Killer Melodies

By the end of this 17 lesson (2.5 hour) course you will be able to write your own killer melodies!!!

Any genre, any DAW!

  • NO music theory knowledge required
  • FULL LIFETIME ACCESS - No subscription necessary!
  • Download or Stream Now - it's up to you.

Find out how easy it can be. Get started making your own completely unique chord progressions and lead melodies!

    £49.00 £24.50
    • Easy to follow, easy to repeat, step by step instruction

    • This course is specifically designed for electronic music producers

    • Learn only essential skills that allow you to write kick ass melodies

    • From the simple stuff right through to a full musical structure for your tracks

    • Create your own original chord progressions and lead melodies

    • Keep the listener pulled into your tracks using melodic tension and release

    • Follow the steps taught to get a great melody every time

    • Create catchy and interesting lead rhythm structures

    "Thank you so much for your tutorials! They HAVE been a great help!" - Clive Brooks

    Free Lesson 1 - Course Intro - Enjoy!!

    Free Lesson 2 - Understanding the Keyboard - Enjoy!!

    Free Lesson 3 - Picking a Scale - Enjoy!!

    BTP-Killer-Melodies-Screen-01Section 2 - Chords & Chord Progressions: So now we have a scale we can start understanding the simple rule that makes writing chords super easy. Then after making a basic chord progression by learning repeatable steps, we start to add the 'magic' by adding extra harmonies to our progression and customising it to make an original sounding harmony that works.

    BTP-Killer-Melodies-Screen-02Section 3 - Programming Lead Melodies: So in a few easy to follow steps we have a cool chord progression. Now it's time to add a lead melody. Again with simple & repeatable steps we learn about 'stable' & 'unstable' notes that enable you to create a sense of tension & release in your melody that will keep the listener pulled in to your track. You'll also learn how to create a rhythmic structure for your lead that is both repetitive and engaging to listen to.

    BTP-Killer-Melodies-Screen-03Section 4 - Putting it into Practice: Here i'll go through and build 2 different style melodies from the ground up so you can see how all of the skills you have just learned work in real life situations. As a bonus I have included 2 extra video on how to use third party apps to get 'easy chord structures' and how to analyse an acapella to find what scale it's written in.





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