Rock Music 1 - Template & Preset Pack for Cubase 10 and 10.5


Get started in Cubase 10 with a professionally created Template and preset pack for Cubase stock plugins.

Also included are 7 tutorial videos on how to get the most out of the templates and Presets

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Only Cubase stock plugs/inst used

Immediate Download

All paid versions of Cubase supported (Elements, Artist & Pro)

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This is the same track we make in our very popular Rock Music 'start to finish' tutorial. If you want to know how to make this same track from nothing right through to the final mixdown (over 6 hours) you can check that out HERE.

64 Presets for stock Cubase Plugins all custom made from the ground up for precise results

All paid versions of Cubase supported (Elements, Artist & Pro) - Separate templates for Elements & Artist/Pro

24 FX Plugin Chains (split between Elements & Artist/Pro) all custom made from the ground up

7 tutorial videos to help you get the most out of the template and the plugin presets

Templates + 64 Plugin Presets + 24 FX Chains + 7 Tutorial Videos

Package Details


All paid versions of Cubase (Elements, Artist & Pro) are supported. There are 2 separate versions of the ready to use 'blank' template and 2 fully mixed versions of the song 'Paradise' (with full processing chains) so that both Cubase Elements & Cubase Artist & Pro users will get the best possible results. The blank templates come with all groups setup; sidechaining (yes even in Cubase Elements), leads, bass, master channels and reverb sends setup and ready.

Plugin Presets

There are 64 NEW Plugin Presets for the Cubase stock Plugins and a total of 24 Plugin FX Chain presets (split for Cubase Elements & Artist/Pro versions). All these can be easily loaded into any of your existing projects or used in conjunction with the blank template. All of the presets have been crafted through real world use so you will get the biggest benefit out of using them in your tracks. This pack contains many processing chains, transferable to any other project.

Tutorial Videos

There are 7 accompanying tutorial videos that explain how to install the presets and plugin chains on Mac & PC, how to properly use the presets for best effect in your projects and how the templates are setup so you don't have to figure it all out by yourself. These are just to make it much easier to use and to help you get the full benefit of using the pre setup templates and presets. At BTP we like to make sure you have everything you need in your production endeavours.

What makes our templates different?

Our templates are so much more than just a pretty project to look at. There are a few things that make them different....

1) Firstly they use only Cubase stock plugins and instruments with demo tracks made for all versions of Cubase, Elements, Artist & Pro.

2) They come with the stripped down blank templates with all the FX buses and major routing already setup, sidechain etc, again for each version of Cubase so you can use them for a starting point in your own projects

3) It comes with a Preset Pack for Cubase Stock Instruments and plugins. You can install and use all of the preset & preset chains that we have developed in your own projects. Again, all paid versions of Cubase are catered for.

4) Lastly each template comes with several tutorial videos on the best way to use the template, how to properly use the presets and the preset chains, how to install everything on Mac & PC, a guide through the demo track and how to create a template project out of the blank projects.

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Jay Hales (producer & founder of Born To Produce) has produced in most genres over the last 15 years as well as successfully DJ'ing across many countries throughout Europe. He writes music for TV companies and makes his own music in all styles, particularly EDM which is his favorite. His attention to detail and huge music production skill sets make him the perfect person to learn your music production skills from. He is super approachable so feel free to get in contact with him and ask a question.

Get in contact any time to give feedback, ask for help or just say hello. Use the contact form HERE

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  • Hi, Many thanks for the response! The Rock template might be useful for the mixing of the live recordings of my 5 piece blues/classic rock band. Probably a very stupid question, it will indeed reveal my shallow knowledge: Would it be possible to change the Groove Agent drum tracks to audio tracks, still maintaining all plug ins/processes etc? I could then insert my live drums recorded by around 7 mics (deleting the rest of the pre-set drum channels). I well understand that the processings will of course not match my live drums/actual song. However, It would provide me a starting point at least regarding the settings of the compressors, eqs etc. etc.

    You can't change GA tracks to audio tracks but you could create audio tracks and copy over the plugins from the GA tracks to the audio tracks, then send all the drum tracks to the drum group in the template. Also Cubase comes with many 'chain' presets so if you load a chain preset for drums for example you would get EQ, compression, saturation etc all done for you - which could also be a starting point.

  • Hi, I´m currently "glancing" through your Cubase Ultimate Beginners Tutorial. My knowledge platform is not sufficient for a thorough learning/understanding. Playing the drums in a five piece Blues´n`Rock band, I am using ZOOM LiveTrak L20 as the stage mixer as well as recording all instruments/vocals separately for the mixing eventually via Cubase 10.5. I understand approx. 4 % of this program. Thus I am very happy that I now have a better understanding through your tutorial (played at turtle speed...) about what is (theoretically for me) possible to do and why with the recorded material. However, regrettably my English is definitely not at the level of mother tonunge and I´m 75 years old, why I´m a very slow learner and forget everything very quickly... So, since time is absolutely not on my side, would your templates or possible customized solutions help? I record and mix lead vocal, two harmony vocals, lead guitar, keyboard (stereo), harmonica/harp, bass, drums (kick, snare, tom, timbal, floor tom, hi-hat and 2 OH). It would be great if there were templates available with e.g. 3 reverbs and delay plus groups for drums etc incl. of all the mentioned individual instruments/vocals plus several alternate/recommended plug ins/settings/routings etc. From this I could try to tweak to improve the mixing/mastering of the actual recorded instruments/vocals. However, no way I could handle to start the settings and the plug ins etc from scratch. I will very much appreciate your advices/suggestions regarding what to purchase from you (maybe even customized for the mentioned set up) in order to set up a complete live band mixer template and the following mastering with various good options to choose in between (like you describe in your awesome tutorial). Best regards, Christer Dybeck (Sweden)

    Hi Christer,

    Thank you for your questions. All in all I think you would benefit from the Rock Template and possiby the rock course. We do have groups set up for drums , guitars etc and they all have lots of processing on. Please note though that we use drums from Groove Agent and not live recorded drums by us (obviously the samples are recorded live). In the Rock course, we record guitars and vocals,process them all and then mix and master. You see evrything. Again drums are from GA. So in the course you get to see how the complete track is put togther. The template is useful too but there is no tuition, except for the help videos. Hope this helps you a bit.

  • Hi, If I went through the Rock 10.5 tutorial, would I essentially end up with this template? I am also interested in things like mic'ing guitars (acoustic & electric) so am not sure that just a template would be enough for me at this newbie stage so the Rock tutorial might be better for me. Thanks, N

    Good question, yes you would end up with the template but you wouldn't have all the extra presets that we provide so it's up to you. The course is very different as you learn how to mic an amplifier, edit and organise all of the recorded audio, recording tips, and how to mix the track professionally seeing every process along the way.

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