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Advanced Vocal Production Tutorial

This course teaches you all about advanced vocal processing techniques. Taught by Eddie Bazil who has over 30 years experience as a professional mixing engineer and who has worked with the likes of Busta Rhymes and Spandau Ballet. He is also a guest writer for Sound on Sound magazine.

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24 Lessons - 5 hours

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Course Structure

Course Structure

Module 1 - Vocal Cleaning


The first stage of getting the perfect vocal mix is cleaning and preparing the raw vocals. You are going to learn different EQ techniques to clean the frequencies, how to tame the dynamics of raw vocals manually and with compression, remove dead space from the vocals. All of this is taught with a great level of detail so you understand the theory and practical side of each tool that you use.


Module 2 - EQ


Eq'ing vocals is a fine art and is going to be different for each and every vocal performance that you work on, even if it is with the same singer. Here you will learn the 4 stages of EQ so that you can get the right balance of vocal frequencies in your track, tidy the vocal, add presence, beef it up and add air. This is shown in multiple dimensions and with thorough explanation so you can take the knowledge and apply it to your own productions.


Module 3 - Compression


Compression can be used for much more than just leveling out a recorded vocal performance. Here you will learn about 'up' vs 'down' compression and when you want to use either or both. You will learn to bring out the punch in rap vocals, how to liven up lead vocals. How to use multiple compressors in series and much much more. All of these advanced compression techniques will help you get the most out of your vocal recordings.

Module 4 - De - Essing


Apart from adding space to the vocal, de-essing is one of the final stages of vocal processing and becomes even more vital if you are adding harmonizers, distortion or exciters etc as this can tend to emphasise the sibilance in the vocal. In this module you will learn in depth how to control the sibilance of any vocal and make sure that it remains perfectly balanced no matter what processing you apply to it, aiding you in getting the perfect vocal in all of your tracks.


Module 5 - Fattening Up the Vocals


When watching this tutorial you will soon realize that different styles of vocal are covered in detail, like female lead vocals to rap vocals. All of these can be fattened up in unique ways whether that be with compression or distortion or by making extra harmonies, using exciters or even modulation effect. In this course all of this is covered in detail so you can use the knowledge to make your own vocals fatter and bigger than life.


Module 6 - Creative Modulation Techniques


Just compressing or distorting vocals can leave them feeling a bit lifeless so here you will learn to use modulation effects (everything from chorus to tremolo) to breathe life into the vocal performance. Also covered in depth is the art of creating space in the mix for your vocals by using side chaining to duck the other elements of your track when the vocal is playing along with advanced techniques like sidechaining the reverb to the vocal to get a huge vocal sound.


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Eddie’s professional musical career started during his teens, when he became a programmer for some of the most notable Electro/New Wave and Dance/Rap bands of the time, including AON, DJ Shadow, Juice, Pet Shop Boys, Spandau Ballet, C Campbell, Bobin, Paul Dee, Jets Orchestra, DJ Krush and many more. His career and experience progressed as he became a popular remixer and producer, working on projects with Busta Rhymes, SFP, Bobin, Dee, DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, Sleeveless, Greensleeves, 9 Bar and Gam Productions, with many of his tracks achieving top chart positions. He is currently involved in various production, remixing and sound-design projects, as well as sharing his knowledge by teaching workshops and providing online tuition through Samplecraze. Eddie has also been a contributing writer for Sound on Sound, and has published several books on audio technology.

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