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Getting a proper mastering engineer to master your tracks will cost around £50 per track. For just a bit more than this you can learn to do it yourself. Guided step by step by a PROPER mastering engineer.

  • Over 2 hours and 15 lessons of step by step guidance
  • Any DAW - Cubase, Logic, Ableton etc.
  • FULL LIFETIME ACCESS - No subscription necessary
  • Download or Stream Now - it's up to you

"A true masterclass from a highly skilled professional" - Jon Merritt BTP

£75.00 £65.00

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Master your own tracks with insightful step by step guidance from professional mastering engineer Slade Templeton
  • Get better mixes by understanding how the mastering stage ties in with the mixing stage
  • Learn the secrets of how mastering engineers manage to get such loud masters without losing the dynamics or distorting the overall mix.
  • Understand what each type of compression can do at the mastering stage
  • Use subtractive EQ, lift EQ and mid/side to balance your mixes
  • Understand what frequencies can have added width and which should be in mono
  • Use mastering to embellish the emotional content of your tracks
  • And much, much more!!!
  • <BONUS> Slade takes you through a master he has done for a client, showing you each an every step he took as he did it.

"Hi Jay and Jon, Your training has taken me to the next level!!!!"

Morten M T - Feb 2017

Free: Lesson 1 - What is Mastering? Here Slade covers the basics of what mastering is and what can be achieved with it

Free: Lesson 2 - Premaster Checklist. All the starting tips to make sure you get a great master

Free: Lesson 14 - MP3 vs WAV null test. Slade shows you how much info is lost in MP3 compression

Mastering Masterclass Tutorial Screen 01Section 1: Setup and Mindset - Mastering is all about subtle tweaks and requires a careful ear. Slade teaches you how to master this process in easy to follow steps; Explaining exactly what to listen for and what to avoid, to make sure you get good results every time. Over 2 hours and 15 lessons Slade takes you through from the absolute basics of what mastering is to all of the essential facts, techniques and secrets that are used in mastering modern music.

Mixing Masterclass TutorialSection 2: Building a Mastering Chain - Slade shows you how you can get top tier professional result using only 'in the box' plug-ins. Building a mastering chain from the ground up; starting with subtractive EQ and what problems to listen for. Tweaking mid/side and then creating 'Lift' to give a lively modern sounding feel. He then shows you how to use various types of compression, what they do and how to get results with stereo and multiband compression.

mastering masterclass tutorial screenshot 3Section 3: Creative Mastering, Maximising & Mediums - After learning how to correct EQ and dynamics in the mix, you'll learn how to apply some of the secrets of the modern mastering engineer. Looking first at creative saturation and how to use it to give the mix certain characteristics, you then learn how to get your mixes to absolute peak amplitude without destroying the mix. Slade goes much further and takes you through one of his professional mastering sessions to show you how to put it all together.

"Thank you so much for your tutorials! They HAVE been a great help!" 

Clive Brooks

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