PADSHOP 2 Tutorial

In this new course,  you will learn everything you need to know about Padshop 2, over 19 lessons. Starting with the real basics, progressing through all dials & pages, right through to making 7 patches together from scratch.

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19 Lessons - 3 Hours

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Course Structure

Course Structure

Module 1 - What Is Granular Synthesis?


After a short intro from your tutor Jay, you'll be taught exactly what Granular Synthesis is in an easy to follow way. Jay breaks it down and shows an example using an ordinary section of audio and dividing it up into tiny pieces. You'll get to see first hand what happens when you change the length and number of the audio snippets. From there, with the basic understanding we move onto the various dials and parameters within the VST and how what you've just learned relates to it.


Module 2 - Granular & Spectral Oscillators


In the 2nd Module you will learn that there are two oscillators within Padshop 2 for manipulating sounds rather than just one. Jay explains how the Granular and Spectral Oscillators work, the differences between the two and when you might use one or the other. You'll learn what all the different dials do, such as purity and inharmonicity and how you can get creative with your sounds. This is all good background information for when you'll be making your own patches in the last module of the course.


Module 3 - Matrix & Step Modulation


This Module teaches you all you need to know about bringing your sounds to life with modulation. These engines within Padshop 2 are very powerful and used correctly and creatively, can result in some truly amazing results. Learn to make sounds evolve over time or manipulate them with the mod wheel or knobs on your MIDI keyboard. Every parameter in this VST can be controlled or automated. You're also going to learn about the step modulator and the LFO section and the plethora of options available to you so let's get creative!

Module 4 - The Arp Page


Up until now we've discussed the synth page but we also have dedicated arp and fx pages too within Padshop 2. In this module you'll discover the huge potential of the in-built arpeggiator. It's an absolute beast with no end of options for ways to adapt and manipulate your arpeggiators to make them sound unique and professional. You'll be learning about controller lanes, various sync and gate functions, different play and trigger modes, how to export your pattern into Cubase and lots, lots more.


Module 5 - The FX Page


In the 5th Module we explore the very comprehensive built-in effects page and it's capabilities. You'll discover that you don't need to go to the Cubase channel and add reverb, delay, chorus, flanger etc. as it can all be done within the Padshop FX engine. Learn how to apply EQ and creative effects to help your creations sound epic and huge with life and purpose. When combined with your knowledge of modulation, your FX skills will help your patches stand out in your productions.


Module 6 - Let's Make Some Patches Together


In the last module we take everything you've learned and put it all together. We build 7 patches together from scratch, so you can see and follow along with every single step of the way and really get to grips with this VST synth. Doing these things yourself rather than just watching is vital to your learning and will help you when you use Padshop in your own productions. By the end of the course you will have a comprehensive understanding of granular synthesis and how to use this synth confidently.

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