give elements of your mix more depth.

      Lesson 4 : Vocals Part 1 (44 mins)

      Learn more advanced editing functions.

      Learn how to make a mediocre vocal sound professional.

      Learn how to use Cubase's Variaudio to correct pitch fluctuations in the vocal.

      Learn how to get a fat and full vocal sound out of mono vocal takes.

      Tweak the vocal timings for Pro results.

      Using subtle time stretching to create a smooth vocal edit.

      Lesson 5 : Vocals Part 2 (42 mins)

      Learn more advanced mixer functions.

      Learn why vocal compression is important, how it works and how to do it.

      How to make the vocals brighter and give them 'brilliance' and presence.

      How to give the vocals depth within the mix.

      Learn how to use the Cubase plugins to get the best out of your vocals.

      As well as the Cubase plugins you'll learn how to get awesome results with more specialized third party plugins.

      Lesson 6 : Arrangement 1 (48 mins)

      How to add personality to your track.

      Learn useful functions within the arrange window.

      How to arrange a Deep House track to get nice mellow sections and big energetic drops.

      Learn advanced filtering techniques.

      Learn how to keep the energy going in your tracks with tension and release.

      Learn some simple but advanced automation techniques to give the track life and make it flow smoothly from one section to another.

      Lesson 7 : Arrangement 2 (47 mins)

      Manipulate the existing MIDI and add in different instruments to add more textures to the track.

      Use existing instruments to create extra FX sounds in the track.

      Creative editing techniques on how to  chop, change and manipulate audio/MIDI to spice up your tracks.

      Use automation to create an evolving depth throughout your track.

      Lesson 8 : Advanced Mixdown (32 mins)

      Learn how best to approach mixing a track.

      How to professionally balance all the elements within your track

      Using panning / panning automation to create space and width in your mix.

      How to use EQ to find problem frequencies and correct them.

      How to use EQ to create room for other elements and at the same time balance those elements with each other.

      Using EQ and compression to bring out and / or tame elements within your track.

      Create different depths for elements using reverb.

      How to give bite to a clean vocal to give it more presence and life.

      Maximizing the volume/amplitude of the overall mix, learn how to know how far to push it.

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